Full Name:Jonathan Edna Winthrope Merrick
Faction:Southtown Syndicate
Weight:195 lbs
Blood Type:AB-
Nationality:Resides in Southtown
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Hobbies:reading 'Tactical Life Magazine', Buying Tacticool Gear Online
Personal Treasures:Every issue of 'Black Belt Magazine', laminated and protected.
Favorite Food:Louis XIII Pizza
Likes:Making It Rain, Fat Stacks, Discovering Obscure Indie Blacksmiths
Dislikes:Consequences, Personal Responsibility
Best Sport:Russian Roulette
Love Interests:Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Michael C Hall
Theme Song:The Cardigans, 'My Favourite Game'


"Well that's gonna grow back wrong..."

To address the elephant in the room, yes. Merrick is descended from someone famous. Yes, there is royal blood in his veins. He probably knows what all the spoons are for. And for most of his life, he lived in terrible crippling pain as his body grew, twisted and deformed. Zen meditation and secret ninja techniques saved him from a life of misery, but nothing helped the rage inside him and the chip on his shoulder. Now he puts his skills to good use in the Syndicate, earning a living the best and bloodiest way he knows how. "To seek is to suffer. To seek nothing is bliss." But what if suffering is also bliss?

Style:Streamlined Ninjitsu
Signature Move:My Favourite Game -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RESTORE -- REGENERATE


This is a tall, lanky figure with any musculature being lean. That's the only thing that can be inferred about this character's body, because the rest of him is covered in what looks to be a lycra bodysuit. The colors vary, but most usually black with white markings and highlights here and there. The sleeves go into a pair of heavy duty 'work' gloves, while the legs of the bodysuit are tucked into a pair of rugged looking combat boots, the laces done up tightly. Around the waist is a dull 'army green' combat belt with a number of pouches, and a powerful looking studded buckle with an obvious 'S' signifying his allegiance to...someone?

    This figure is wearing a mask that is tucked into the bodysuit, or what looks to be a mix between a mask and a helmet. The thin material is stretched over what looks to be an overly pronounced skull shape, obvious cheekbones and gaunt in general, this is obviously gear that is designed to look intimidating. Combine that with the skull markings on the mask itself, and the intention is even more clear. Built into the mask are a pair of what look like welding goggles that have been repurposed and redesigned. The lenses are white and reflective.

    Finally, hanging from that belt is a fancy looking glossy black sheath for a katana, the katana itself hanging proudly. From the end of the hilt dangles a short silver chain, and from the end of that chain, a silver skull stares out menacingly into the world. The same sort of motif can be seen on elbow and kneepads, and even on his pouches. Clearly, the imagery is important to this person.

Recent Logs

A Wrong Turn In Southtown - While wandering lost along the boardwalk, Abigail happens upon an oni-masked figure who challenges him to demonstrate his strength. Unfortunately, neither man walks away impressed. - Log created on 20:55:10 04/17/2021 by Grant, and last modified on 00:49:08 04/21/2021. Cast: Grant, Abigail, and Merrick.

MC: THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT - Lotus has been drawn into an abandoned chemical plant by the promise of a lucrative assassination contract. Merrick has also been drawn into the same abandoned chemical plant with a lucrative assassination contract - against Lotus. Both have been double-crossed, whether by fate or by machinations unknown - as poisonous fumes start to fill the chamber! Only one will be able to escape... - Log created on 17:42:10 04/04/2021 by Merrick, and last modified on 11:30:41 04/06/2021. Cast: Lotus and Merrick.

Bay Area Brawlin' - IF Dennis doesn't fight giant monster Mad Gear members, how is Dennis going to get more swole??? - Log created on 19:58:46 04/01/2021 by Abigail, and last modified on 00:24:41 04/02/2021. Cast: Abigail, Dennis, and Merrick.

Southtown Shakedown - Velvet arrives as Merrick of the Syndicate moves to shakedown a club in Southtown. A brawl breaks out. - Log created on 14:10:32 03/25/2021 by Velvet Blue, and last modified on 19:39:42 03/25/2021. Cast: Velvet Blue and Merrick.

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