Neo League 892 - #899: Kaida vs Wing

Description: Cabaret Candide /was/ an upscale joint-- and then they booked two vengeful underage girls in a burlesque fight. Inappropriate outfits are worn, inapproriate words are said, weapons are used in inappropriate ways, and an extremely inappropriate audience, in the end, finally gets what they deserve. When all is said and done, though, it's made all too clear just who wears the pants in this relationship. Awkward? She'd never notice. (Winner: Wing)

Shika arrives from elsewhere.

In this classiest and most refined of establishments, known for it's well orchestrated and choreographed entertainment, the best performers in Metro City can be found dancing to the swing of upbeat music. Though enticing the women here are always decent, putting on exciting but classy shows for people of all ages. Not a single time has there been a report of any kind of misconduct or inappropriate behavior or attire, allowing the Cabaret Candide the most spotless record of any establishment in the tri-state area. Seriously, even the opera house has a more tarnished name than this place.

And that record, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why today's entertainment is allowed to include two scantily clad underage women to try and beat the stuffing out of each other in front of a live audience. Though the match was scheduled on a moments notice the building is already filled to the maximum occupancy the fire code will allow, the doors all but sealed shut so that absolutely nothing can be go wrong and incite an infraction. After a half hour of rousing the crowd the main event is finally about to start, a lovely mocha skinned woman in an old fashioned blue bunnysuit calling the crowd to attention.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. You are here today for a most magnificent performance, a once in a lifetime event between two beautiful contenders in the Neo League!" A cheer goes up and quickly dies down, the lights lowering as a pair of spotlights swirl and focus on her saucily bouncing form, "First up, fighting out of the Red Corner is your scarlet sensation, Kaida Inoue!"

A single one of the spotlights veer off, whirling around before finally shooting in towards one side of the stage, illuminating a vision of green, red, and black. The beautiful young woman who stands in an uncomfortably confident pose in the center of the spotlight has her dark green hair piled into an elegant updo, an expensive looking onyx headpiece keeping the meticulous coils in place. Her neck and shoulders remain entirely bare, what can only just escape definition as a corset wrapping around her body and showing off as much cleavage as can be safely(but far less than legally), shown. The little number is a deep crimson to match her hair, with black lacing along top and down the center of her stomach, a pair of bands made of that material connecting to her upper arms to help it masquerade as a dress. At her hips a gauzy black puff of fabric can be found connected, clearly scandalous if the dress did not prove to be leotard in nature. Down her long thighs a pair of stockings soon begin, painting her legs black before dropping into a pair of matching over the calf boots with three inch stiletto heels. Her scabbards are stuffed one down each stocking, as if to emulate an oversized dagger in the boot.

Completely off her game, Kaida strides towards the center of the stage with a single hand on her hip, her exquisitely trained balance the only thing keeping her from falling flat on her face, the stoic look upon her face giving her a look of haughty pride she doesn't feel.

Concessions were made.
"You want me to /what/!?"
Competitive fighting is lucrative, and Wing Xiaoping is in need of-- lucre. But she is Queen of the Streets, not Queen of the Streetwalkers, and to her this is a less fine distinction than her many adversaries would have you believe. Well, alright-- she doesn't have that many adversaries (except perhaps in her mind). Ever since that giant terrifying bear of a principal made her buckle down and stop shaking elementary schoolchildren upside-down for their lunch money -- the obnoxious cackling kept giving her away -- Wing has been on the down-low. But being a gangster isn't what you do. It's what you /are/. And what Wing is-- well, what she is is about to make her one more adversary.
"Honey, it's for your own good."
And although she'd never admit it--
"Yeah, twist your dick into a boomerang and fuck yourself with it!"
He is a formidable foe indeed.
The flagrantly homosexual man she is glowering up at is completely unruffled by her outraged cries and unintimidated by her tiny balled fists, gazing at her with cool eyes that have seen it all, and much better. She won't be able to endure. She'll cave soon enough. And when she does, he'll be ready.
"You... really think I have a nice figure?"
Wing gazes sidelong in the mirror, flushing slightly, unusually flustered.
"Uh... sure. But perhaps one... finishing touch."
He holds a shadowy object aloft.
"Oh no you--"
** NOW **
Oh yes, he did.
"And in the Blue Corner--"
A radiant young Chinese girl, muttering inaudibly to herself, steps forward into the light, self-consciously adjusting something in the general vicinity of her torso. Her long hair, no longer bundled and obscured by the hoodie she wore in, pools back in luxurious waves, and slim arms eternally tensed with rage manage to appear feminine when fully bared. What she wears is a tribute to the Liza Minnelli of the original cabaret, and in the genius of the one who dressed her, it is perhaps the only outfit one of Wing's bearing could make work: a black bowler hat, that tantalizingly transgressive accessory she secretly (and foolishly) is wondering if she could pull off on a more regular basis, crowns an ensemble in green, a glittering white collar fastening up what can only be described by an amateur in these matters as some cross between a minidress and a leotard, cut low and sheathing her body and the tops of her thighs, long green stockings taking over around the knee area to lead into character shoes.
"--the Emerald Empress, Wing Xiaoping!"

