KOF 2017 - Lightning Crashes

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Description: Miko Kobayashi's devastating parade of students leads her straight to the end goal - the Command Gear, Dizzy! But can she and Kazuki stand up against the light of Ky Kiske?

In the aftermath of the traincar's derailing, waves upon waves of Southtown students have been flooding out into the streets. Taiyo students, their minds filled with V-Gage-compelled thoughts of revolution -- have swept forward from the train lines, wreaking havoc upon the unaware military forces. Reinforcements have been spilling out from the gates of nearby Pacific High, overwhelming the defending JASDF forces, leaving disarmed and unconscious troopers in their wake. While the occasional patch of Mishima-backed militia forces has provided friction, the opposition to the UN ground forces is nowhere near as much as it could have been -- all thanks to a mysterious confluence of freakish acts of terror from a shadowy manipulator.

Miko Kobayashi strides out from the high school, one hand wrapped tightly about the wound on her left abdomen as she surveys the chaos. Aside from the bright purple restorative aura emanating from her hand, she might blend in with any of the other grey-uniformed Gedo students running around -- though of course, she's taken a lot more damage than all but a handful of their number. As she watches, it will not take her long to identify her target -- the Command Gear she sought, and the forces surrounding her.

She squints at the Gear, already much closer to the harbor than she. Hastening her pace to catch up to them, she lets out one psychic message to the school followers -- a message that ripples out to the V-Gage-afflicted students, silently and instantaneously.

Stop them. Don't let them on that boat!

And then she begins to -run-, her elegant strides making only nominal noise upon the battle-ravaged pavement.

COMBATSYS: Honoka has joined the fight here on the right meter side.

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Ky had passed out, and had been taken somewhere to rest and recover. Not that there was much in the way of mending his wounded shoulder after having a scythe buried in it. He had the wound cleaned and bandaged, but it was still going to take some time, or magic, to heal it. But now, now, Ky was back on his feet. The Holy Knight of the Sacred Order moves about, overseeing the preparations before they launch, with the Command Gear Dizzy, to remove her from this warzone and secret her to somewhere.... safe. Far away from here. Where that might be? Ky still hasn't figured it out.

As he walks, observing the rest of the Sacred ORder troops prepare for their departure, something causes the hairs on the back of his neck to rise. An ill intent, perhaps. Something icy and cold, causing a shiver to run down his spine. Ky turns, looking over one shoulder, just in time to see the girl running in their direction. He turns, and immediately places his hand on the hilt of the relic sword hanging from a belt on his hip.

"Come no closer!" he calls out, lifting his bad arm up to motion for her to stop. "This area is being secured by the Sacred Order of Holy Knights! We do not wish to harm anyone, but we cannot allow you to pass!"

He's still concerned. Disturbed, even. Could this be another one of those brainwashed children that he had fought off earlier?

The front line of the united high schools advances upon the Sacred Order's position. Certainly, their armaments -- sports equipment, blunt weapons of other kinds -- are much less lethal than those of the Sacred Order, but they make up for it with sheer numbers and tenacity... as well as the fact that they are underaged, fighting for principles rather than military commands.

A calm and confident Miko Kobayashi emerges from the encircling throng of students, her poise and bearing setting her apart from the rest. Her hands fall idly to her sides, any trace of the violet aura from before disappearing as the black uniform coat -- a guy's coat, not a girl's -- falls back to its intended drape. She is -- from all appearances -- unarmed.
"Sacred Order? I can't say I recognize your authority here. And besides..."

Miko's head angles towards the Command Gear.
"Is kidnapping not expressly forbidden by international law?"

She strides closer, not stopping until she is a mere twenty feet away. And yet her voice is loud and crisp -- easily heard across the distance. Her gaze is strong and resolute as she addresses the Commander directly.

"The young woman you're carrying is a citizen of Japan -- and a resident of a village I'm familiar with. We insist that you set her free, that we may escort her back to her home."

"The Sacred Order has a global authority, and is acting under the charter of the United Nations," Ky counters to this girl who presents herself as a leader of the children's brigade. Nice coat. His own has been shed, left somewhere and forgotten, torn and drenched in blood. Right now, Ky stands before them clad in a white, skin tight bodysuit, black trim around the hems and seams, along with a strap across his chest to lend it the appearance of a cross. The bodysuit is sleeveless, though his long, wirey arms are bound in arm stockings that rise up to just below his shoulders, and his hands are clad in black leather, fingerless gauntlets, reinforced with blue plates. His pants are loose, also white, held on by a series of straps and buckles around his waist, and tucked into a pair of blue and white boots. "So we have the authority here. Please stand back, civilians. Nothing here concerns you!"

There is an earnest desparation in his voice. Ky does not want to injure children. In fact, he doesn't want to injure anyone at all, at this point. He just wants to be done with this. All of this. There has been far, far too much bloodshed. On all sides. Ky wants to restore peace. The best way to do that is to just go. So for now, he tries to defuse, rather than coerce.

"The girl is not being kidnapped. She is coming with us because that is what she wishes. She chose, and no one is going to deny her her wishes," he says, and for what it's worth, the paladin's voice and tone ring with truth. As the girl strides closer, however, Ky's grip on his sword does tighten. "Please do not advance any further. Please."

"Global authority," repeats Miko, a bemused smirk flitting across her face for a moment as she taps her chin. "Well, let's go with the disallowed transfer of a Japanese national without passport clearance then. I'm pretty sure you can bend the rules as much as you like now that your thugs have completely run roughshod over the Japanese way of life, hm,?"

Then Miko does something Ky probably wouldn't approve of.
She begins taking another step towards the location of the Command Gear.
And another.
And another, as circumscribes a path around Ky that takes her no closer to him -- but nonetheless advances her towards her objective.

"So you can probably justify hurting children just as easily, hm? You already -did- that, and no one's arrested you yet. It sure is -rude- to just storm right into a country and start taking people whenever you please. Oh, you put a nice, noble face on it, sure. Other people just call it human trafficking."

Ky may notice, by now, that the young woman's hands are clenched tightly at her sides. Her knuckles, bright white.
"You people make me sick. Pretty words for the -ugliest- offenses to humanity."

