Full Name:Okuno Hideki
Faction:Southtown Syndicate
Height:5'8" (173 cm)
Weight:165 lb. (75 kg)
Blood Type:B
Hometown:Tokyo, Japan
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Hobbies:Motorcycle Riding And Repair, Slot Car Racing, Darts, Karaoke
Personal Treasures:His Old Bike
Favorite Food:Gyudon and Beer
Likes:Cars, Women, Money, Alcohol, Clubbing, Drugs, Violence, Loyalty, Prestige
Dislikes:Cowardice, Being Talked Down To, Backtalk, Cops
Best Sport:Baseball
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:Intelligence For Violence - Yakuza Kiwami


Most thugs never rise beyond their status - but a scant few show the spark of a potential warrior. Like most Yakuza, Okuno was recruited by a powerful clan in his youth and has been a loyal enforcer for years. When his clan was absorbed by the Southtown Syndicate, he begrudgingly followed. His short temper and violent tendencies make him perfect as an enforcer, with just enough street smarts to run small rackets. He enjoys the materialistic fruits of his illicit labor: clubs, drugs, liquor, women. But his crass exterior belies strong feelings of inferiority and a sense that he is a small fry in the larger picture. To combat this, he has recently taken up the Burmese form of kickboxing, lethwei - making use of his unusually hard cranium for vicious headbutts, earning him the moniker 'Iron Head Okuno' among his peers.

Signature Move:Gatling Headbutt -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RUSH -- BLITZ

Recent Logs

Stakes - In the aftermath of his meeting with Kain, Okuno finds himself in a struggle that only grows more and more uphill, and casts in stark relief the stakes of the prestige he seeks, and the world in which he seeks it... as well as a further message regarding the nature and application of power. (Minion Emits by Kain) - Log created on 21:53:44 07/05/2019 by Kain, and last modified on 00:23:39 07/11/2019. Cast: Kain and Okuno.

The Quality of Strength - A street-level enforcer with ambition and insecurity has a drink with the Syndicate boss who embodies his definition of power. - Log created on 17:50:34 06/28/2019 by Kain, and last modified on 05:40:24 06/29/2019. Cast: Kain and Okuno.

Late Night Visitors - Yet another interested party decides to pay Salem a visit in her new apartment after her last one was destroyed. Okuno is ready to fight and Salem is tired of having to deal with home invasions. - Log created on 20:56:02 06/11/2019 by Salem, and last modified on 20:55:58 06/12/2019. Cast: Okuno and Salem.

KOF: A Syndicate Broken - A shipment of Cruggs seems so innocent. After all, the unholy union of Crocs and Uggs is a somewhat niche item. And yet, the limited run is a prize for the King of Fighters... and more importantly, it is in holding by the Southtown Syndicate. As the leadership audits what it means and who is holding the cargo, Okuno is sent to investigate a Syndicate warehouse that holds several cargo containers of the terrible shoewear. However, a personal meeting at the same site from Geese reveals a rift within the Syndicate, as one of its leaders is suspected of treachery. - Log created on 19:49:47 06/07/2019 by Geese, and last modified on 23:11:50 06/07/2019. Cast: Geese and Okuno.

SNF: Year of the Pig - Okuno is an up and comer in the Southtown Syndicate. Koto is a self-styled superhero, alias Mega Dragon Fighter J-Dragon. Both are hungry to make a name for themselves, so the SNF Committee has brought them together to showcase their strength and fortitude in a first-time ever Dan Dan Damage match. In order to win the match, each competitor must down at least one of the many bowls of volcano-hot noodles surrounding the fighting stage; even a knockout victory won't count, otherwise! Sharing nothing more than a desire to excel, a thug and a hero clash to decide which of them is brave enough to overcome adversity in all its forms! - Log created on 20:56:17 02/19/2019 by Okuno, and last modified on 11:26:39 02/25/2019. Cast: Okuno and Koto.

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