She perks up a little bit at that-- and at the roar of the crowd.
And suddenly the momentarily self-conscious girl is sauntering, grinning and tipping her hat at the a little too appreciative crowd, as her ever-present insecurity is pre-empted, as usual, by her overwhelming ego. "Yeah, I'm hot," she says casually, which is something she actually believes, as she approaches her adversary, whom she appraises with a cool eye.
Ugh, she's got--
"Another damn cow..."
But wait, that's right-- suddenly, Wing's briefly dour expression brightens again, and seemingly without being aware of it, she reaches up to adjust the top of her outfit again. That's right-- it doesn't matter tonight.
The man was right. Wing's figure sure is nice.
And nobody in this room knows the difference...
"Good idea," she says, sounding friendly enough as she gestures toward the scabbards strapped to Kaida's stockings. "You're going to need those to hold yourself up after I punch your face in."
Her blood is already hot. She's grinning hugely. It's been too long.
And then the beautiful announcer: "Ladies-- begin!"
The crowd roars its very inappropriate appreciation, and Wing begins dancing in place, clearly no longer able to contain herself, yet demonstrating a surprising unconscious grace in her movements, having little trouble balancing herself on her shoes (which are admittedly not quite so nefarious as Kaida's). "Oooh, I hope you're a masochist," she continues darkly, beginning to shadowbox in sudden flurries. "That'll make this easier for both of us." And then the shadowboxing gets too close for comfort, Wing abruptly lunging in with a malicious cackle and a blur of fists-- still none of which reach her foe. But they might startle or unbalance her, and in doing so, the faint afterimages that they leave, emerging from Wing's latent overcharged chi, will lash out at a farther range, aiming to impact while Wing continues to bob and weave.

COMBATSYS: Wing has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Wing             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kaida has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Wing             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Kaida

COMBATSYS: Kaida endures Wing's Shadowboxin'.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Wing             0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0            Kaida

The Emerald Empress? Despite herself, Kaida can't help but feel a twinge of intimidation. She is, after all, merely a scarlet sensation- it's not even proper noun!

Her eyes peer through the darkness as the spotlight moves, the woman getting flashes of green and little more. Classy. Elegant. Magnificent. How can she hope to compare? Dread fills her.

And then she steps forward, the scintillating form of young martial genius appearing before her in classic attire.
Kaida is struck dumb, staring at her form. Her tiny, adorable form.
Thank god eyes aren't on her at the moment- she nearly chokes.
The lips on that stoic face curl up immediately and then go straw straight, a slight cough inaudible over the applause and cheering of the crowd.

There can be no other explanation for it- the green haired swordfighter is awestruck, unable to move or react as Wing declares what all the world should surely now know- that she is sizzling.

Wait a second, did she just get called a cow?
This snaps her partially back to reality, her statue stiff posture loosening the slightest amount as she regains her senses, her hand dropping from her hip. Nah- couldn't be. Trick of the acoustics in here.

Even so Kaida can't help keep her narrow eyed focus upon Wing, watching her as a hawk would it's prey as the Emerald Empress begins to dance and move in perfect, exquisite form.
It's as if Kaida has her own private cabaret, for a moment.

