The technology of the world as you know it as it starts out in 2015 is, though not highly differing from what might be expected of contemporary times, still a fast paced and highly evolving field. Megacorporations such as Ultratech and DOATEC have capitalized on their research of the fighting world and have spearheaded many initiatives to bring the biological and mechanical prowess of fighters to the fields of genetics and robotics, and it is not at all peculiar to hear rumors of or see on the news the latest cybernetics technology that is lauded to cure disease, infirmity or national security forever.

Practically and more cynically speaking, the major beneficiaries of these advances is not the public at large, but the megacorps themselves, which oftentimes parcel out these technologies at extreme price points to governments eager to address the growing surge of fighter-terrorism in their respective countries. For the most part, while robotics is a well known field, a normal citizen would be just as surprised to see a robot walking down the street as they would a vampire or werewolf. Such curiosities are often the grounds of the arena as opposed to the everyday.

However, this is not to say that mankind has not benefitted at all from the advancing technology. The medical industry in particular has received a great boon from the fighting community's frequent patronage and resources. What may be a crippling or lethal injury in a normal world can on occasion be considered salvageable and routine. With newer and more advanced forms of therapy, humans are taking even less time to fully recover from traumatic and crippling accidents than ever before, and many lives have been saved due to the industry's advances in triage and trauma care.

Overall, technology has not advanced to the state of 'flying cars and robotic maids,' but there have been several billionaires who are just shy of living the future lifestyle.