(last updated: 12/28/17)

Charlie and his renegade soldiers became a formal group only recently. Charlie, slowly becoming aware of the existence of Shadaloo and its powerful role in the criminal underworld, sought to direct his superiors' attention to it; however, all his requests were ignored, and his rank was threatened. Unable to tolerate such an injustice, Charlie, usually a model soldier, went renegade and took matters into his own hands. He would track down and destroy Shadaloo, even if it meant being branded a traitor. However, he would not go alone. His men, more loyal to their commander than any member of the military brass, went with him, 'borrowing' as much military hardware as they could and disappearing from their base, where the other soldiers simply allowed them to go, sympathetic to Charlie's plight.

The group is mostly nomadic, but their primary base is located in New Guinea, close enough to the suspected Shadaloo core. Not long after going into operation, Charlie and his group were greeted by two new members--Chun-Li, former Interpol operative, who works frequently with the renegades, and Guile, Charlie's best friend and most loyal soldier.

Charlie and his renegades are dedicated solely to one thing: Destroying Shadaloo. To this end, they will do whatever they must, as long as their conscience allows. Fully willing to sacrifice their lives for their commander and their cause, his force, though small, is most definitely potent in nature. In general, the operatives function independently, answering to Charlie whenever possible. They run investigations around the world, frequently posing as US soldiers, or simply using whatever they need to accomplish their mission.

The group has very little formal leadership. Small as they are, only Charlie seems to provide any sort of leadership, but in reality, he is more of an organizing and guiding force, as opposed to a commander. Most decisions are made via vote, but among the soldiers, Charlie's word is law. They trust him completely, as well they should. Guile has slightly more influence than the average soldier. Chun-Li, who is not fully a member, but instead the group's closest ally, also has a great deal of pull.

Due to their small scale of operation and the fact that they have yet to make an overt move against Shadaloo, very few people know of Charlie and his organization. The US military is more than anxious to conceal their existence however possible, lest word seep out; if Charlie's group became public, then so would Shadaloo.

At best, Charlie's group consists of no more than a few dozen men; However, all of them are trained in Charlie's own brand of special forces martial arts. Guile is the top student of this style, but all of Charlie's men have more than sufficent mastery of it. At their command is a small stock of military hardware, taken from the base they fled from. Nothing nearly as formidable as Shadaloo or the Ikari Warriors, but it suits their purpose well enough. A few stolen jet aircraft and enough fuel and ammunition to keep them running, a number of tanks, helicopters, and so forth. All of this is housed in a small base in New Guinea.

A large contributor to the survival of Charlie's group is the Ikari Warriors. Sympathetic to Charlie's cause, the Ikaris and the renegades have been known to work together in the past, exchanging information whenever possible.

Charlie and his men want only to end the injustice in the world, particularly that of Shadaloo and the military corruption it has caused. They realize that before they can return to their lives, not only will Vega's organization have to crumble, but they will also have to clear their names in the process. However, they also recognize that it is wrong to focus on one evil and ignore the others; Charlie also has his sights set on the Southtown Syndicate and the "R" group, but by far, Shadaloo is their top priority.

Important People

Charlie: Charlie is most definitely the founder and heart of the group, if not technically the leader. Ultimately, he has the power to make any decision. He commands the utmost loyalty from his men, and is careful to prove worthy of their expectations. He teaches all of his men his own personal fighting style. There were few more respected men in the whole of the US military machine; although he has been branded a traitor, this respect has yet to dissipate, and he is more than capable of pulling strings among those not yet bought off by Shadaloo. He cannot tolerate evil or injustice in any form. He has become close friends with Heidern, and respects him greatly. A charismatic and capable leader, he represents the focal point of the battle against Shadaloo.

Guile: Charlie's long-time best friend, he is the closest thing Charlie has to an XO. Originally sent to stop Charlie, his conscience ultimately could not allow such a thing, and he betrayed his own commanders to side with Charlie. Since then, the two have become the heart of the fight against Shadaloo. Charlie's most trusted soldier and his top student, it is Guile who would inherit his legacy and his mission should something happen to him.

Chun-Li: Though not directly a member of Charlie's group, Chun-Li works so closely with Charlie and Guile so that she may be considered a member by association. An Interpol agent whose story closely resembles Charlie, she uses her own talents to assist him in his work. Called the 'Most Dangerous Woman In The World', she is a boon to the renegades, capable of using Interpol connections to supply them with intelligence they would otherwise be unable to get.