This lovely illusion contuinues, the swordswoman barely keeping her composure and straight face, right up until she detects a change in the air.
And that cackle, she can't possibly remain entranced through that.

Instantly she realizes something is afoot, her arms lifting up with a sword in each hand and staving of-

Oh. Oh dear. She never did draw her swords, did she?

The expression on Kaida's face suddenly transforms into the mutable combination of 'Aw, shit,' and 'Hmm, curious.'
Her stance widens instantly, and she almost loses her footing as the first of the shadowfists slams into her, the chi percussing against her and battering her.

But Kaida, she does not fall. Nor does she move even an inch back as she's assaulted, her arms slowly but surely crossing her body as she's battered, a hand surrounding each hilt. And then she strikes, with deadly precision. The bokken cross forward the moment they are unsheathed, giving the momentary impression of Iaido swordplay that is immediately dissolved when the wooden weapons repeat their movements in succession, Kaida's body twisting to and fro, sending her frilly skirt dancing at the movement of her hips as she bludgeons upon Wing.

Again she coughs, nearly choking, managing to mix her voice in to make it sound like a hoarse battlecry.

Oh god.
Wing is.

COMBATSYS: Wing endures Kaida's Blade Flurry.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Wing             0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0            Kaida

Wing is not a very empathetic person save in one particular respect:
"What're YOU smirking about!? You-- ho-kken wielding-- /ho/nin!"
The detection of possible insult.
Kaida's face is very straight indeed. Truly, she has done an admirable job. No one else would notice. But Wing, with her potent combination of outrageous hubris and manic paranoia, is so good at detecting mockery -- or any form of disrespect whatsoever -- she even detects it when it's not there.
Screaming wildly, Wing shows no trace of fear in the face of the heavy bludgeoning blades, plunging in with all the swiftness her slinky outfit and awkward shoes allow. The crowd roars its approval as the swordswoman brings down her weapons-- only for them to glance, with a frankly disturbing sound of complete solidity, off of Wing's forehead. Her mighty, mighty forehead, mercifully somewhat enhanced by her volumnous hairstyle.
"I'm gonna gag you with your own shoes!!"
Perhaps tempting, since at least then Kaida will be able to remove them, but less appealing is the incredible storm of energy that seems to be gathering within Wing's diminutive frame, a little too close for comfort as well. The oppressive feeling that arises will certainly offer some warning, but it may not be warning enough-- for all at once Wing's tremulous fist will thrust forward and unleash a terrifying blast of wind, the announcer's dress whipping about as she flees with a streak, dust and flouncy discarded accessories gathering up in the gale as the physical impact of Wing's repressed chi, transferred directly into the air rather than her opponent, aims to blast Kaida sky-high.

COMBATSYS: Kaida blocks Wing's Dragonforce.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Wing             0/-------/-----==|====---\-------\0            Kaida

At this point the fight is all but lost for Kaida. Really, she's finished. She hasn't drawn a single steady breath since Wing made her appearance, and she's starting to feel a bit fuzzy around the edges.

There is, in truth, almost nothing that she can do to stop this inexorable reaction inside herself. Try as she might, pride of composure is winning the battle against amusement, and if things go as they are she's going to choke herself out in moments.

And then she's called a 'ho.
Wing provides for her ruby hued opponent, the only sure cure to her condition, the insult coming as a slap across the cheek.

"What?!" Oh, now that's just going too far.

Her swords swing with even greater ferocity as Wing charges in, the weapon ricocheting off her body as if it were made of marble. Having rather hoped it would lay the tiny thing out for a transgression such as that, Kaida can only huff in indignation, which suits her current garb quite well, as she comes in for the kill.

Feeling once more that buildup of energy, the green haired fighter(not to be confused with the green dressed fighter), pulls her swords to her sides and prepares to intercept the oncoming blast. Except, much to her surprise it is not a blast of energy that comes at all, but rather a gale force wind that whips against her body, the swordfighter doing everything she can to hold steady, being steadily and surely forced back by the sheer strength of it, her heels making an ungodly screech that would no doubt send hands flying to ears if it could be heard over the din of the storm.

