SNF 2005.01

Bigass FFA - HeavyD, Shermie, Terry, Iori, Haggar, Cody, Makoto, Rock, and Megumi show down in a nine-person battle royale. (Winner: Megumi) - created on 13:26:48 01/01/2005 by Hikaru and last modified on 04:28:33 12/13/2005.

Dan vs Whip - Dan pits Saikyo against Whip's whip. Whip's whip whips Dan. (Winner: Whip) - created on 13:44:10 01/08/2005 by Dan and last modified on 18:32:18 05/03/2005.

Geese vs Kensou and Kula - Saturday Night Fight in Howard Arena -- Kula and Kensou team up against He Who Run Southtown. (Winner: Geese) - created on 13:50:21 01/08/2005 by Geese and last modified on 17:54:43 05/03/2005.

Heavy D! vs Kelvin - Saturday Night Fever! Heavy D! and Kelvin go head to head in a second string, but still hard-fought, battle. Accused at first of being a slacker, Kelvin proves himself in the course of battle against the battle-hardened veteran boxer. (Draw) - created on 13:57:09 01/08/2005 by Kelvin and last modified on 18:33:54 05/03/2005.

Iori and Bunji vs Vega - You couldn't get more evil into one forest without replacing your severed right hand with a chainsaw. (Winners: Bunji and Iori) - created on 13:49:08 01/08/2005 by Iori and last modified on 18:38:09 05/03/2005.

Mr.Big vs Yamazaki - Yamazaki tears Big a new one, all in good fun. (Winner: Yamazaki) - created on 17:20:34 01/14/2005 by Mr.Big and last modified on 18:36:09 05/03/2005.

Tora and Acacia vs Iori - A Saturday Night Fight thing. Iori punks Tora and Acacia. There's lots of fire in it. (Winner: Iori) - created on 17:21:06 01/14/2005 by The soul of Tora and last modified on 18:40:06 05/03/2005.

Jacob and Kensou vs Yamazaki - Kensou and Jacob team up to chip away at Yamazaki's defenses, somehow managing to beat him. (Winners: Kensou and Jacob) - created on 15:18:43 01/22/2005 by The smoking crater named Jacob Reaves and last modified on 19:59:08 05/03/2005.

Ken vs Megumi and Sakura - Just off the plane from Strolheim, Sakura finds herself matched against Ken Masters, with former Wild Flower partner Megumi at her side! Only now, they've got special conditions to abide by! (Winner: Ken) - created on 15:42:09 01/22/2005 by Sakura and last modified on 08:13:55 04/24/2005.

Xiangfei vs Shermie - Ecks vs. Sever! X vs. S! ...Okay, no, just Xiangfei vs. Shermie. It's a Friday Night Fight. In a televised match at the mall, the keyboarder of New Faces fights the Heavenly Hip-hop Honey before buying herself a well-deserved meal at the Pao-Pao. (Winner: Shermie) - created on 17:00:18 01/28/2005 by Shermie and last modified on 02:02:35 01/30/2005.

Mai vs Jacob - Mai and Jacob come together for a SNF on the beach, in which Jacob somehow manages to resist the awesome power of Mai in a bikini. (Winner: Jacob) - created on 15:40:11 01/29/2005 by The smoking crater named Jacob Reaves and last modified on 19:59:15 05/03/2005.

Ryu vs Jinmu and Megumi - An SNF Main Event at Howard Arena: Ryu vs. Jinmu and Megumi as a team. Ryu is given an odd handicap, while Megumi changes her mind every two seconds and Jinmu tries to be William Tell. (Winner: Ryu) - created on 16:33:56 01/29/2005 by Megumi and last modified on 15:47:41 04/29/2005.

Sakura vs King - The Pao Pao proprietor takes on the Southtown schoolgirl in a surprisingly close Chinatown SNF. (Winner: Sakura) - created on 16:00:00 01/29/2005 by Sakura and last modified on 07:29:03 05/30/2005.

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