(last updated: 12/28/17)

In every mundanity, there is the chance for the extraordinary. While society has become accustomed to watching men and women on TV capable of performing extraordinary feats such as leaping across buildings and shooting fire from their bare hands, there still exists ever-more singular peculiarities of renown. Legendary weapons exist deep beyond the reach of recorded history, while monsters and sorcerers stalk the night. These oddities are typically referred to by known science as the 'metanatural result of extraordinary physical conditioning.' Rather, this refers to the environmental effect that fighters with extreme prowess have on the world.

In the following subsections, metanatural phenomena are laid out in more detail.

The Boundary

- What is The Boundary and how does it connect to all other realms? Why is Earth such an important planet?

Metanatural Areas

- This deals with Heaven, Hell, and all of what most people would consider the multiverse.

Metanatural Forms

- Freaks, monsters, and all the other things that go bump in the night.

Metanatural Items

- What sort of weapons has history wielded?

Metanatural Rituals

- Some people call their abilities magic, or sorcery.

Metanatural Phenomena

- Gods, ghosts, dragons, and everything inbetween.

If reading this from the game itself, you may use the 'info' command to peruse the information on a given subsection.