In her wake, a faint purple mist begins to spill out from her wrists, enveloping her hands -- and that mist begins to grow denser, creeping its way up the arms of the uniform jacket.
"Was the Sacred Order in charge of the Gear Program as well? Or is that just some other arm of the UN that you can just conveniently claim no affiliation with?"

Miko -- to her credit -- has not lost her faint smile, even as she continues taking long and languid strides around Ky -- aiming to get her objective one way or another.
Or... perhaps to call his bluff.

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Ky Kiske         0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0           Honoka

Ky, for his part, does not ALLOW for this girl to circumscribe him. When she steps, he steps. Always keeping himself between her and Dizzy. He's not stupid.

"The Sacred Order did not call down Justice. We did not..." He starts, and for what it's worth, his handsome, youthful visage darkens with the troubled thoughts that plague him. His eyes, so bright blue, become dark and stormy like overcast skies. His brow creases, crinkling the flesh above and along the bridge of his small, upturned nose. His lips become a thin, bloodless line of bleached white. "We cannot condone this madness! All of this bloodshed was never our intention! That is why we are withdrawing from the field of battle now! We only wished to restore peace and order!"

His French accent becomes thicker and thicker the more impassioned he becomes. It's not hard, in times like this, to see that he's barely older than Miko herself. Still fresh faced and full of the passion and idealism of youth. "It is sick! It disgusts me!"

And finally, he draws his blade from it's sheathe, holding it out in such a way to suggest that he will use it to block her path if she continues to advance. He takes a deep breath, his chest rising and falling heavily under the second skin of his bodysuit. When he speaks again, his voice is softer. Calmer. More warm. "That is why The Sacred Order is retreating. We are returning back to the Vatican, to reassess our charter with the United Nations, and to prepare to bring what aid we can for Japan. In the meantime, the girl is coming with us, as is her desire. I will not allow you to stop her from leaving this place."

He looks pleading, as he adds, "She has seen enough. She has been through enough. Just let her leave this place in peace."

"You work for the monsters who -did- call down Justice, who -did- destroy an entire village of innocents, who -did- destroy a national landmark. This makes you... drumroll please... monsters!"

Miko's smile grows in direct proportion to the thickness of Ky's accent. She's invoking a response -- and that can only be a positive thing in her book. Even when he draws his blade, she pointedly takes another three steps -- stopping just a bare foot away from allowing the honed edge to add a fifth incision to the tapestry of wounds upon her flesh.

"Yes, let's avoid bloodshed -now- then -- and defer it to later. Such a noble goal." She raises her hands delicately, though the purple mist emanating from her fingertips might prove to be a complete -mockery- of surrender. "We'll just -let- you take a weapon of mass destruction with a pretty flesh shell back to your oh-so-benevolent masters. Nice try -- I've =seen= how that future ends -- with empty streets, blasted-out windows, and white ash coating every surface as far as the eye can see."

Miko keeps her hands raised as she turns towards Ky, tilting her head to the side.

"Avoid bloodshed, then."
The smile fades, as her coffee-brown eyes fixate upon his. As the psion's presence increases, her words become as sharp as a scalpel, a menace far beyond the powers of a mere brainwashed lackey.
"Bring me the girl. Perhaps then, Kamui Kanna -- or Lord Raiden, the man who sheltered her from your UN keepers' madness for years now -- may find mercy upon your souls."

"We did not have control of Justice. We did not condone the actions of Justice. We did not condone the actions of the United Nations. We are retreating from the battlefield. We are not the monsters you want us to be," Ky says, his voice suddenly becoming very flat and serious. She had pushed too far, trying to elicit the response. She was too obvious and immediately, it quelled the guilt inside of him and only made his will more resolute.

"If you wish to avoid bloodshed, then you will turn now, and leave. Let it be clear to you that Dizz-- The Command Gear will not be turned over to the hands of the United Nations. There will be no future aggression. She will be taken someplace safe and far away, where the world will forget about her, and she will be able to live in peace. That is not negotiable. You are not going to dictate her fate."

As he feels that menace coming from the girl, Ky's eyes turn to steel, a light glimmering on their surface, reflecting the fires in the distance. The sword in his hand, Thunderseal, hums, and there is an instant shift in the air. A thrum of energy that makes the fine hairs on the back of one's neck stand on end. Arcs of lightning erupt from the hilt, traversing and crisscrossing upwards, along the length of the blade to the very tip.

"Avoid further bloodshed. Turn back now, or you will force my hand. This. Is. Your. Last. Warning."

COMBATSYS: Ky Kiske gains composure.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Ky Kiske         0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0           Honoka

He repeats himself -- he claims distance from the organization. He denies culpability.

"Your denials will not matter to Lord Raiden. Humanity has been gifted with the World, with the Animals, and the Trees, and the Sky. And yet Humanity has all these bounteous Gifts, and -denies- them so that they can enter pointing matches about who did what and when."

The hands press outward -- a final, clearing gesture, as the mists disperse -- the purple air swishing outwards, fading into transparency.
Miko Kobayashi closes her eyes, exhaling her breath -- centering herself.
She is thinking.

"In the name of the Kamui, I swear."

Breath is drawn in.
Breath is exhaled.

"Yet again, with the monsters clawing at the doors, sniffing at the windows."
The eyes open, sharp as daggers.
"Yet again, huddled in the corner of the house are the writhing masses, soiling themselves in fear."
Her head tilts, in an expression of profound sadness.

"I'm always stuck with the job of cleaning"

The mist takes form. In this case -- a more -discrete- form, that of a serpent coiling about his neck. If Ky Kiske believes what he sees, the serpent's trunk will constrict -- choking off his windpipe, sealing off his air supply.

If he does -not- succumb, he will see the attack for what it is -- Miko shoving both palms forward sharply and forcefully, allowing her psychic projection to close the gap.


COMBATSYS: Ky Kiske dodges Honoka's Pon-itak Ki.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Ky Kiske         0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0           Honoka

She makes her decision.

Ky looks, for a brief moment, heart broken. As his keen eyes pierce through the illusion of what happens, his body moves more on instinct than rational thought. He's too well trained. Defense is seared into the memory of every strand of muscle fiber in his body. He seems to flutter, sidestepping her psychic projection with apparent ease. His winsome face looks crestfallen and somber, his eyes lowered and half hidden behind thick, dark lashes, and his pliant lips not drawn tight, but frowning nonetheless. Ky is disappoint.