And what hurts most of all, in this intrepid assault, is not the wind howling around her exposed arms and legs, but the wind tearing at her -hair- and the ornament atop it, which would no doubt have come out if it hadn't been wedged in as tight as sardines in a can. Her face ashen after the attack, and she forcibly calms herself, red painted firmly on her cheeks once color returns.

"You're not an elegant little Empress at all," she states coldly. "You're tiny trollop!" Kaida, still ruffled by the winds a great deal, strides forward twice and aims two fast swats with the flat of her swords, one aimed at each cheek.

COMBATSYS: Wing blocks Kaida's Weapon Jab.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Wing             0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0            Kaida

'Too' and 'far': words Wing never uses in conjunction.
"Ah ha ha ha ha!"
Wing is pointing and chortling most mirthfully at Kaida's current state of deshabille, enjoying it almost as much as the audience, disturbingly, is, until she sees how her opponent's indignant huffing complements what her outfit is designed to display. Immediately, Wing is pissed off all over again, her face reverting to its mask of wide-eyed intensity.
Just in time, it turns out, for Kaida's jibes-- and jabs.
"Shut up! I know what a trollop is!" she exclaims, eyes briefly darting from side to side before resuming their fixed aggression. "And I don't like it!"
By all accounts, she does not like these cheek-slaps either. With darting speed she raises her forearms, snarling as she parries each, her reflexes -- and her solidity on her feet, in these shoes no less -- impressive.
"An Empress don't need to be elegant."
Forearms still upraised, Wing displays a feral grin, eyes eerily intent.
"She just needs... an EMPIRE!!"
Screaming that out as though it were a kiai, she suddenly throws all her meager weight and not-insignificant power and technique into a vicious snap kick to Kaida's more-or-less-covered midsection, aiming to stun her more ladylike -- at least for the moment -- opponent and double her over briefly. Whereupon, if successful, Wing will grab onto that tightly-bound hair of hers and pull like she means to tear it out -- a wig, perhaps, to match her dress -- as she howls in endless fury and launches a blazingly fast knee strike to further the punishment.
Not the kind of 'conquest' their audience might recognize, but--
No one seems to be complaining.

COMBATSYS: Kaida interrupts Light Kick from Wing with Unstoppable Blow - Crescent Slash.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Wing             1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1            Kaida

Wing says, "I'm the empress here, I make those rules."

How could she have ever thought this girl was cute?!
Okay, it's not that hard to see how. She was looking at the sweet, candy coated outside, not the fetid, stinking interior!

"Good!" Comes the quick response as her swords are parried away rather than making contact against those pinchable cheeks. Her guard comes back up the moment it's obvious Wing's defenses are solid, the weapons held at an angle to each other in each hand, her face fearsome save for the cold look in her eyes.

She steps back as Wing screams and attacks, using the advantaged reach of her legs to back just enough out of the range of the kick so that it can't make full contact.
"Oof!" Still, it's extremely potent, and she finds herself bending over involuntarily, her lungs gasping once more for breath. As she sees the follow up attack coming, a wave of shock rolls through her.

Oh, hell no. She isn't going for the hair is she? That- that is it, right there!

In a sudden fury she slams her second sword into place, into the sheath poorly hidden in her stocking, using her doubled over posture as an advantage, secretly pulling her sword back in a double handed grip. "Conquer this, you pint-sized hussy!"

The sword blazes to life with a shining white light, leaving a streak through the air as it arcs in to cut across Wing's body, "Unstoppable Blow - Crescent Slash!" The strength of it is enough to send the street punk flying across the stage away from her, the aura slowly burning away from the tightly gripped sword.

It's only a moment later, after a tightly held breath is exhaled, that the searing pain is noticed.
"My hair!" The ornament lays futilely on the ground, along with a few scant strands of green, that which remains on her head suddenly unraveling in a most unappealing fashion.

Now, it is on.

