Established thirty years ago by Vega, after he murdered the Psycho Power master to pursue his own negative brand of the psychic energy, Shadaloo (Not Shadowloo, Shadowlaw, or Shadalaw) is essentially an underground army concealed by bribery and cover-ups. Though relatively small in size compared to national armies, it commands a wealth of technology and power. Numbering four thousand men, most of whom are low-ranking soldiers under the command of Shadaloo Elites, its array of military technology makes it a viable fighting force in any theater on Earth. Its ultimate purpose? To achieve Vega's goal of becoming 'History's Greatest Warrior', and nothing more.

Shadaloo was established by Vega using his awesome fighting strength. This power, granted by his mastery of Psycho Power, allowed him to absorb mafia after mafia, expanding his operations. His legions pledge loyalty to him, seeking power and importance. In some cases, brainwashing is utilized, but it is most often seen in the Dolls, as opposed to regular soldiers. To date, only a handful of intelligence and military officials know of Shadaloo's existence, and almost all are kept quiet via blackmail, bribery, or other sinister means. In short, it is akin to the mafia in the early 20th century.

Important People

Vega - The undisputed commander and founder of Shadaloo. His ultimate goal is to utilize the power of his organization to become the greatest conquerer and warrior in history. Far less interested in ruling the world as opposed to the process of taking it over, however, it is unclear what his long-term goals will be. Ruling his organization much like a dictator would, he refuses to allow subordinates. Power defaults to him, and then to the thousands of men under his command, with the only tier of leadership between the two being his elite fighters, and the Dolls, who each command a portion of his forces. However, Vega recognizes that the most dangerous threat is not military, but in the form of spirited street fighters capable of challenging him personally, thus the use of his most elite agents, a select few recruited fighters and the Doll Project. Purely evil, he would sacrifice every last man under his command in an instant if it would bring himself nearer to his goal.

Sagat - A unique element among the ranks of Shadaloo, Sagat is the latest recruit, a massively powerful fighter who fit the profile that Vega sought: mighty, and easily manipulated. Brought into Shadaloo on the promise that he would have his rematch with Ryu, Sagat is the closest thing Vega has to a right-hand man, in that he is easily the second strongest fighter in all of Shadaloo, next to Vega. Once an honorable fighter, his thirst for vengeance has driven him to align with evil forces he would have never tolerated before, and utterly shattered the focus he once had. However, he seems to be beginning to realize the limits of his hatred, something which Vega seems desperate to avoid, for reasons only he knows--Vega is dead-set on fueling Sagat's hatred for as long as he can, it being the only way he can manipulate the once noble warrior. Though the former Muay Thai Champion, he has vanished almost completely from the public eye, working strictly with Shadaloo.

Balrog - Psychotic and incredibly vain, the Spaniard Balrog works with Vega simply to kill as many people as he possibly can. A Spanish nobleman to the public, he once spent his nights murdering the homeless for personal entertainment. A master of Ninjitsu, he was Vega's personal assassin before the Doll Project. Still the most prominent of all of Vega's killers, Balrog seems to have some sort of powerful interest in Cammy, the first of the Dolls. The extent or nature of this, however, is not known.

M.Bison - A powerful and money-hungry champion boxer, Vega keeps Mike Bison well paid in return for his services. Extremely greedy and aggressive, Bison is ill-suited to any sort of cerebral work, used instead as pure hired muscle. He has little or no actual role, however, like many of his cohorts. Still boxes publically, despite his secret association with Shadaloo.

Birdie - A newcomer to the ranks of Shadaloo, Birdie recently sought out Vega and challenged him. Though, obviously, he was unable to claim victory over Vega, he nonetheless performed the impressive feat of managing to impress the military leader. As such, he was given the choice to join Shadaloo or to die. The answer was obvious. Due to his recruitment, he is held in higher regards than most of the other Shadaloo minions, considered 'elite'. His role is much the same as M. Bison's, to serve as hired muscle.

Dr. Senoh - He's Vega's personal scientist, and the driving force behind the Psycho Drive project and all other major Shadaloo research projects. The 'father' of the Dolls, Senoh is a sinister and greedy genius who seeks to further his knowledge, regardless of morals and ethics.

The Dolls - After Cammy's 'birth', twelve other Dolls were fashioned, as part of what would be named the 'Doll Project'. Vega's elite vanguard of fighters, the twelve dolls are all young girls kidnapped from around the world, identified for certain genetic traits that would make them suitable for him. Named for each month of the year, the Dolls were all given a small fraction of Vega's soul when they were genetically enhanced. Due to this, they each possess a small amount of Psycho Power, but as well, they will all die, should Vega be killed. The Dolls serve variable purposes; Though generally they operate as one unit, it is possible to split them up and place them in command of Shadaloo's wider array of forces. Though none of them are particularly evil in nature, their utter loyalty to the will of Vega guides them to do terrible things without delay. Cammy, Juli, and Juni are regular FCs here. However, the other Dolls established by Capcom are a special case. They are technically FCs, and officially count as such. But because they have little to no characterisation in canon, they are also handled as original characters to some degree. If you wish to play one of the other Dolls, please talk to staff before submitting an application. Do note that unlike some interpretations, MoTM assumes that the Dolls retain their own personalities, despite being brainwashed and loyal to Vega. They need not act like robots all the time, though they can certainly be portrayed as acting robotic in combat.

Cammy - The firstborn and strongest of Vega's 'Dolls', Cammy was originally created to serve as Vega's next body, when his Psycho Power went beyond his limits or if he was otherwise slain. However, she became self-aware shortly after birth, ruining Vega's plan. However, for reasons known only to Vega, the failed clone was not terminated, and instead made into one of Vega's elite soldiers. The leader of the dozen Dolls constructed after her, She, unlike the other Dolls, is also independent of Vega's soul, and can survive after his death. Nicknamed the 'Killer Bee' because of her golden hair and fighting style, she serves a number of purposes, including assassination as well as bodyguard duty. Though not inherently a cruel person, she is still fanatically loyal to Vega, and serves him inerringly. However, she has been carefully watched as of late, as her loyalty to Vega seems to be subsiding, becoming more independent....

Rose - Though not associated with Shadaloo, Rose is nonetheless tied to it and its activities, by fate if nothing else. Manifested when Vega shed the small, but present 'good' part of his soul, Rose represents this lost piece. Free of Vega, it became an infant girl, and grew to maturity to possess formidable Psycho Power to battle against Shadaloo, bound to her fight by fate.

Kurow Kirishima - A new addition to the ranks of Shadaloo. Kurow learned of Shadaloo's existence through his connections with the Darkside Society Organization, and cut a deal with them: In exchange for Japan, he would give them an endless supply of elite young men and women for Shadaloo's purposes. The master of the Darkside Student Congress, which is an arm of Shadaloo consisting of high school students from across Japan who work for Kurow. Kurow aims to control Japan in the same way Hyo attempted to, always backed in secret by Shadaloo's resources.

Darkside Student Congress - A group of high school students working for Kurow for various reasons--brainwashing by Kurow, or otherwise. Spread throughout various schools, the Darkside Student Congress works with Kurow in order to turn all the schools against one another, and remove the threat they pose to him and his ambitions, as well as their own. Like their father organization, Shadaloo, they operate in secret. Members of the Darkside Student Congress keep their identities concealed, operating behind the scenes whenever possible. Members of the Congress also rarely even know they work for Shadaloo. Kurow is recognized as the ultimate leader, and is the group's only go-between with Shadaloo.