And just like that, Ky lashes out with his blade. He may have held his reserve with the children from before, but they were simply kids led astray. This one has a dark power to her. He cannot afford to be lenient. Slashing upward with Thunderseal in one hand, his free hand makes a few rapid arcane gestures to reinforce his attack with his magical aptitude. The lightning around the sword intensifies, and leaves a brilliant wave of crackling electrical light trailing behind it's heavenward ascent.

COMBATSYS: Honoka instinctively blocks Ky Kiske's Lightning Drive.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Ky Kiske         0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0           Honoka

She can see it building in his eyes -- the same look every adult gave the angry, unrepentant orphan so many years ago.
"Save that smug holier-than-thou shit for someone else."
Miko's left hand snaps to her quaking right wrist, fingers clasping tight as she struggles for control over the growing fury. So many people like Ky have stood in her way in the past -- complacent in their inaction, as ambivalent to the storms outside as a cow chewing cud. She has seen the future -- and she wants absolutely no part in it.

The blade is brought to bear. And the "student" swipes her right hand down into the path of the blade, aiming to take the keen edge completely in her palm -- as if flesh and bone alone could stop its path.
They cannot -- for with the sound of a metallic *CLINK*, the blade is stopped by a simple weight of steel and lead.
A weighted chain, slipped from her sleeve in the previous instant.

Her strike will not stop the blade, but it will buy her the time she needs to leap in accordance with its path, to pirouette away from its harmful edge. Moving -with- Ky Kiske's momentum rather than let it work to injure her is the tactic she's selected -- and with a mid-air twist, she's already wheeling around for another pass.

"If humanity will not clean up its own mess, the Gods will do it for us!"

The "high school student" moves with the acrobatic grace of a trained circus performer. Her legs scissor in perfect harmony, her arms windmilling to either side. And as her boots touch the hard concrete again, she drops low.

The chain slips further from her sleeve -- just a foot or two.
And she lashes out with her arm, aiming to lash it around Ky's ankle.
At which point she would scissor-kick around again, tightening the chain around his ankle like a noose.
She would continue twisting about until she is standing -- sending Ky crashing to the hard pavement.

"Bloodshed would be the least of your problems then!"

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[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Ky Kiske         1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1           Honoka

Ky is no stranger to combat. He doesn't flinch when he sees her open palm rising towards his blade. He doesn't hesitate, or try to withdraw his attack. He understands that she is likely to use her psychic ability to stop, or redirect his attack from her flesh. But her flesh is now forfeit. She has brought this on herself, with her apparent madness and devotion to a heathen god who would see the world razed in a fit of short sighted anger. But he did not expect the chain.

As she whips around with her aerobatic display, Ky attempts to mount his defense, positioning his blade in a defensive line to protect his body. He even sends a surge of lightning through it, so that shoulder chain connect with his blade, she'll find herself receiving a dreadful shock.

But, it's the ankle that is entangled. He realizes this too late, and is punished for it as he is toppled over, landing on his back with a solid oomph. His shoulder throbs, and through the bandages wound so tightly around it, crimson begins to seep through, spreading like a blossoming rose against the soft white gauze.

Deft, as ever, the white knight twists and rolls, freeing his foot from the snare and rolling back into a gymnastic display of grace and poise, twisting with his legs akimbo over his head, until he launches himself from the ground and lands on his feet.

"There is but one God," Ky states, as he launches himself backwards, almost perfectly horizontally. Thunderseal crackles violently as he slashes through the air, and discharges not a bolt, but a ball of writhing, brilliant lightning at the girl.

"And I'm pretty sure he doesn't wear cone hats!"

His boots slide across the ground, kicking up dust and debris from the ruin that surrounds them in this once festive place. His knees bend, and push, launching him forward, following that ball of lightning. He draws his sword back, parallell to his face, the tip pointed at her, and the sphere of electrical magic heading her way. His free hand extends before him, and his nimble digits flutter in a series of arcane gestures, as he calls out, "CHARGE DRIVE!!!"

He thrusts his blade forward, letting it lead the assault and puncture the ball of lightning, and with it, this mad, mad girl who should be caught up in the turbulent force of his magics.

COMBATSYS: Ky Kiske successfully hits Honoka with Charge Drive.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Ky Kiske         0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1           Honoka

Miko pulls her chain back, whipping the weight around like a spinning mace as Ky whirls himself free. She's pleased, at least, that he's putting up enough of a fight to keep things interesting -- but a bit disturbed that she can't seem to get through to this otherwise reasonable man.

And then it all clicks, as her eyes pass over the Cross.
He's one of -them.-

"There are several," retorts Miko with a baleful sneer, as the flickering lightning sends a bewildering array of flashing lights cascading across her form. "I guess they don't FaceTime each other."

The spinning chain is raised upwards, as the purple fog spills around her left hand, growing denser in an instant -- thick enough to blot out even the lightning from view. But while the defense formed would be adequate, the blinding lights force a critical error in judgment -- the inability to see the -effect- of lightning upon her.

Miko is lifted up off her feet, her blazer and skirt flaring from the kicked-up wind.
"-- the f-"

A scarlet plume grows into full blossom, blood rushing out from the exit wound of Thunderseal protruding through her upper left arm. Prior thought was made to twist to the side -- but with the "schoolgirl" drawn into the sphere of lightning, the time was less than she'd hoped.

And the scream is loud, piercing -- with none of the shadowy puppetmaster's characteristic restraint.

Miko starts to spin with the communicated momentum, though -- in a macabre display of severed flesh and fabric (sorry, Kazuki, about your jacket) -- her movement is hampered. Retreat -- nigh impossible.

But while she's here...
With her left arm hanging limp, she flicks her right wrist down, elongating her chain by another two feet. An upward flick allows her to double the chain into a loop.

"How come you stopped talking French, anyway? It was fucking -hot-."

Miko narrows her eyes, leaning forward -- and wheeling her right arm around to bash the swinging chain into Ky. She will swing high to his face -- then reverse sharply to strike at his blade, swatting it out of harm's path, before reversing tack again to rake the chain across the underside of his chin. She will continue advancing, moving -with- the gravitic pull of the lightning orb, before releasing hold of the chain loop, encircling the weight around Ky's waist. Should she manage this, she'd tug the chain closer, slamming her knee up to greet him.

It's a psychological tactic. Honest.