Worst. Conquest. Ever.
Wing's squeal is unprecedentedly girlish as she is flung away from her ferocious infighting attempt, a few trace green hairs all that is left on her fingertips as she slams against the ground, arms and legs akimbo. Fortunately, her outfit is as much leotard as it is minidress. Unfortunately, the crowd is roaring just as much as before, if not more. This is something Wing cannot tolerate. People cannot be cheering for fighters other than herself.
Also, she just got called a hussy.
Which is apparently less important to her.
"I'm as big as I need to be!" she exclaims, face now as flushed as her adversary, unconsciously adjusting her top again as she says so, even as she scrambles to her feet. "Unlike you, you-- you mammoth! I'll plant you on that fat ass!"
Wing howls this as she charges, the undignified empress plunging forward heedlessly into range of Kaida's blunt swords, her somehow unmarked forehead aimed forward as though to catch any more preemptive blows. As a matter of fact, the gesture is far from defensive, and that deception may give her the edge she needs: a decidedly un-Liuhe Quan assault, a furious headbutt to Kaida's face, aiming right in the middle of the mess that has been made of her hair.
Sheer intensity shrouds her bull-like leap in a faint glamor of golden chi.
"You BLOW!" she screams as she attacks.

COMBATSYS: Kaida dodges Wing's Taiga Style.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Wing             0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0            Kaida

Seeing Wing launched away and landing as she does, Kaida almost feels sorry for her.


But after their exchange of words(she really did call Kaida cow earlier, didn't she?!)- there is no pity left inside of her for the Chinese girl. It's with a smug look of superiority that she smirks when her foe recognizes the worse of the two accusations laid against her, looking quite haughty save for the utter mess that her hair has become.

"Girl, there are people who can make due without size. And you? You don't have enough to back up your oversized mouth!" Though she ignores the earlier retort her cheeks color brightly from embarrassment. Her ass is not fat! It's damn well toned from hours of strenuous workout. But despite knowing it for a fact she can't help but feel the cut of those words from that girl who wastes her natural dainty charm on her streetwise crudity. There ought to be a law.

Wing charges in at her, aiming to use her formidable forehead from the looks of things, an impact Kaida is not excited to experience, remembering how her sword literally bounced off that overly thick skull. She puts up a fine show of defense, angling her sword in front of her, and veers off before the impact, twisting away like a bullfighter, her sword as the cape.

There are many things she could do now, but there is only one real action to take here. If her father were here and knew what was going in her head he would no doubt shout at her to stop. Victory is the object to seek, and nothing else. Go for the decisive blow, he would tell her.

But there are more victories than one, and revenge, it can be so very sweet. "You," she states in an icy, advancing quickly after Xiaoping once the girl has firmly passed her by, "are nothing more than a scanty little /fake/!" Charging in from behind she ignores her training, forgoes the use of her sword, and reaches bodily around the young Chinese. "And I'll prove it." Her hands grip, grab, and-

can they -show this- in TV?!
A wild cheer goes up as the taller teen makes her move, and officials begin to scramble in every direction to begin damage control. A perfect record, up in smoke.

And that's before she dries to stuff her hands down Wing's dress. "Gotcha!" She yells triumphantly, making her final grab and stepping back, trying to fling the smaller fighter to the ground backwards as she goes. But why... why isn't she letting go..?

Perhaps the fines can be bypassed after all?

Either way, the crowd doesn't care.

COMBATSYS: Wing interrupts Quick Throw from Kaida with Medium Throw.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Wing             1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1            Kaida

