(last updated: 12/28/17)

A widely misunderstood institution, Gedo High was established on the principle of taking in those cast out from other schools for delinquent behavior and reforming them in an environment suited to their needs. Gedo High uses a variety of methods to achieve this, the most notable of which is training students in the martial arts. Though it may seem illogical to teach dangerous criminals how to fight, it's been found that this instead instills strong values of discipline, self-respect, and focus in otherwise wild young men. To this end, over eighty percent of the students who come to Gedo when no other school will take them in graduate and move on to productive, normal lives. A major part of this success is Daigo Kazama, who entered the student body at Gedo High only within the past few years.

Almost immediately, Daigo imposed his will on those around him. Slowly, the school--which had then been a nest of delinquent students, a far cry from its stated goal--began to change. Using his tremendous physical strength to take power from the various gangbosses in the school, he united all of Gedo's gangs under his control...and then he began reforms.

Daigo Kazama truly believed in Gedo High's grand goal, and was going to make it a reality. He commands the loyalty of the reformed and the beyond repair alike, and his title amongst the gangs of Gedo is a Japanese equivalent to "Don", rather than a Yakuza reference. Though he could easily turn Gedo High into his own army, he instead keeps it running as it has and acts to ensure the safety of the staff from the more fringe members of the student body. Almost all students in Gedo High treat him as not only the 'Don', but as a sort of stern big brother. Loyalty to him is as solid as steel.

Having effectively tamed the gangs under his control with a strong code of ethics, Daigo and his massive group have acted as a civilian police force, existing outside the law. However, local news often portrays them as savage criminals instead of a force for good. The reputation garnered from the days before Daigo persists even today. Though their effect on Southtown has been massively positive, many of their activities are illegal, casting an image on Gedo as an unlawful band of punks. After the events of last year, Gedo High's true colors were displayed for the other schools to see. However, due to the demeanor of most of their students, many still hold a negative opinion of them.

Gedo High focuses on three things: education, discipline, and justice. Though there -is- a uniform policy, none of the students actually follow it. Reforming the students through frequent martial arts classes and other methods is key; education is secondary, and most students typically don't attend class except when it is absolutely vital. Gedo's philosophy is to learn real world skills and apply them in a positive way, as opposed to typical school subjects. The administration is highly respected, but ultimately, all loyalty is given to Daigo Kazama...but he, in turn, respects his teachers. He keeps the Gedo student body under control, redirecting their violent energies to positive results.

The third aspect is that duty which Daigo puts to all of the gangs of Gedo High--vigilante justice. Particularly at night, Gedo Gakuen students can be found patrolling the streets of Southtown, protecting the city around them with the strength they once used to harm it, before being found by Gedo. This has made them an opponent of the Southtown Syndicate, but since they are, at least thus far, more a threat to random criminals than to the organized crime of the Syndicate, they are left alone, unless the two butt heads...which frequently takes place.