All the while, she's -perfectly- mindful of the splotches of slippery blood she's been rude enough to leave all over the place. Ky should watch his step.

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[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Ky Kiske         1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0           Honoka

Ky plunges blade first into the ball of lightning and he feels the blade bite true and deep. He doesn't relish it, however. All of this seems so unfortunate to him. Even if she is a bloody heretic, speaking of how there are many gods. That doesn't mean that they should exist. After all, her chosen is threatening the world itself. And she's talking about worlds of ash, while helping that evil thing. Poor misguided soul.

He comes through the other side, sliding into a half spin so that he faces her once more as he comes to a grinding halt.


She is mad. Lewd. And advancing. He tries to avoid that chain, and with his catlike reflexes, he just might do so.

But that damned blood.

His footing slips, causing him to overextend himself as he tries to sidestep, and as a result, he is captured up in her attack, his waist bound, and finding himself greeted by a knee to the face.

That hurt. He hurts. He picks himself up, and pushes the fallen blonde hair out of his eyes, and when he looks at her, there is a fierceness in his stare that could chill a soul to the bone, and an intensity that can peel back the flesh and lay bare the gooey soulstuff hidden beneath the surface. Lightning crackles around him, and casts him in a vibrant aura of energy. He moves, swift and sudden, launching himself into the air. His body flips, tumbling himself forward as he brings Thunderseal to bear overhead. Prismatic rainbow arcs of shadow swords trail behind his overhead slash that bears a thunderous force behind his descent, hoping to come crashing down on her with all his might.

"Atone for your sins!"

But, as soon as he lands, his knees give, bringing him down into a crouch, only to spring back upwards just as swift. He's not unlike a rising angel as he ascends towards the heavens, his sword cutting a lightning imbued crescent shaped arc, hoping to sweep her up with his devastating attack. "VAPOR THRUST!"

COMBATSYS: Ky Kiske blitzes into action and acts again!

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Ky Kiske         0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0           Honoka

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[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Ky Kiske         0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0           Honoka

COMBATSYS: Ky Kiske successfully hits Honoka with Vapor Thrust.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Ky Kiske         1/------=/=======|=======\-------\0           Honoka

Miko, for her part -- only speaks lewdly for the sake of unsettling the man of the cloth. She saw how frustrated he was earlier -- and how relatively -calm- he is now.

She is less impressed by his reluctance to indulge her request. A single word of French though. Her lip curls in distaste. "Really...?"

She's forced to laugh when she sees the result though. The manipulator's movements have always been just a -bit- off from expectation, not only for sheer unpredictability, but also to take exclusive advantage of unique battlefield conditions. The juggler's solid grasp of perception stems not from high school sports, but from years of tracking multiple moving objects simultaneously.

And yet, the crackling lightning is so bright that it overwhelms the senses. The prismatic arches are the icing on the obfuscation cake -- the final straw that forces Miko to raise her arm up, shielding her eyes from the light. Banking on the White Knight attacking from the side, she prepares by pulling her chain taut between her raised and crippled hands.

And then lightning strikes from above. Silver clashes with her extended forearm, slicing effortlessly through three layers of fabric and a thin layer of flesh, scoring a deep groove through both radius and ulna before she can jerk her hand back in pain.

A bloody geyser erupts in the wake of the motion as she staggers backward, too far in shock to even let forth a cry of pain. And yet, that's when Ky Kiske lands -- catching the so-called schoolgirl in a long, furrowing slash across her upper torso. Blazer and blouse alike give way to the keen blade, but the blade's path is painted by even more jets of crimson as it carves upward. The shadowy manipulator is lifted off her feet by the expert swordsman's sweeping strike, her form silhouetted by the fractal arcs of lightning pealing forth from the blade.

A low groan emanates from the depths of her throat -- the only utterance possible in her continued state of enraged shock. She flies upwards in an arc that seems destined to end some ways away from the Thunderseal-wielder.

And then a second spirit appears -- light, hazy, and thoroughly non-corporeal. At first the golden spirit holds the same pose as Miko -- bent over backwards from the blow, arms and legs hanging limply towards the ground. But then the spirit twists to its side, ninety degrees, curling an arm around Miko's torso -- planting a shoulder into her back.

And Miko's eyes glow with lightning all their own. The same experience she felt -- dealt back threefold with the psion's illusionary powers.

Her attack could come from any vector -- so strong is the young performer's aerobatic control.

But the result will be the last thing she can accomplish -- an attempt to plant an open palm right in Ky's face, and then swing him violently to his right on a collision course with the ground. Should she accomplish this -- she'd unleash the sum of her collected psychic energy as a fibillating shock directly to the heart and soul of the Sacred Order Commander.

COMBATSYS: Honoka can no longer fight.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ky Kiske         1/------=/=======|

COMBATSYS: Ky Kiske dodges Honoka's Niwen Horobi.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Ky Kiske         1/------=/=======|

The girl surely won't be standing after such an barrage. Ky's sword strikes deep and true, and even he knows that the girl is likely in mortal danger. However, she had forced this issue. She had pressed and pressed, after having been given every chance at his mercy. Despite the firm, deep seated faith that this has all been the Lord's will, and that is what has guided him to victory over the heathen, Ky still feels little solace. He feels only compassion for her.

That same compassion is almost his undoing. As she tumbles through the air, Ky, still in mid-leap, darts forward with a swiftness that defies both gravity and comprehension. When he descends, he does so beside her, prepared to catch her within his arms, rather than allow her to fall to the ground. His lips are already parted to draw in breath to shout out for the medics to save her life.

The spirit appears, bracing his opponent and... possessing her? He isn't sure. He knows only that she is still a danger, and he's proven correct. Her eyes alight, and she lashes out, but Ky isn't there. His agility is uncanny, and booted feet had barely even managed to touch the ground before he is leaping backwards, once more, out of reach and out of harm's way.

Coming to a sliding halt, Ky lifts his sword, prepared for a renewed assault, but unwilling to commit to pressing it himself. He had seen what had become of her flesh, rent, bloodied, and charred from his relic blade and its lightning. He will not do more damage to her mortal shell if he can avoid it. As far as he knows, once that spirit leaves her, her body cannot continue on it's own. Pressing any further would kill her. As much as she might believe it, Ky is not a monster. So, instead, he merely stands in wait, focusing and composing himself, trying to clear his head of the ringing and the halo that fills his eyes. Controling his breathing. Taking his mind off of the pain that fills his body from head to toe. Recovering his internal balance with a silently spoken prayer.