It's just not possible.
Wing's only thought, as her headbutt is frustratingly parried, as she senses the taller girl step up behind her, and too late realizes the sword is not being brought to bear, is--
How could she tell!?
"D- Don't!"
Needless to say, Wing's highly uncharacteristic protestations set the crowd yet further ablaze, making it all the officials can do to prevent the front row from rushing the stage, let alone try to imagine how to cover for the disastrous lawsuits that will definitely ensue for this. Her eyes are wide with utter shock as Kaida's hands go for her-- oh, it's too terrible to say-- can't even--
The rip can be heard even over the audience.
And the white of the stuffing is sharp against the green of the dress.
Mortified, humiliated beyond words, Wing Xiaoping does not cry. She does not even, as her now quite meager -- and rather too exposed -- chest heaves with untold shame, reach to cover herself, as any normal girl would. No, even in the midst of her horror, though before she could only flail, the predatory point to which Wing's mind is honed aims, as ever, to one solution. One more effective solution.
"Yoooouuu whooooooooOOOOOORE--"
Get even.
Well, effective in general. In this case, nonsensical, for in her berserk rage Wing is unable to formulate a more intelligible line of attack. All she can think to do is reciprocate. Ignoring her own revealed skin and its faint slopes, with a bloodcurdling cry she reaches out--
--to the front of Kaida's corset, and /grabs/.
She's already pulling, of course.
But befuddlement arises in the midst of her grapple.
Right. Of course she's not actually-- right. Um, whoops. Wow.
Even Wing's permissive brain is unable to process exactly what the hell she is doing right now, and the throes of ecstacy the crowd has been launched into do not help. In the midst of throwing Kaida by her own, um, well-- Wing just straight up loses her balance, not even releasing, the cloth tearing as well as the tiny terror falls atop her opponent, accidentally smacking her head into Kaida's face to boot-- a belated successful headbutt, if a far less damaging one.
She stays where she is for a moment, staring down blank-faced at her opponent.
She still hasn't moved her hands.

"Don't what? The trust must be set free!"
Apparently the truth comes in the form of white stuffing which, true to her words, is set very free indeed.
But in this act of revengeful defiance, Kaida has left herself open.
Wide open, in ways she could never have imagined before now. "I think I've proved who the fake is!" She shouts back, only to have her follow up die in her throat.

She feels a sensation, a sensation in a place she's never quite felt it before. For the tiniest moment her face goes from angry red to ashen white, seeming to completely drain of color. Then it reddens once more, as the sensation turns to excruciating pain.
"YEEEEEEOOOOOOW!" She lets out a loud scream, higher pitched than is normally heard from her, as her body is lifted, Wings hand getting a firmly plush grip as she torques the taller fighter into the air and then slams her right to the ground.

The headbutt- it is but a minor setback as the pain begins to slowly reside. It's a quick thing, for a trained fighter, to push past the pain and feel what is happening to their body. And though she may not be the toughest around, Kaida is quite used to being cut nearly to ribbons in sparring. So this, though quite painful, is enough for her to ignore. "You..." she says in a cold, icy tone. "You /groped/ me!" Her voice becomes a shriek, what dignity remains thrown completely to the wind.

Her eyes open even wider as she looks up to the smaller teen who had fallen atop her. "You are /still/ groping me!" She screams even louder, causing shouts of such elation from the crowd that the techs scramble to find the quickest way to cut the live feeds.

The first task, is for Kaida to grab for Wing's hands and remove them none to gently from their current locale. "Get your hands off of me you pervert!"

Step two: shoving Wing hard, In the chest. She clearly deserves it at this point, but it's only half vengeance fueled, as she tries to grapple the smaller fighter down as she struggles to sit up. And her sword? She hadn't dropped it.

"Didn't your mother," she begins, attempting to quite literally bend the Emerald Empress of her sitting lap, "ever tell you to -ask- before you do something like that?!" The sword is raised and lowered, aiming directly for her not as ample derriere. "I just called your bluff!" She attempts another smack with the sword, "I didn't /grab/ you! I didn't touch -you- at all!"

She tries to keep at up as long as she can.

COMBATSYS: Wing interrupts Armed Combo from Kaida with Random Weapon.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Wing             1/----===/=======|=======\====---\1            Kaida

