Full Name:Unknown? (He's not telling)
Height:1.88 meters (approximately 6'2")
Weight:97kg (approximately 214 pounds)
Blood Type:B
Nationality:Unknown. Possibly Chinese/Caucasian mixed.
Eye Color:Black
Hair Color:Dirty Blond
Date of Birth:September 10th
Hobbies:Fighting tough opponents, watching combative sports
Personal Treasures:Evidence of his own power
Favorite Food:Shanghai crab
Dislikes:Jellyfish (hates the skooshiness of them)
Best Sport:Ping Pong
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"It's no fun fighting wimps like you! Get lost!"

While his birthplace is unknown, Shenwoo grew up on the streets of Shanghai. Even as a child, he had a lot of energy and a lot of aggression, which lead to him being able to make his own way in life. Through sheer determination, he's developed a high speed boxing style variation that relies both on throwing a lot of weight behind his attacks, and covering ground quickly. The rough life on the streets of Shanghai meant that he's been slow to make friends, with Ash Crimson being an exception, but Shenwoo has a lot of energy and seeks out those who, as he puts it, "have the ol' pepper" -- which is anyone who can put up a good, spirited fight. While generally easy enough to get along with, Shenwoo is proud of his power and occasionally showboats. The name he provides to anyone he meets, "Shenwoo", is a combination of ancient Chinese characters that imply he is the God of Battle, which is grossly overstating his prowess. Regardless, his real name isn't given out to anyone, and it's possible he doesn't even know it himself.

Style:Self-made Bare-fisted Boxing
Signature Move:Gekiken -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:SMASH -- DAZE

Recent Logs

Blood in Alleys - Duo's finding it harder to locate places in Southtown to do his job. Case in point, Ash and Shenwoo manage to spoil an assassination when their walk takes them through an alley Duo's "working" in. Shenwoo beats Duo up a little, and Ash is a douche-- typical of them both, right? But it leaves Duo with enough of a reason to hunt Ash down again... - Log created on 23:26:19 02/25/2015 by Duo Lon, and last modified on 15:23:59 03/07/2015. Cast: Shenwoo, Ash, and Duo Lon.

[SNF 2014.12] SNF: My Alibi - While the childlike killer has been featured in more than a couple of sanctioned matches in her lifetime, she is still a relative unknown to the world of fighting. Still, wise promoters know that her matches are oftentimes filled with way more bleeding than a kid's rating will allow. Time to go whole hog. The enigmatic diamond dust has to seek out her match in the sexy, seedy "My Alibi" nightclub, set way out of the way in the bad part of Southtown. It's the kind of place that an adult really shouldn't be at, let alone someone Kula's age (is she actually of legal age to be in there?!) Her match is the self-professed God of Battle, Shenwoo, in what's destined to be a good old fashioned barfight. The club's giving out two dollar Merchant's Wives for the occasion. And a dollar for jello body shots. Jeez, that's like, practically giving it away! [Winner: Shenwoo] - Log created on 13:21:43 12/21/2014 by Kula, and last modified on 00:00:56 12/22/2014. Cast: Shenwoo and Kula.

Uninvited Guests - Nightwolf and Benimaru are out on a date. Felicia interrupts, Ash interrupts. Hell, even Shen interrupts. They just can't seem to escape all of these uninvited guests. How will the two ever play kissy-face in the department store change room if they can't even take a step without everyone and their mother butting in?! (NOTE: This desc may be deliberately misleading.) - Log created on 18:52:18 12/03/2014 by Ash, and last modified on 00:27:48 12/05/2014. Cast: Shenwoo, Ash, Benimaru, Nightwolf, and Felicia.

[SNF 2014.10] SNF: Zombie Jamboree - In the middle of a zombie moshpit, Shen Woo starts throwing punches at bystanders and just so happens to catch two girls in the cross fire. Can Sada and Tabitha stand up to the happy punching meatsack that is Shen Woo?! - Log created on 22:03:54 11/02/2014 by Shenwoo, and last modified on 10:49:26 11/03/2014. Cast: Shenwoo, Sada, and Tabitha.

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