COMBATSYS: Ky Kiske gains composure.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ky Kiske         1/-------/=======|

Kazuki had gotten seperated from Miko in the course of tracking the Command Gear down; there was too much noise, too much confusion, too much life and conflict broiling around him. He had needed a moment to recenter himself and when he looked up? He found himself alone.

So he had done what he did to find Touji and Miko in the first place. He followed the music. It took a while; Miko had /always/ been strangely difficult to track through her song and there were other... oddities to the music of life. But he was a betting man, and figured she would be in the thick of it.

He was right, and he was too slow. He arrived just in time to see Kobayashi hit the ground, with Ky standing over her. Kazuki's eyes narrow, and his left hand drops to the sheath of his weapon.

The young man walks into the clearing. "Excuse me, sir," Kazuki says in the most polite Japanese that Ky has likely heard since his arrival. "But I need you to step away from my friend." He walks toward the man, if not confident at least unwilling to back down. The music of this man is all but deafening in Kazuki's ears. "If not," he says. Kazuki draws the blade, a simple Japanese katana from it's sheath before taking the weapon in both hands. The stance taken, Kazuki focuses his full attention on the knight.

"I shall have to object. Strenuously."

COMBATSYS: Kazuki has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Kazuki           0/-------/-======|=======\-------\1         Ky Kiske

COMBATSYS: Kazuki focuses on his next action.

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Kazuki           0/-------/-======|=======\-------\1         Ky Kiske

Miko's spirit-bound momentum will carry her no further -- as soon as her last-ditch grasp falls short, she grits her teeth and turns her right shoulder towards the ground. The sideways tumble when she lands isn't pretty, but it doesn't hurt anywhere nearly as badly as the devastating slashes through her body. Arms curl around herself, as she curls up onto her side.

The faint spirit, its form wreathed in golden light, kneels beside her. Threads slowly begin weaving out from its fingers, sweeping over the young woman's form, as the spirit stands and watches.

But -- in a detail that might not be -immediately- obvious: the encircling ring of students becomes a bit less... rigid. Some of the students turn to look at one another as if waking from a brief nap -- confused, and disoriented. They do not sacrifice their positions -- but the Sacred Order fighters may have the advantage they need to keep them at bay for the moment.

Miko looks up, at the sound of Kazuki's voice. She keeps her jaw wired shut -- the only emotion on her face being one of despondent frustration. This was -not- how the manipulator had pictured the event taking place in her mind...

Ky approaches the girl as she falls, keeping his blade at the ready, but also lowered. He stalks forward, but halts just over her, letting his gaze fall to rest on her fallen form. A sigh escapes him, and he's about to speak to her when he's interrupted by the appearance of another of these kids.

Ky's aquamarine stare rises, looking over Kazuki, appraising him carefully. Including the weapon in his hand. He really, really doesn't want to have to hurt anyone else. He just wants to leave this place. He's tired. He's injured. He's frustrated. He's mourning. He has no interest in extending his stay in Japan any further.

"I appreciate how polite you are," Ky says, his voice steady and calm, though spoken between gasping breaths. "I do not mean you or your friend any harm. She, sadly, made a peaceful resolution impossible. I pray that you will be more amicable."

He gestures towards her with the hand that is not gripping his sword, and says, "She is gravely injured. We have medics. Right there. We can tend to her wounds and make certain that she will recover. If you simply turn over your weapon, you may accompany me, and watch over her. You will not be detained, and when she has been properly treated, you will both be allowed to leave."

He looks the boy in the eyes, and for all the world, Ky is the very picture of compassion. He's practically pleading with him through his eyes alone. "Or you may take her to get treatment elsewhere. I am not certain of the extent of her injuries, however. She may not make it. Either way, please... Just... let's help her. Let's end this... all of this... madness."

COMBATSYS: Ky Kiske gains composure.

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Kazuki           0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0         Ky Kiske

The tip of Kazuki's blade drops only slightly, the young man is still on his guard. "I am not sure you will find me any better in that regard," Kirigana says after a moment. "My grandfather would be very upset if I handed this sword over to anyone. He was very insistent about that." He straightens up a bit, easing out of the stance. He watches, listens some more.

"Kobayashi-sempai is not in any mortal danger," he says after a moment. He raises his voice a little more. "She should probably stay still, however. Aggrevating her injuries would be a bad idea." He regards Ky carefully.

"The Gears represent a threat too dangerous to ignore," he says. "They, and their masters, have already done far too much damage to be allowed to continue unabated. If you know where to find the Gear that is in hiding, then I would appreciate it if you shared that information." He goes silent for a moment.

"I do not think I would be able to gain it from you by force," he admits, the sword lowering another fraction. "But I cannot stand aside, either."

COMBATSYS: Kazuki takes no action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Kazuki           0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0         Ky Kiske

Ky's shoulders slump, as if a great weight has been lifted from them. It seems like he may be able to get through to this one. Hopefully. He seems intelligent and insightful. Not driven by madness and rage like the girl had been. When the young man mentions his grandfather in relation to the sword, Ky merely nods his head, gesturing towards the sword as if to indicate that he can keep it.

"If you can tell that she is in no mortal danger, then, by all means," Ky says, as he takes a few steps back, away from the pair of them. He nods his head towards the fallen woman and finishes, "Take her, and leave in peace. The Sacred Order is preparing to depart from this place. When we return, it will be with aid."

He sounds like he means it. But, he does take a look back to the boats, before turning his attention back on the pair of them. "We are in agreement about the Gears and their Masters. Since you seem reasonable, I will tell you. Your friend knows, anyway. Dizzy... The Gear... She is frightened and just wants to be left alone. She doesn't wish to be harmed or harm others. She is in my care, and I am taking her somewhere away from here. Where she is not a threat, nor will she be threatened. She will not be turned into... into a monster at the behest of the United Nations. I will not allow it. Nor will I allow anyone else to take her. She has made her decision to come with me, and I have made mine to ensure that she has a chance for safety, peace, and happiness."

"So. I'll ask you now to please... Take your friend and go from this place. No more violence needs to happen today."

