Neo League 892

#892: Eagle vs Rock - Neo League! Rock and Eagle start off the new season with a match in front of a newly-opened nightclub. Will it be bouncer or bouncee who wins the day? (Winner: Rock) - created on 20:37:50 02/26/2010 by Rock and last modified on 06:04:19 02/28/2010. Cast: Rock and Eagle.

#893: Nahid vs Jayden - Jayden and Nahid go and brawl in a beautiful canyon. Neither of them care about the natural beauty of it. Young people are so crude these days. (League Fight - Winner: Jayden) - created on 16:47:32 02/28/2010 by Nahid and last modified on 00:41:32 03/05/2010. Cast: Jayden and Nahid.

#894: Viola vs Kaida - At Le Petit Chien Cafe in Southtown, League regular Kaida faces off against a newcomer to the professional fighting scene who is looking to start things off with a literal bang. It's Gun X Sword only without the animated series or the robots! (Winner: Viola) - created on 23:02:55 03/04/2010 by Viola and last modified on 22:08:14 03/08/2010. Cast: Kaida and Viola.

#895: Nahid vs Daniel - League Fight: Nahid versus Daniel on some rooftops. Come for the foreign food, stay for watching two Americans fight in Croatia for some godforsaken reason. (Winner: NOBODY) - created on 15:48:55 03/06/2010 by Nahid and last modified on 22:11:41 03/08/2010. Cast: Daniel and Nahid.

#898: Angel vs Sakura - During this fantastic Neo-League fight, Sakura is thrown headfirst into a see-ment fountain! Angel is punched so hard in the ass that she has to apply for unemployment! GUESS WHO WINS (Hint: Sakura) - created on 18:04:27 03/07/2010 by Angel and last modified on 19:33:15 03/11/2010. Cast: Angel and Sakura.

#896: Eagle vs Maki - The Neo League goes where it wants... but sometimes the people who overlook the places Neo League goes aren't keen on certain things being done. The courtyard of a historic castle in Transylvania is the site of a battle between bouncy tonfa-wielder Maki and the classy stylings of Eagle. Even in the wake of a one-sided beginning, the show must go on... and does, to a long and drawn-out finish. (WINNER: Maki) - created on 18:06:41 03/09/2010 by Eagle and last modified on 22:07:35 03/09/2010. Cast: Eagle and Maki.

#897: Alma vs Ingrid - An unexpected reunion amidst all the glory of Rio fashion: Angel and Goddess, knight and princess, meet in a contest to crown this unusual show at the Theatro Municipal. Yurika Kirishima may regret coming all the way to Brazil to see what is not, in fact, an opera at all -- but neither Alma nor Ingrid will regret that fate has brought them together once again. The audience, for their part, regrets nothing. For when two spirits of such radiance collide-- what can one expect but an exceeding of the limits of passion? (Winner: Alma) - created on 21:16:35 03/09/2010 by Alma and last modified on 13:20:42 03/11/2010. Cast: Alma and Ingrid.

#899: Kaida vs Wing - Cabaret Candide /was/ an upscale joint-- and then they booked two vengeful underage girls in a burlesque fight. Inappropriate outfits are worn, inapproriate words are said, weapons are used in inappropriate ways, and an extremely inappropriate audience, in the end, finally gets what they deserve. When all is said and done, though, it's made all too clear just who wears the pants in this relationship. Awkward? She'd never notice. (Winner: Wing) - created on 20:25:32 03/11/2010 by Wing and last modified on 15:53:05 03/15/2010. Cast: Wing and Kaida.

#900: Yuri vs Chang - The small, spunky, and strong-hearted Yuri Sakazaki goes into the League for her first fight of the new season, up aganst the huge and ugly Chang Koehan! Will might make right, or will Yuri find herself flattened by Chang? (Winner: Chang) - created on 14:50:35 03/15/2010 by Yuri and last modified on 15:53:56 03/15/2010.

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