(last updated: 12/28/17)

Defined by its staff as an 'International School', Pacific High School, Southtown, is actually only one of many branches. Different Pacific Highs can be found in Europe, Africa, and America, where the central office is located. Designed to cater to those who seek an education more widespread than their homeland, Pacific High School is oriented towards those of all races, cultures, and nationalities. Teaching the virtues of of becoming 'world citizens' and not 'national citizens', it is designed to be compatible with those from all walks of life. Surprisingly, despite the fact that most 'international schools' suffer from mediocre quality, Pacific High School is more than formidable. With a max of only five-hundred hand-picked students in total, Pacific High School prefers to think of itself as an elite school capable of achieving its international objectives. Though it cannot compare to Justice High, it is every bit Taiyo's rival.

The two schools have, since the establishment of Pacific High, entertained a friendly rivalry over the years. Competition ranges from academic to athletic to such things as who has cleaner windows or colder water fountains and more comfortable restrooms. Though some (Like Roy and Batsu) take this rivalry to a new level, it is typically manifested as a non-hostile competition beneficial to both sides and the positive development of its students.

Pacific High's best subjects lie in the humanities--particularly language, world history, and world religion. This is meant to encourage an international understanding. By learning of the culture of an entire world as opposed to a single nation, it is believed that students gain a better understanding of what it means to live in an international world. Most of Pacific High's few students aim for careers in social sciences--politics, diplomacy, business, or even the armed forces.

Most of Pacific High's students hail from wealthy backgrounds. For example, Roy and Tiffany. However, Pacific High's tuition is not an unachievable goal. Many poorer students, such as Boman, also attend due to a healthy amount of financial aid. Due to its nature, most of its students live on campus, housed free of charge. There are also a number of Japanese students, often seeking the same international attitude that many of its own students face.

Pacific High is similar to Taiyo in terms of academics, albeit somewhat more strict. Students are expected to attend class during the day, but scheduling often allows for free time. Meant to stimulate awareness and understanding of the foreign nation one is in, this free time is often malleable. The uniform is moderately restrictive. Students are required to wear white shirts and slacks of any color, along with shoes. Blazers and vests of a variety of colors are to be worn. Female students are also permitted to wear skirts or dresses, if they choose. And of course, the dress code is not enforced off campus. Also, those who serve special roles--such as Tiffany, and her 'interesting' style of dress--are allowed. Tiffany, for example, is a cheerleader. Hence, this is technically allowed under the school's dress code.