COMBATSYS: Ky Kiske takes no action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Kazuki           0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0         Ky Kiske

Kazuki finally stands up straight, dropping the combat stance completely. The katana remains in his right hand for a long moment. He is sizing Ky up carefully. The man does not want the fight, and youth does not want the fight. So why fight?

Kirigana grips the sheath with his left, and guides the back back home without having to look at either instrument. "I can respect not wanting to harm or be harmed," Kazuki says, not quite agreeably but certainly honestly, "I will do as you ask," he finally says, bracing himself mentally somewhat. Kobayashi-sempai may not like this, but...

"On the condition that I meet Dizzy-san first," he says. "You... seem like a good person, sir," he says. "But I do not know you well enough to take you at your word. I would like to meet them first and decide for myself. You can be there if you want to."

From her spot curled up on the pavement, Miko glowers at Ky. That same frustrating talk from before. That same casual condescension. And this time -- she's unable to do much of anything about it. Unless she'd like to reassert control of the students, betray her pledge to Ryuko and Iincyo, and send the students into the same blender that tore up her own skin.

Seething, she expels air through her teeth.
It would seem, though, that Kazuki is on the same wavelength even without her communication.

As her wounds begin to seal shut... Miko nods to Kazuki, in agreement.

Ky pauses, his entire battered body going completely still. Even his breath catches in his chest. As far as he is aware, the goal of everyone is to murder Dizzy, with the exception of the United Nations, who just wants to weaponize her. He wants to trust this young man, but can he? After what the other had just shown him, how is he to trust that Kazuki is not the same kind of insane zealot that Miko is? He can't. But trust has to start somewhere.

"I am inclined to disbelieve that your intentions are noble," Ky explains, his voice sounding outright apologetic. Sad, even. "How am i to be assured that you do not mean her harm? Everyone would see that she is killed. Or enslaved to be used as a weapon. She doesn't deserve that. She's... She is very peaceful. Kind. And scared."

He, again, points to the sheathed sword. "If you will allow me to hold on to that... not to take it away from you... not to keep... but merely secure it until you peacefully depart, it will go a long way towards allowing me to trust you. If it makes the situation more palatable, I will hold it myself, rather than turn it over to one of my men."

He frowns, and lowers his gaze back to Miko. "And while we do that, I can send some men to tend to her."

The fact that Kazuki did not simply jump in and start trying to slash Ky to ribbons, combined with his willingness to simply converse, should be more than ample evidence that Kazuki was not some zealot bent on murdering people.

Kazuki frowns a bit, reaching into his pants pocket, pulling out a thick cord. He slides the sheathed weapon from his belt, before doing something with both the weapon and the cord. He shows the weapon, now peace-bound, to Ky. The cord is looped through and around the guard and further to the sheath. It would take far greater strength than Kazuki's frame would suggest to pull the blade free.

"If you are as strong as your song suggests," Kazuki finally says, "And she is anything like the rumors would indicate, then this would prove more than sufficient." He walks towards Ky, before giving the weapon a hard underhanded throw. The weapon is sent into a good loop, giving the knight plenty of time to catch the sheathed sword.

"Then again, the sword by itself would not be sufficient to accomplish anything for me in any direction," he admits. On the other hand, Kazuki's whole martial arts style tends to revolve around dealing with weapons, while unarmed, long enough to be come armed. So there is that.

The White Knight remains a silent and passive observer to the peacebinding of the sword, though he does look appreciative, and as it's being done, he slides Thunderseal into the scabbard hanging from his hip. This frees his hands to catch the weapon when it is tossed, taking special care to let his arm remain loose to go with, and redirect the momentum of the tossed item, so as not to jar the blade on the inside of its saiya. He's a mindful sort, and he understands the value of such a weapon, even if that value is reflected in sentimentality rather than function. In this case, it would appear to be both.

"My song?" Ky asks, inquisitively, casting a curious glance to the boy, even as he carefully slides the sword into place, tucked inside of one of the belts looped around his waist. "I am not certain what you are referring to. Please explain."

Though he does make a motion with one hand, gesturing for Kazuki to follow him, as he half turns towards the harbor where the grunts of the Sacred Order are making their preparations to depart. He also takes this time to lift one hand to his ear, activating his comm and speaking. "This is Commander Ky Kiske. Please send a medic to my location. There is a wounded woman here who needs medical attention. Please see to it."

Whoever is on the other end seems to relay the orders back to him, or something, as he nods his head and gives a simple, if exasperrated "Ben oui. Tout fait."

Kazuki winces; he had not really meant to express it quite that way. "It's..." Kazuki glances away. "This will sound strange," he says as he follows Kiske along. "I can hear chi," he finally says. "How it moves, how it flows through the world. I hear it best when it comes to people."

Kazuki scratches his cheek as he blushes a bit, "Everyone has a song," he says in a tone barely above a mutter. "The better I can hear it, the stronger they tend to be," he says a little more clearly. "And you song is about as easy to hear as Kazama-sempai," he says as if it explains anything, "Or Kobayashi-sempai," he says nodding back towards the fallen Miko. "And I have not beaten either of them in a spar. Please excuse me for a moment," He stops suddenly, and jogs back toward Miko, crouching down.

"Kiske-san has called for a medic," he says quietly. "And I am going to meet this Gear, and learn what I can learn." With that he rejoins Ky. He nods once. "My name is Kazuki Kirigana," he says after a moment. "I am a first-year at Gedo High School."

An introduction is only polite; since he now knows Ky's name.

"..." Ky seems to to be hard pressed to catch on with the explanation of the song. But he takes it in stride. He can understand the general principle, of ocurse. A form of synesthesia, where this young man is able to hear the spiritual strength, perhaps, of the people around him. That would be a useful ability to have, when he thinks about it. Though he fears what it might be like for the young man in the presence of Dizzy and her evil, demonic wings of terror. "I believe I understand what you mean, but I think it is also something that must be experienced to truly grasp. It sounds very interesting, at the very least."

He actually offers a smile. His face is smeared with soot and blood and ash, but he smiles and it is radiant and charming. That kind of natural charisma that just bleeds off of those who are born with inherent nobility and presence in their souls. He pauses in his steps, waiting for Kazuki to speak with the fallen woman. Kobayashi, as he now gathers.

