Mad Gear

(last updated: 12/28/17)

The dominant gang in Metro City, the Mad Gear Gang aims to control Metro City just as Geese and the Southtown Syndicate control Southtown. With comparable resources at their command, virtually controlling any and all criminal activity within the city, Mad Gear seemed poised to take control of the city, if not for one thing: Mike Haggar. Undoubtedly the biggest bane to the minions of Mad Gear, each and every time the gang has attempted to make a move, Mike Haggar shows up with a frequently shifting band of friends and invariably tears it to pieces. Historically incapable of managing much in the way of success, Mad Gear has been reduced to a footnote to the two larger criminal organizations, generally due to their utter inability to stop Haggar regardless of the situation.

Currently, Mad Gear is on its last legs. A resilient organization unwilling to die but incapable of winning, its ranks have fallen into chaos. The closest thing it has to a leader is Katana, but generally, it is more like a dozen or so smaller groups who all happen to call themselves the same thing. Very haphazard and disorganized, Mad Gear seldom poses a threat to anyone except for women and children and other victims of muggings.