Mortal Kombat

(last updated: 12/28/17)

The world once used to be much more brutal than it is today.

There is a space between the leylines of the world, the ephemeral curtain that forms the heartbeat of the Earth. A brutal space, where no weakness is permitted and all transgressions are punishable by consignment to the pit. This barbaric space is called 'Outworld.' A hell by any other name, the tortured spirits that dwell within it have been warped beyond all measure and recognition, lorded over by a barbarian warlord whose power equals that of the gods, Shao Kahn.

Even more unsettling, some of these creatures once called men have successfully escaped. Shang Tsung, an emissary of this Outworld, is an ancient sorcerer and martial artist experienced with manipulating the leylines, one of the most infamous of Kahn's lieutenants. Escaping his spectral bonds, Shang Tsung has been sent to the corporeal world to represent Outworld's interest.

Tsung uses his powerful ritual techniques to manifest horrors and powerful allies plucked straight from that section of the leylines. The old man bides his time, looking for the key that will allow him to destabilize the balance of the leylines, positioning his master for the ultimate invasion of the Earth.. or positioning himself for his own apotheosis.

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