The King of Fighters

(last updated: 10/08/16)

It's a grandiose tournament rumored to be in consideration by Southtown magnate Geese Howard, as one of the major players in the organized fighting industry. The King of Fighters tournament is something of an urban myth or legend amongst fighters, billed frequently as the only event that could hold a candle to the international World Warrior tournament, hosted by the then-Emperor of Muay Thai, Sagat.

While the first mention of the King of Fighters tournament was made by Geese Howard in an obscure interview some years ago, variously several people have been rumored to be frontrunners for hosting such an event, up to and including Geese's own subordinates and near-family. Many powerful men and women watch the events from the shadows, waiting for their opportunity to take over. To give a 'tournament to end all tournaments' the kind of crushing grandeur it deserves with so many strong players interested in it already is no easy feat: Surrounding the King of Fighters is a highly politically charged atmosphere, and anyone hosting it would be taking a massive risk, but would also reap massive rewards for their ambitions.