Weight:172 pounds
Blood Type:AB
Hometown:Belfast, County Antrim, N. Ireland
Eye Color:???
Hair Color:White
Hobbies:Languages, Gambling, Academics, Travel.
Favorite Food:Chocolate
Dislikes:Corruption, lazyness.
Best Sport:Golf
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


Shrewd and formal, the man known only as Oswald harbors many secrets beneath his consummate poker face. He may wear rose-colored glasses, but his view of the world is colored through experience and cynicism, not the hopeless idealism which amuses him so. Terse and soft-spoken, he might seem like a grandfather to those who aren't aware of his darker reputation. Those few who have heard of Oswald know better, though: beneath the quiet, unassuming facade beats the heart of a killer. Ruthless and determined, he makes his living as a mercenary with the reputation of leaving no task unfinished. Oswald's unorthodox fighting style centers upon his love of card games, employing a specially-designed deck of trump cards to lethal effect.

Signature Move:Queen -- PHYSICAL PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:ANALYSIS -- CLARITY

Recent Logs

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 3: Split the Difference - The Iga Clan suddenly finds itself dealing with the arrival of the NOL special forces seeking to extract Lee Chaolan from their custody. Matters only get worse when Oswald arrives on behalf of Akatsuki, another organization with its eyes on Lee. Will the heir of the Mishimas finally see his freedom, or will he simply train one cage for another? - Log created on 20:07:17 10/10/2018 by Tsubaki, and last modified on 12:09:15 10/15/2018. Cast: Oswald, Lee Chaolan, and Tsubaki.

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 2 - Pretty Fly For A White Guy - Riding the coattails of his dramatic Southtown entrance, White wants to up his credibility to the Syndicate. Taking advantage of both public and underworld connections, he's gained a clearer picture of the underpinnings of the shadowy Akatsuki-gumi. And his path has led him to one man -- Daisuke Oda, mastermind of the organization's finances. The Akatsuki's decentralized organizational structure limits how much damage any one targeted attack can do, but gaining access to one of Dahlia's top executives would certainly put a damper on her aspirations. And that's why she's enlisted the help of one of the best mercs in the business to protect him from attempts at kidnapping or assassination: Oswald! - Log created on 19:30:49 08/07/2018 by Oswald, and last modified on 21:37:01 08/07/2018. Cast: Oswald, Honoka, and White.

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 1 - Contract Negotiation - With Daniel having been broken out of imprisonment by Rei, the ex-detective is lying low in Southtown, a veritable den of enemies. A fugitive to the law, a monster to the outlaws, the shade is soon tracked down, and even sooner made to choose. NOL? Syndicate? Akatsuki? Where will the loyalties of Daniel Jack fall, and more importantly, what does the assassin Oswald want with him? Worse, what does this card-carrying professional killer know about a mysterious green-haired dame from Daniel's past, and what is her goal as Southtown falls into chaos? - Log created on 12:52:19 07/01/2018 by Daniel, and last modified on 20:18:44 07/09/2018. Cast: Oswald and Daniel.

A Matter of Trust - Leo Whitefang has a lot of work to do in making sure the new country he is in charge of gets up and running properly. The last thing he needed was a visit from the assassin simply known as Oswald. Only an exchange of words occurs for the time being as the assassin reveals some information not known to the Sacred Order and an offer is left on the table. - Log created on 19:39:29 06/16/2018 by Oswald, and last modified on 21:26:18 06/16/2018. Cast: Oswald and Leo Whitefang.

[Illyria] Illyria Finale - Final Boss Round 2 - With Kulshedra driven from Castle Illyria, the dragon has reached the Telluric Complex, where she and her minion, Saiyuki, feed upon the raw leyline energy. Before she can fully reform however, Ky Kiske and Munin manage to catch her, and force a battle. While fighting a dragon with so few numbers is challenging, especially alone, a wild card has arrived to assist the heroes: Oswald. - Log created on 23:02:56 05/26/2018 by Kulshedra, and last modified on 14:33:07 05/27/2018. Cast: Oswald, Ky Kiske, Munin, Saiyuki, and Kulshedra.

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