This is completely unacceptable.
Look, first of all, it's not Wing's fault you didn't have anything to /grab/. Secondly, you didn't hear that from me. And thirdly--
She's really not aware of where her hands are anyway.
The Queen of the Streets' expression is vaguely dismissive.
But the slightly-less-Emerald Empress is in no position to be negligent toward these matters, if only because her furious opponent will not let her. "Ack!" she squawks as the swordswoman shoves her back violently, what remains of the stuffing cushioning the blow even as it flies out. This time, her fury briefly faded, for once put on the defensive, Wing instinctively does reach up toward her top, pulling it closed with a grimace-- and leaves herself open to being tackled. "Gaaahh!" At first she simply flails, but--
Pulled into her opponent's lap, of all things, she is simply baffled.
Until the punishment begins.
The bokken comes down with solid -- rather unfortunately solid -- cracks, and Wing writhes as the crowd, uh, possibly begins to go into seizures. Let us not delight in too much detail: suffice to say that for the first two -- or three, or four -- painful blows, the decidedly dethroned Empress can only squeal and writhe, little plips of tears finally emerging in the corners of her eyes from the sheer strain of enduring this agony, her face entirely too flushed to be healthy. It's really starting to look like Kaida will now have her way of things, and the audience, most illegally, could not be enjoying it more.
For once, Wing is a paragon of decency--
"Didn't your mother--"
And puts an end to this sadistic display.
"--ever tell you--"
One sword is raining down upon her tragically unprotective rump, but Wing, even as she groans out her words, is reached toward what has in the heat of the moment been forgotten: the second. As the fifth wild smack rains down, it is with an unanticipated blur movement that Wing knocks it aside, with what to Kaida will be the all-too-distinctive sound of wood on wood. Snarling, all in one burst the kung-fu punk will rise and slam the hilt against her punisher's chin, stunning her just long enough to grab her and roll to the side. Awkwardly, this puts Kaida on top of her-- but it traps her bokken beneath Wing's own body. And...
One target is still more than available.
The bokken that Wing has repossessed hammers down upon Kaida's own upraised rump, resulting in one -- if not more -- very satisfying impact.
Vengeance upon vengeance-- it still grows no less sweet.
Or censor-worthy, in this case.

As Kaida raises the bokken and brings it down there's vindication in her eyes, the thought that she's really going to get Wing back for this public humiliation.

The resounding noise of the slapping wood echos through the Cabaret, and she can't help but feel reason to rejoice. This, finally, will put an end to the nonsense once and for all.
And though not sadistic, she can't help but be pleased to hear the yelps of pain from the rather blatant punishment, quite intent on giving this girl a lesson she won't soon forget.

But it would be too simple for things to end as they are- and as much as the audience fervently agrees with the direction this fight has gone, it can not continue forever. The sudden lack of sound as she continues startles her, and she hears Wing's vicious voice once again. Mocking her.

Intending to make these final blows even stronger for such impudence, Kaida pulls her arm a bit further this time, "Watch your mouth!" The sword descends and with a resounding crack of wood on wood, is deflected away, catching her completely off guard, and leaving her entirely open. The hilt slams into her jaw, dazing her and leaving her to crumple momentarily atop Wing, struggling to free herself for a short moment once she regains her senses.

"You are -not- my-- Yaaaah!" She yelps loudly as the pendulum of vengeance sings back in the other direction, the taller teen squirming and writhing atop the shorter, flinching with each successive impact, teeth clenching to try and fight back the embarrassing shouts of pain that just won't stop.

It is quite clear, by this point, that when it comes to low down dirty tactics that Wing is the Queen of the Streets. Kaida, had she cared at all about coming out on top, should never have traveled down this dark and dangerous path. But, as she reminds herself now, she has put those thoughts behind her. Her strict training has been tossed away, for the moment completely forgotten, and useless to her.

The bokken keeps impacting, and her teeth keep gritting. Finally, having take enough abuse she starts to pull herself up, little by little.

Kaida snaps. She has run out of patience with Wing, and she has been truly pushed too far.
This, it can not end well.

"FINE!" She shouts, "YOU'RE MY DADDY!"

Now Wing is truly going to get i--

Wait, what?

"I've had it with you! You insulted me, you -groped- me, you've -spanked- me. You're my daddy, and I'm not going to let you forget it! Ever!"

The audience is still loud and yelling, but some of them has sensed something. Sensed a change in the oh so naughty atmosphere.

"Daddy," Kaida says in a once more ice cold tone, still right where she was left on top of the Chinese fighter. "They're staring at us. They're watching, and gawking, and ogling us." Her tone suggests Wing should do something about that. "They've seen... too much."

Have they ever.

