One of the largest and most popular high schools in the Southtown area, Taiyo perhaps best represents the idealistic 'normal' high school--a middle ground between the student bodies of Gedo High and Justice High. Catering typically to the middle and lower classes, a few wealthier students also attend class within the halls of Taiyo. With a solid, but not outstanding record of academic success and a wealth of clubs and extracurricular activities to cater to and nurture the interests and talents of any number of students, only one thing truly separates Taiyo High from any other normal, Japanese co-ed high school: burning spirit. Its students and staff possess a devotion to their fellow classmates and co-workers unmatched in the entire country, and many are even willing to risk their lives for their school. After the events surrounding Justice High the previous year, Taiyo High was the heart of the effort to stop Hyo's plot to conquer Japan. This is a point of pride to the student body, and they seek only to repeat their performance whenever necessary.

Taiyo High is one of the least restrictive schools in all of Japan. Compared to Justice High or most of the other conformity-minded schools in Japan, uniform policy is weak at best. Students are generally given a general idea of what to wear: the typical boys' or girls' uniform. However, they allow a good deal of derivation in color, accessories, and style. Take, for example, Batsu's unique take on his uniform, or Kyosuke's white-colored variation. Moreover, attendance is also loose. The administration really only wants to ensure that students are doing their assignments, and learning the lessons taught to them. Though for most this implies staying for most of the school day, it is not required and 'cutting' classes when convenient is often performed. The exception is Hayato, who will personally track you down and force you to do a few hundred push-ups if you neglect to attend PE.