(last updated: 12/28/17)

Justice High is a school designed to cater exclusively to the idea of establishing a new class of future Japanese citizens, which the school dubs 'super-elite', over and above the mere 'elite'. Accepting only the most talented students, with a relatively moderate tuition and a generous amount of scholarship money given to those who meet Justice High's high standard, it is a school separated from the vast bulk of the education system. Justice High's main strength is drawn not only from their tremendous wealth, but the incredible talent located within their student body as well. Its members have every reason to view themselves as 'above' non-Justice students. They truly are the best that their generation has to offer...at least, in the eyes of Justice's staff.

Centering on discipline and the enhancement of a person's natural talents, all students at Justice High are subject to compulsory boarding with the school. Very strict in terms of behavior and academic standards, students have been known to be expelled for the slightest of failures. However, all graduates of Justice High have moved on to become just what the school claims to be: 'super-elite'. They have become the wealthiest of businessman, the most brilliant scientists, and the most stunning athletes.

Of all the Southtown schools, Justice is by far the most restrictive. Students are required to attend class, as well as adhere to a strict uniform policy. However, since Justice scheduling isn't overly strict, and students are expected to study on their own, a good deal of free time is allowed--though, most of it is spent working or studying in Southtown. Furthermore, students are required to live on campus at Justice High--but dorms are extremely comfortable and spacious.

After being nearly destroyed by Hyo's plot, which was really the result of Mugen's brainwashing, Raizo restarted 'Project Justice', and the school has once more begun to flourish under its original ideals. Few trust the ranks of Justice High, however, and particularly the likes of Hyo. Once freed from Mugen's brainwashing, Hyo continued his education at Justice High. Still the school's top student, he no longer plots to conquer Japan...but many wonder if Mugen's influence on him can truly be broken so easily.