(last updated: 12/28/17)

The series that the game world supports is myriad. What follows is a list of all series available for adaptation and inclusion for roleplay at MotM, and unless otherwise noted, characters from any of these titles generally may be applied for and played, even if not created prior to application. These titles are organized into core series and supporting series. Core series make up the major dialogue and are largely responsible for the overall tone of the game world, while the supporting series are meant only to enhance that world, and not intrude on it.

   CORE SERIES                      SUPPORTING SERIES

    Street Fighter                   Tekken

    The King of Fighters             Rage of the Dragons

    Art of Fighting                  Darkstalkers

    Final Fight                      Dead or Alive

    Fatal Fury                       Mortal Kombat

    Rival Schools                    Killer Instinct

    Garou--Mark of the Wolves        Saturday Night Slam Masters

    BlazBlue                         Guilty Gear

Characters from other sources not listed here are not supported as standard feature characters. Again, please keep in mind that not all characters from every game are supported. Each game series has its own file, where you will be able to read more about how that title fits into the game world at large. Some titles also have a CHALLENGES file included with them, which details banned or withheld characters, and theme considerations for anyone considering adaptation of a character.