After he returns, though, and introduces himself, Ky does give a bow of his head. He'd have offered a more formal one, if every joint and bone in his body wasn't screaming in absolute agony. He's mostly held together right now through sheer willpower brought about by the determination to see this through. "I am Ky Kiske. Knight Commander of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights. I am honored to make your acquaintance, Monsieur Kirigana."

That ability may just be the salvation or damnation of Ky's efforts. It's hard to say at this point. Kazuki mulls over the title a bit; it seems a tad, well, old fashioned. "So, Commander Kiske, what is it that this... Sacred Order of Holy Knights do, exactly?" He throws a glance at the Thunderseal. "It is obvious that you are not a traditional military force."

"We serve as a sort of special police force. It's a joint venture between the ICPO and the Holy See," Ky explains as they walk towards the boats. He seems casual in his stride. Strained, certainly. He's in a lot of pain. He's lost a lot of blood. This all shows, but he makes a conscious effort to look like he's not on alert for some sudden, but inevitable betrayal from Kazuki. As they walk, a pair of men in garb similar to Ky's own, with overcoats sporting tabbards that bear Holy symbols and other such priestly regalia, go rushing past them with a stretcher and a medkit. "We are dispatched in order to handle certain threats that more mundane forces are not well equipped to handle. Things such as Gears, for example. Other things, as well. Mostly unholy abominations."

Kazuki acts like he is not a threat at all. Part of it is just who he is, part of it stems completely from the fact that he is (for all intents and purposes) in unfriendly territory. No need for a fight unless it becomes unavoidable.

"I think that I understand," Kazuki finally says. He glances at the Thunderseal. "Do all of you carry weapons like that?" he asks, "Your sword is... kind of loud."

"Hrm?" Oh right. The song. His kinesthesia. He looks down at the sword on his hip. A relic that even the Sacred Order had not yet unlocked all of its hidden secrets. But it called to him, and he to it. Their natures, it would seem, are similar enough to be nearly indistinguishable. Ky's hand moves from the hilt of Kazuki's katana to the pommel split V shaped pommel of his own, patting it affectionately as he offers a small smile.

"No. Not all members of the Sacred Order have such holy artifacts," he says, "I received this one as a symbol of my station with the order, as well as being the only one to be able to properly harness its magics. Lightning is a difficult thing to control. It wants to be free and just flow in any direction that it wishes. For some reason, it has always come naturally to me, though."

As the duo follows along, they can see a faded sign at the side of the road. It says '15 meters to the Shack.' The Shack, yeah yeah. They are heading down the Atlanta high way, looking for the love get away.

Headed for the love get away.

Dizzy was busy grooming herself as she hides away in the shack. She was given a mirror, a comb, a small pail of water, and sponge. While her body didn't show it, she was quite hurt by both Noel and Ky. She was soaping herself down, scrubbing her skin with the cool water. It felt nice, even in the frigid cold. She didn't really see how frigid could be a bad thing. A voice rises up. A familiar voice. She looks up from the mirror, looking out the dim doorway.

The arrival of Ky comes with excitement.

Emergeing from the shack, she peers out, body soapy and wet. Like when Ky found her, she was still garbed in leather belts and stockings, the skimpiest of clothing. She had a long shirt that Leo gave her... which she was using to dry her hair. "Ah? Commander Ky Kiske? You've recovered!" She bows her head deeply, the droplets of water falling off her moist body. "I am so sorry I made you faint! I didn't mean to exert you so deeply!" She lifts her head, and looks at Kazuki, tilting her head, switching her ribbon-bound tail. "Oh, is this a friend?" She furrows her brow, flapping her wings once.

"... I don't like the younger humans very much..."

"That is okay," Kazuki says, apparently unruffled. "I do not like Gears very much either." Kazuki tilts his head to one side, looking Dizzy over. There is interest in that gaze, curiousity as well. "But perhaps we can put our mutual and irrational dislike at ease." He frowns. She... she has a /song/. He was not expecting that.

He turns to Ky somewhat suddenly. "Commander Kiske," he says intently. "I joined the fray late, and my only interest in this matter has been to protect my friends and my home. I do not know what Kobayahi-sempai's goals were in this matter." The young man is honest, and earnest. "Just that she was interested in Dizzy-san."

He glances back at Dizzy, trying get used to the sight of Dizzy, who from all outward appearances is not strictly human.

But she has a song.

"Kobayashi-sempai wanted to flush her out of hiding, but not why," he says. "What is your plan in all of this?"

As they approach The Shack (sadly not in a Chrysler that's as big as a whale), Ky looks over at Kazuki as he claims he does not like gears very much. That does put him on edge for what is about to happen, though he can understand the sentiment. Ky thought of Gears as unholy abominations before today. The heavy hand of Justice had only reaffirmed him of that. "I... Gears are... I am no longer certain what to think of them. The Comma--Dizzy has put all of my previous biases to the task and has me in a position where I feel the need to re-evaluate my previ-..."

Dizzy steps out and draws Ky's attention. And then he sees her state. His eyes, wide as saucers, travel down her from head to toe, and he suddenly has a lump in his throat. His face floods with heat and color. Instantly he averts his shameful gaze from her, looking to Kazuki with a fierce concentration to simply just stare at the young man, and not let his eyes go anywhere else. "This is Kazuki Kirigana. He..."

He's not really a friend. What does he say about this? Ky isn't a deceptive man. It's not in his nature. Finally, he simply opts for the truth. "Kazuki is here to meet you, and to understand why it is that I am doing what I am to help you. He is not going to harm you, so you have nothing to worry about."


"Aha..." Ky lifts one hand, scratching the back of his head. He looks down at the ground as he considers the questions laid out before him. "I am not certain what your friend wished, though I... I felt nothing but killing intent from her, so I think her intentions were just that. As for my plan in all of this?"

Ky turns his aquamarine eyes up now, looking at Kazuki with his resolve painted openly in his expression. "No Gods. No Masters."

He clarifies, cocking his head in the direction of Dizzy, "Dizzy is not deserving of the designs laid upon her by others. Mishima wants their own WMD. The UN wants another. They want an army. The heathen gods would destroy her, I think."

He looks back to Dizzy, regardless of how his face blanches to the same shade of white as his clothing, due to the... DontstareDontstareDontstare... condition she is in. "My plan is to free her of the destinies that others would impose upon her. Give her what she wishes. A life away from it all, to live in peace, unafraid. With no harm coming to her, or to the world through her. That is my plan in all of this."

