(last updated: 12/28/17)

Having the correct fighting spirit is important. The martial arts dominates the world as we know it, and the feats that fighters can perform often cannot be explained readily by known science. Detailed herein is a list of subsections detailing, amongst other things, the attributes and properties associated with a fighter; an explanation of the limits of what fighting prowess can achieve; where each competency ends and another begins; and what a fighter may or may not be able to perform in the battlefield according to his or her individual abilities.


Fighting Ratio - The power of a person's martial art.

Fighting Feats - The unbelieveable, accomplished.

Fighting Mixed - The things that require broad skill.

Fighting Tech - The limits and capacities of the mind.

Fighting Scale - The exact measure of power.


Fighting Physical - The art of striking through the enemy.

Fighting Throw - The art of taking down the enemy.

Fighting Chi - The power of the world and nature.

Fighting Psi - The power of the self and the mind.


Fighting Soak - The steel of your body against attack.

Fighting Roll - The ability to shift, bend and flex.

Fighting Aura - The strength of the energy that is you.

Fighting Will - The solidarity of your mind.

Fighting Reflex - The speed of your mind and your body.

If reading this from the game itself, you may use the 'info' command to peruse the information on a given subsection.