Neo League 151

#156: Kyo vs Sakura - Sakura Kasugano has jumped into the first place of the Neo League! And Kyo Kusanagi mercilessly wrests the title from the girl's grasp. What a nice guy! (Winner: Kyo) - created on 16:11:17 01/20/2006 by Sakura and last modified on 18:10:10 01/22/2006.

#151: Kensou vs Megumi - A rematch a long time coming, under Metro Bridge! Unfortunately for Kensou, it looks like he left his 'A' game in Russia! (Winner: Megumi) - created on 16:43:22 01/20/2006 by Kensou and last modified on 20:55:01 01/21/2006.

#152: Frei vs Yuri - Yuri Sakazaki utterly destroys Frei in every possible way. (Winner: Yuri) - created on 07:05:43 01/21/2006 by Frei and last modified on 20:56:17 01/21/2006.

#153: Heavy D! vs Adelheid - Chili Peppers, there is one hell of a fight between D! and the emo-ly dressed Adel! (Winner: Heavy D!) - created on 14:14:32 01/21/2006 by HeavyD and last modified on 02:56:35 01/31/2006.

#154: Hotaru vs Hinata - Hinata and Hotaru rematch in the glitzy casinos of Vegas! But Hinata gets Hotaru's number this time. (Winner: Hinata) - created on 14:37:30 01/21/2006 by Hotaru and last modified on 17:57:49 01/22/2006.

#157: Adelheid vs Mimiru - Youngest fighter in the Neo League, versus the newcomer to the Neo League. How far will Mimiru's spirit carry her? (Winner: Adelheid) - created on 10:16:58 01/22/2006 by Mimiru and last modified on 08:41:02 01/28/2006.

#159: Alma vs Talia - Talia shoots, she scores! (Winner: Talia) - created on 14:23:01 01/22/2006 by Talia and last modified on 19:37:31 01/22/2006.

#160: Xiangfei vs Shinobu - It's a rematch of rematches in China! Good ol' China. LiX starts off strong, and Shinobu makes an astonishing comeback, but.. (Winner: Xiangfei) - created on 16:15:16 01/22/2006 by Xiangfei and last modified on 04:29:37 01/28/2006.

#158: Hinako vs Yuri - Sumo Battle! Hinako and Yuri duke it out in the White Arena to see whose technique is stronger! (Winner: Yuri) - created on 16:16:20 01/22/2006 by Hinako and last modified on 09:38:06 01/26/2006.

#161: Kim vs Dhalsim - The ultra-flexible yogi clashes with the ultra-jumpy Korean on a warehouse roof! An epic clash! Will Kim become a shishkabob of doom or will Dhalsim feel the holy might of Kim's Justice Kicks?! And just HOW DOES DHALSIM STRETCH SO FAR?! One of these things and no more than that revealed /right here/! (Winner: Kim) - created on 15:41:54 01/23/2006 by Kim and last modified on 19:00:00 02/07/2006.

#162: Acacia vs Yuri - Takuma gives Yuri a new training mission: a League fight! So Yuri wanders into Gedo High, and challenges Acacia. Who beats her up very quickly. It's not Acacia's fault, though - she was in a rush. She had to go for class. (Winner: Acacia) - created on 11:51:46 01/24/2006 by Acacia and last modified on 04:25:45 01/25/2006.

#163: Sakura vs Xiangfei - Sakura and Xiangfei fight AGAIN for the FIRST TIME in Osaka, yo. Xiangfei gives it her all as always, and Sakura is just IN THE ZONE. It's.. It's just crazy! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 15:35:32 01/25/2006 by Xiangfei and last modified on 04:31:51 01/28/2006.

#164: Adelheid vs Sakura - Sakura and the man known only as 'Adel' show down in the Taiyo Dome! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 13:24:32 01/26/2006 by Sakura and last modified on 18:01:21 01/26/2006.

#165: Kim vs Dan - Behold, the might of the Saikyo-ryuu!! Justice clashes with the most original of original and not copied fighting styles ever! A match of glory, but WHO WILL WIN?!?! (Winner: Kim) - created on 13:48:31 01/26/2006 by Kim and last modified on 18:02:47 02/09/2006.

#166: Dan vs Frei - Fighting Frei on a Korean farm, Dan establishes a hierarchy: his feet > Frei's face, but Frei's chi > 8x10 glossies. (Winner: Frei) - created on 17:07:56 01/26/2006 by Frei and last modified on 14:35:30 01/27/2006.

#167: Makoto vs Adelheid - The mysterious fighter Adel faces another young girl -- though he'll find this one packs a much more powerful punch. It's a close fight, but Adel edges out in the end. (Winner: Adelheid) - created on 14:07:13 01/27/2006 by Adelheid and last modified on 17:56:16 01/27/2006.

#168: Shenwoo vs Xiangfei - The God of Battle versus the Heavenly Hip-Hop Honey? Oh it's ON NOW, BABY, believe that! The airports of Germany will never be the same.... (Winner: Shenwoo) - created on 16:23:10 01/27/2006 by Xiangfei and last modified on 09:16:57 02/25/2007.

#169: Alma vs Yuri - Alma and Yuri duke it out at the Taiyo High Battledome, with nobody less than Takuma and Frei providing background commentary, popcorn, and that scary mask. It might've gone either way, but with a good early start, Alma nurtures his battle momentum... and dominates. (Winner: Alma) - created on 21:03:59 01/27/2006 by Alma and last modified on 04:34:14 01/28/2006.

#171: Hotaru vs Hinako - Team Awesome! teammates meet, and fight, for the first time in Seijyun's Flower Garden. (Winner: Hinako) - created on 18:12:06 01/30/2006 by Hotaru and last modified on 07:10:03 02/05/2006.

#172: Shinobu vs Kensou - Another rematch for Kensou; this time, he fights Shinobu on a slow boat in China! Wackiness ensues. (Draw Match) - created on 18:28:58 01/31/2006 by Kensou and last modified on 08:57:06 02/02/2006.

#173: Alma vs Kensou - It's time for Alma and Kensou's third epic battle, and their first official one! Will Kensou's superior fighting ability and psychic power win out? Or will Alma's incredible luck against the Psycho Soldier -- and his hopes for a brighter future by impressing Xiangfei -- give him the edge he needs? With none other than Mr. Karate announcing from the sidelines, this fight is a nailbiter, but the winner by a hair is... (Winner: Alma) - created on 18:41:07 02/01/2006 by Alma and last modified on 08:57:22 02/02/2006.

#174: Vyle vs Riko - Vyle gets a live demonstration of the latest ninja technology! (Winner: Vyle) - created on 14:03:50 02/02/2006 by Riko and last modified on 12:10:04 02/05/2006.

#175: Alma vs Ramon - Hiten-Ryu versus Lucha Libre in the subway system! Includes: Alma standing on the ceiling, Ramon Toughing Out a geyser of Psycho Power with his face, Alma getting run over by a subway train, Ramon Toughing Out a geyser of Psycho Power with his face, and... did I mention the face thing? (Winner: Alma) - created on 20:27:05 02/02/2006 by Alma and last modified on 07:02:35 02/05/2006.

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