SNF 2005.08

Alma/Gabriel/Johnny FFA - It's Alma, teenaged psychic heartthrob, versus Gabriel, Maiden of Light, versus the Blue Blade. Explosions! Suspense! Devastating supers! People double-teaming that darn psi! This fight has it all, but in the end, Gabriel comes out on top; in a good mood, too. (Winner: Gabriel) - created on 12:11:23 08/06/2005 by Alma and last modified on 16:48:47 08/06/2005.

Cammy vs Kula - On the shores of the Southtown River, Cammy and Kula battle it out. (Winner: Cammy) - created on 12:24:09 08/06/2005 by Cammy and last modified on 15:08:18 08/06/2005.

Megumi/Shingo vs Karin/Sakura - An interesting match-up for this week's SNF. Friends face-off against each other for entertainment! Oh yeah, Karin is in the mix too. (Winners: Megumi and Shingo) - created on 14:45:28 08/06/2005 by Shingo and last modified on 21:01:05 08/06/2005.

[TITLE] Kain vs Terry - Kain and Terry face off in a match for a title championship in SNF. With a somewhat reluctant introduction by everybody's favorite red-haired boxer. (Winner: Kain) - created on 15:57:01 08/06/2005 by Kain and last modified on 07:06:03 08/29/2005.

May Lee versus Kim Jae Hoon - Fresh off of the plane from Korea, the two Tae Kwan Do students face off in a explosive battle in a Japanese park for the Saturday Night Fights! (Winner: Jae Hoon) - created on 17:09:54 08/06/2005 by MayLee and last modified on 19:17:29 08/06/2005.

Zero vs Momo/Gabriel/Eagle - A debut match for both Eagle and Momo. Between the durability of his armored suit and his ability to unleash powers beyond the ken of most men, Zero shows some serious staying power against his three opponents until, somehow, a chink in his armor is finally found. (Winner: Momo/Gabriel/Eagle) - created on 10:47:42 08/13/2005 by Eagle and last modified on 13:30:15 08/15/2005.

Bao vs Shinobu - Shinobu and Bao battle in the Dream Amusement Park! (Winner: Shinobu) - created on 11:57:08 08/13/2005 by Bao and last modified on 22:31:02 08/13/2005.

Kain vs Sakura & Dee Jay - The Southern Comet makes his SNF debut alongside Sakura Kasugano in a match against titleholder Kain Heinlein, on the Southtown Boardwalk. (Winner: Kain) - created on 13:27:47 08/13/2005 by Sakura and last modified on 22:22:40 08/13/2005.

Leona&Shingo vs HeavyD&Karin - SNF Team match just like the title says. Fun in the sun on the beach. (Winners: Shingo and Leona) - created on 16:56:24 08/13/2005 by Shingo and last modified on 05:16:45 08/14/2005.

Saishu vs New Hero Team - This Saturday's Main Event: Saishu Kusanagi versus the entire New Hero Team! But what starts out as a Striker Match suddenly becomes a Special Order match when Dong Hwan, late arrival, jumps in as soon as Jae Hoon goes down -- and then this Korean Barbeque turns Family Style! Feel the burn! (Winner: Saishu) - created on 17:18:09 08/13/2005 by Saishu and last modified on 05:19:53 08/14/2005.

Kula vs Haggar - Kula fights Haggar! A mighty epic! Which ends with Goliath on top and David badly broken. (Winner: Haggar) - created on 18:28:41 08/13/2005 by Kula and last modified on 21:24:48 08/13/2005.

Roy, Rolento, Shenwoo, Duo Lon - A four-way free-for-all battle ended in a double-KO between Shenwoo and Duolon. (Winners: Shenwoo & Duolon) - created on 19:04:53 08/13/2005 by Roy and last modified on 14:20:53 08/14/2005.

May Lee vs Karin (CA:Eagle) - With Eagle presiding as referee and Chaos Agent for the match, May Lee and Karin battle it out in the Pao Pao Cafe! (Double KO) - created on 11:41:07 08/20/2005 by MayLee and last modified on 00:21:41 08/21/2005.

Malin vs Shingo - Scrawny girl with weapons versus the might of the Shingo Kick? Who will win? ... Neither! (Double KO) - created on 14:47:37 08/20/2005 by Shingo and last modified on 18:36:27 08/23/2005.

Iori vs Kula and Momo - In the grand tradition of Zero getting beat by two little girls and a bouncer, the mighty Iori falls to... two little girls and a few tennis balls. Lo, how the mighty have fallen! (Winners: Kula and Momo) - created on 15:05:50 08/20/2005 by Iori and last modified on 00:10:14 08/21/2005.

Alma vs Ran - Alma vs The Paparazzi! While Ran does manage, with her usual extreme perserverance, to get one Exclusive Interview in, our heroic fighting model finally manages to escape in the end by, well... beating up a girl. But not before he's smacked in the face with a newspaper. Bad Alma. That's a *very bad* Alma. (Winner: Alma) - created on 21:06:52 08/20/2005 by Alma and last modified on 07:56:50 10/30/2005.

Tiffany vs Eagle - An evening match at the park featuring Eagle and Tiffany in a close fight that came down to the wire. Tiffany manages to barely pull off the win so all was well in Pacificville. (Winner: Tiffany) - created on 08:01:36 08/27/2005 by Tiffany and last modified on 16:41:57 08/27/2005.

Ralf vs Duolon - Ralf destroys Duo Lon. Luck is not on the ninja's side. Neither are angry shop owners. (Winner: Ralf) - created on 09:32:19 08/27/2005 by Duolon and last modified on 15:20:59 08/30/2005.

Cammy versus Kula! - It's a rematch between Cammy and Kula for SNF! Can the Killer Bee defeat Kula a second time? Or will Kula be triumphant over Cammy? (Winner: Kula) - created on 16:09:12 08/27/2005 by Cammy and last modified on 19:13:53 08/27/2005.

Megumi vs DeeJay - A nail-biter of a Saturday Night Fight! (Winner: Megumi) - created on 22:02:24 08/27/2005 by DeeJay and last modified on 06:13:16 09/28/2005.

Ibuki vs Leona - Here's the second of two Ikari vs Ninja SNFs this week. Leona and Ibuki's third dance partner (Karin) couldn't make it, resulting in the mercenary scoring a win over the shinobi. (Winner: Leona) - created on 16:05:26 08/28/2005 by Leona and last modified on 20:56:39 08/28/2005.

Aug-2005 Summary - [OOC] All the bulletin board posts from the August 2005 Saturday Night Fights. - created on 10:13:37 09/28/2005 by Kobun and last modified on 07:03:11 11/01/2005.

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