Seijyun High School stated goal is its single greatest claim to fame. It strives to "keep alive the dying culture of old Japan by producing graduates displaying traditional feminine virtues". A wealthy, private all-girls school, the school symbol of a pink flower represents its primary virtues. Or, at least, those virtues that they show to the public. Due to its prestigious history, appearance, and nationalistic nature, it tends to attract wealthy Japanese parents seeking social prominence. A handful of educators--Hyo and Raizo, in particular--see Seijyun for what it is. A business, selling the product of national pride. Seijyun's primary objective is merely profit, nothing more.

Dressed out with traditional European architecture in the heart of a beautiful lake outside Southtown, Seijyun's appearance at atmosphere support its outrageous tuition. Only the wealthiest of parents can send their daughters to Seijyun, which is just the way they want it. However, this is not to say that the education at Seijyun High isn't top-notch--teaching a policy of traditional Japanese beliefs, Seijyun students typically excel in most subjects. These classes focus on the arts, in particular Japanese culture. Traditional music, calligraphy, flower arrangement, and even archery; subjects that other schools may deem irrelevant are of vital importance at Seijyun.

Even stricter than Justice High in many ways, Seijyun High is a boarding school at heart. All students are required to obtain signed permission for any departure from campus. Fortunately, these permission slips are not difficult to obtain, but are sometimes revoked as a disciplinary action against some students. Most if not all of the students at Seijyun High tend to be at least somewhat wealthy, and as such, a very ornate dress code in typically in place, consisting of something similar to what Yurika wears; far fancier than anything standard in Japan or most other regions of the world. Zaki is a glaring exception--due to the threat of physical harm, few teachers have attempted to discipline Zaki for her delinquence.