Faction:Gedo High
Height:160 cm (5'3")
Weight:50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type:B+
Nationality:American (Irish and Japanese heritage)
Hometown:Metro City
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Cyan
Date of Birth:February 7th
Hobbies:Skating, street art
Personal Treasures:A baseball cap her dad gave her
Favorite Food:Sushi
Likes:Going fast, hip-hop music, fighting the power
Dislikes:The Man, lame people, rainy days
Best Sport:Rollerblading
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Ellen Page
Theme Song:Zebrahead - Ready Steady Go:


"Suck it, jerk!"

Rina O'Reilly, known more commonly by the nickname 'Rocket,' is a Metro City native with a rebellious streak. Her father, Aengus, is a former Mad Gear member, currently serving time in prison after being arrested during one of mayor Haggar's rampages. As a result, she was raised by her grandmother and grandfather, the latter of whom taught her Kenpo and chi techniques for self-defense. She currently works as a courier, willing to take any package anywhere in the city, and she's rarely seen without her inline skates - especially in a fight.

Style:Kenpo-Based Street Fighting on Rollerblades
Signature Move:Orbit Breaker -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:VIGOR -- INNERVATE


Rina is a teenager who was born and raised in Metro City. Her mother, Misaki, died of complications during childbirth, leaving her father Aengus to raise her with support from Misaki's parents, Kenta and June Kobayashi, who also lived in Metro, as Aengus' parents were living in Ireland at the time. Despite the tragedy of losing her mother, Rina proved to be an exuberant young girl. She first started learning to skate at the age of three, when her grandmother June took her on a day trip to a neighbourhood roller rink. It was when describing Rina's enthusiasm later to her father that June first referred to her as a 'little rocket,' and the nickname stuck. This proved to be a favourite pastime, and each year on her birthday Rina would usually receive a new pair of skates from her grandmother. Eventually, she joined a derby team, where she acted as a jammer.

Providing for his daughter grew steadily more difficult as living conditions deteriorated in Metro, and eventually, finding himself unemployed once again, Aengus ended up falling in with Mad Gear. This proved to be a mistake when, shortly thereafter, Mad Gear kidnapped Jessica Haggar, and despite mostly attempting to keep his head down, Aengus ended up in prison, taking the fall for a number of drug and assault charges.

In the aftermath, the young Rina moved in with her mother's parents, who became her legal guardians. Having her only parent arrested left the girl bitter. In her view, her father didn't deserve the long prison sentence he had received - after all, he was only trying to make a living - but at the same time, she viewed him as something of a coward for letting Mad Gear tell him what to do. She ended up resenting both Haggar and his crew and Mad Gear.

Living in the slums with her grandparents proved to be rough, especially for a girl with Rina's still-adventurous spirit coupled with a growing anger. While she was close to her grandmother, her relationship with her grandfather was somewhat strained; first, because he saw her as undisciplined - she broke curfew regularly and was developping a potty mouth - and secondly, because he harboured some resentment over the fact that his daughter had died giving birth to her. Rina knew that her grandfather was a practicioner of Kenpo and even knew some cool tricks (he had demonstrated the ability to produce a small chi flame to her before), but he refused to teach her either on the grounds that she would either use it to pick fights or burn their house down.

Kenta's attitude softened when Rina proved unable to outrun the consequences of her mouth one evening, resulting in her coming home bloodied and bruised after getting into a fight with one of the local gangs for tagging on their turf. On the condition that she only use what he taught her in self-defense, he began instructing her in Kenpo. While lacking in discipline, she had a natural talent and speed that allowed her to learn the basics quickly. With a great deal of pressure, Rina even managed to convince him to teach her how to harness the power of chi. Unfortunately, while she seemed to have a natural affinity for power, she had a lack of control, and in an odd manifestation, her chi flames created a powerful back-thrust when used, as if igniting a rocket or firing a cannon.

Rina decided to compensate for this issue by adapting her style to the use of roller blades. She used them almost constantly, especially since she'd started part time work as a courier. With some effort and practice she was able to adapt some of her Kenpo techniques to the use of roller blades, and while projecting chi while on rollerblades still caused propulsion, she was able to better maintain her balance.

Currently at the age of eighteen, with few prospects in the way of post-secondary education, Rina is looking to set out on her own. She has entertained the idea of becoming a tournament fighter - after all, some of them are pretty rich, right? - but has yet to participate in a sanctioned fight.

Recent Logs

[SNF 2016.05] SNF: Jet Bowl! Rocket vs Rust - Falconwing Laboratories had two test subjects. One scored far greater than anyone they ever had prior. Another... did not. Foisting off the latter to a competing brand, the top-class skater Rina "Rocket" O'Reilly gets to play with a potentially dangerous prototype. Her opponent... the aging ninja has-been, Howard Rust Jr., who may or may not stand to completely embarrass the rival company K6-RADICOOL as the two fight in the JET BOWL. A decades-long ceasefire stands to be broken, and a blood feud to start anew that could yet add urgency to the need to skate, lest one suffer more dire consequences... maybe. (WINNER: Rocket) - Log created on 16:31:05 04/30/2016 by Rust, and last modified on 20:16:48 05/02/2016. Cast: Rocket and Rust.

[SNF 2015.01] SNF: The Underground - It's called the Black Lotus. One of the most discerning nightclubs on the sea today, the Illustrious and its award-winning mostly-female staff, "Sheer Brilliance," are on call to provide whatever you need, whenever you need it, at any time. It can be a little hard to get away from the excessive but cavalier and seductive friendliness of the wait staff, but in the Black Lotus, it's almost too easy to get lost period. In the midst of the pulsing neon lights, a small battle's been arranged between two women not at all unfamiliar with the underground mentality; TABITHA COREN and RINA REILLY, both of whom have history on the mean streets of Metro City. Only time will tell if either has anything to teach the other about living life on the edge. - Log created on 16:05:56 02/04/2015 by Tabitha, and last modified on 01:20:09 02/05/2015. Cast: Rocket and Tabitha.

[Trouble in Paradise] TIP - Week 1 - Flying Tigers vs Mt. Fuji Curios - In a questionable gimmick match, two brutal men of battle are partnered with rival skaters for a fight in which somebody attempted to create a Roller Disco theme. Sagat participates because he's been promised a fight against Ryu, and when the wrong Ryu shows up, the fun doesn't last long. Disco (and everybody else) is dead. - Log created on 15:37:57 02/01/2015 by Ryu Hayabusa, and last modified on 12:00:20 02/04/2015. Cast: Sagat, Rocket, Scratch, and Ryu Hayabusa.

[IHST] Inter-High School Tournament: Daigo vs Athena - Rising Phoenix of Justice High faces off against the Phoenix of Iron of Gedo High at the humble school's very own dojo. [Winner: Daigo] - Log created on 11:54:47 01/10/2015 by Athena, and last modified on 23:41:36 01/10/2015. Cast: Honoka, Athena, Daigo, and Rocket.

A Mimi-Rocket Reunion - On a winter's day, Mimiru and Rocket are reunited by a chance encounter at a soup stand in the Southtown Village Mall. They talk about school, parents, tubes, and most importantly, nunchucks. By the end of it, Rocket has an official fighting mentor. - Log created on 16:06:59 01/09/2015 by Rocket, and last modified on 16:03:20 01/14/2015. Cast: Mimiru and Rocket.

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