With the high pitched grating of motorcycle engines can be heard off in the distance, an electric-powered ambulance pulls into the area. Its spinning red lights cast sharp and swift shadows across the ravaged pavement. It'd be easy to follow what's going on, even at Kazuki and Ky's distance: Sacred Order forces standing back, while a pair of medical professionals with blue scrubs spill out of the back of the ambulance, preparing the injured Miko for transit.

There's nothing out of the unusual.
Except maybe that Ky didn't get a radio notification that the medics had arrived.
But that's okay. This is a warzone, and Commander Kiske made it clear what his wishes are.

Miko is strapped to a gurney. And carried into the ambulance.
And as the ambulance pulls away, the song of the encircling line of students changes tune once again. The various discordant melodies crossfade into a single, pure, unifying tone. Taiyo, Gedo, and Pacific students, begin to move as a single body -- unified in thought and purpose.

The ambulance pulls away.
And, a few moments after the ambulance leaves, the seething crowd of students moves along to shadow its deliberately slow pace. As they leave the area, their song fades, receding into the distance.
As surely as if the Pied Piper himself were leading the marching parade.

Dizzy was wary of the young man.

She remembered the noisy children, how they were looking for her. How threatening they were, how loud they were. She was nervous, cautious. And yet, as Kazuki and Ky converse, she takes the moment to dry herself of. Wiping herself down, she looks from the pair, point to point. Ky seemed tense again, though she didn't know why. The boy was calm though. Their plan? It seemed good at face value... but the reaction from Dizzy grew intense. Disturbed.

And Ky says something that she was offended.

"Heathen gods?" Dizzy interrupts. "Gods are good, Ky. Why would they want to destroy me? I was taught that the gods would love and protect us..." She trails off, her eyes going wide. "... Oh no... did I... did I anger the Kamui Kanna? I..." And tears well up in her eyes.

"... I destroyed his temple..." She says softly.

Kazuki simply listens to Ky, then to Dizzy. He's not experienced enough to be good at detecting subterfuge; he is not a psychic. Dizzy's song is at /least/ as clear as Ky's is. Maybe more so; there is a depth to it that Kazuki has never heard in a person before. But it's still a song. He is still calm. And Ky... Well, Kazuki believes that Ky believes what Ky believes. And that the man will do his level best to ensure that his plan is made to work. It is a noble plan, if not a good one. Kazuki would have to know more of the details to judge the quality of the plan. But the plan is worth persuing, in his mind. Dizzy seems like she regrets the destruction of the temple. Or at least worried about the ramifications of doing so. He faces Ky once again.

"Commader Kiske," he says, lifting an empty right hand before holding it out. "I'll have my sword back, please," he says. "I'd like to offer what help I can to your effort in this." He glances at Dizzy before looking back to Ky. "She has a song," he says quietly. "She should get a chance to play it out."

Ky looks at Dizzy puzzled, at first, when she starts reprimanding him for calling other gods "heathen". He's not really sure how to respond to her. He wants to rebuke the notion that heathen gods are good. He starts to open his mouth to do just that, but then he cannot bring himself to do it. Damn her. She's too disarming.

Then she starts putting things together. He's not certain of the circumstances that have led to this point. He's not even sure what some insane immortal monster like Raiden might have running through his head. Other than lightning. He's pretty sure that he has lightning running through his head. In the end, all he can do is say in a soft, nearly whispering tone, "The god Raiden has threatened the world..."

He uses the distraction Kazuki presents to break from that particular conversation. He seems to consider the young man for a long moment, studying him carefully. Reaching down, he slides the sheathed katana from his belt, and offers it out to Kazuki. "I told you I would not keep this."

Dizzy suddenly steps forward.

She does not buy the distraction. No, her red eyes were still tear filled; but as she shakes her blue hair, she straightens her back. She remember the Kamui Kanna, she remember her prayers, and she remembers how righteous he was. If Ky claim he had threatened the world... and now, he was looking away from her. She puffs up, as she flaps her wings roughly. A burst of feathers are released. The wave of aura pours out, stifling the air.

As the blade is handed over, she looks Ky in the eye. "The god Raiden is a honorable, righteous lord, who has protected me since I was born. If he has threatned the world, then... then it must be for a good reason. Maybe because the humans attacked us! Maybe... because I destroyed the temple. But if he is angry, then he is angry for a good reason!" She yields, looking away at Kazuki, her presence softening.

"Have you asked him why he was angry?"

Kazuki slides the katana inside his belt. He does not undo the peace bond just yet. Then Dizzy uncases the wings. Kirigana's eyes go wide at that. It's... he is not sure /which/ words cover what is going through his mind just now. He recovers though, and fairly well.

He looks at Ky, uncertain of much of anything at this point. There are clearly matters at hand that he knows nothing about.

Ky feels that aura, and the flapping of her wings causes him to turn his attention back on the Gear. He does put out one hand, in front of Kazuki, as if to ward him off and let him know that everything is fine. "Can you ever truly know the mind of a being such as Raiden?"

He asks this question, knowing the answer already. Gods are, by their very nature, unknowable. They do not think like mortal, flesh and blood creatures such as they. They exist outside of the rules of reality, in so many ways. Timeless. Infinite. Powerful. Of course such beings as they would be prone to such a capricious nature. Do we ever stop to consider the roach when it scurries before us, only to be ground under heel?

"You do not punish a world for the mistakes of a few. Even if that few includes several... when compared to the world itself, even thousands are few," he replies, reaching out to place his hand on her shoulder. His fingers press in, squeezing just enough to be felt and to be reassuring. "It does not matter. Not for now. Right now, all that matters is that we get you to safety. After that, we can work the rest out."

Dizzy clenches her fists.

Anger. She feels anger. But her wings say nothing. Not to protect her. But the sensation comes. To comfort her. As Ky challenges her, she looks away, turning her head away. Blinking her eyes, she wraps her wings around herself, sheltering herself. Punish the world for the mistakes of the few. Ky touches on her shoulder. She doesn't react at first, even as he squeezes. Finally, she looks back at Ky.

"The world matters more than me."

And with that, she pulls herself from Ky's grips. Wings still around her, she turns her back to Kazuki and Ky, and returns back into her shack.

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