COMBATSYS: Kaida takes no action.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Wing             1/----===/=======|=======\====---\1            Kaida

Wing almost doesn't hear it. In her malicious frenzy, even Kaida shouting at the top of her lungs almost doesn't penetrate that weapons-grade skull. But if there's anything that can get Wing's attention, even at her most utterly berserk--
--it's acquiescing to her desires.
Wing stares blankly at her no longer struggling foe, that stolen bokken frozen aloft. Slowly but surely, a wild and twisted grin begins to spread. That's right. Yeah, that's right. You surrender. Wing's your daddy now. A beautiful future blossoms before her, with this girl her personal servant, waiting on her hand and foot back at the dorm, a perfect minion to be commanded as she sees fit. Awwww, yeah. Victory is--
--being spectated upon.
It is a sign of just truly how enraged Wing can become that she even forgets she is being watched. The otherwise attention-hungry Empress glances up, the coldness of the prostrate Kaida's tone seeming to feed directly into Wing's gaze, that grin slowly fading to be replaced by a sour expression. Everything of the last minute has been forgotten. No, rather, it does not seem to matter, now that Kaida has -- to Wing's fevered mind -- submitted. What matters is /these/ fools. They'll pay her. But they don't respect her.
"What the FUCK--"
They don't /fear/ her.
The hurled bokken incapacitates two of those straining at the front row, a sudden reversal of the tension in the room achieving what the officials and the bouncers never could. Struggling to her feet -- without even pushing Kaida to the side, not so much out of generosity as because she has been temporarily forgotten -- Wing scoops up Kaida's fallen hair accessory and hurls that as well, shouting as it fells another man with a satisfying clang.
There is perhaps something funny about Wing being a picture of incandescent rage even as she limps from her thorough spanking, the front of her meager dress drooping precariously. But it does not look terribly wise to tell her so.
A sudden blast of wind emerges from the inexhaustable Wing's fist, carrying screaming audience members back toward the door. Immediately they break and flee, the only sound audible over their cries Wing's nefarious cackling. All she can think as she sees them retreat wildly toward the double-doors:
~ Can't wait to check the pockets in the coat room. ~
And then the last of conscious thought is consumed by fury. Kaida can rest easy, it seems-- or perhaps not. The raging storm that Wing has become momentarily runs out of things to throw, and it is precisely because Kaida has been forgotten, not out of any leftover outrage, that the Queen of the Streets reaches out in an attempt to stanch the disheveled swordswoman by the arm. It's an abrupt and awkward grab, not an attack, more a reaching for some inanimate object-- but it may take Kaida by surprise.
Thus will Wing attempt, in a final rush of might and madness, to lift the defeated (?) Kaida above her head and bodily /hurl/ her as one last projectile at the backs of the slowest of those fleeing, aiming to take down a couple more while she can.
Somebody call child support.

COMBATSYS: Kaida endures Wing's Strong Throw.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Wing             1/----===/=======|=======\=======\1            Kaida

There. There's the righteous indignation that they both should have been feeling from nearly the very start.

It isn't each other they should feel most wronged by. Yes, they have done horrible things to each other- but that's a personal issue. And while they sorted out that personal issue the whole thing was viewed by a live audience- an audience that might have witnessed things technically illegal for very good reasons!

Kaida is dumped on the floor as Wing stands up, picking herself up grumpily afterwards, more annoyed that there are still people looking back as things begin to be hurled at them across the room by the tiny, vicious Empress. She hasn't even checked to see if her fancy outfit has left her decent after she was thrown to the ground by the boob. And for the moment, she's not going to get the chance.

"Hey, wait a second DaddyyyyyYYYYY!" Not resisting, she's grabbed by the arm and literally thrown across the room, flipping once before slamming into the final group fleeing for safety. The green haired teenager can only describe her situation as painful as she slowly gets up, one hand on her head, her bokken.

She doesn't look exceedingly angry anymore, just mildly annoyed. She takes a quick look around, and realizing that there is no one left to watch, heaves a sigh of relief. "Thank god." As her eyes open back up, however, she does notice one foul perpetrator. A horrid thing about five feet tall and weighing in at about one hundred pounds.

No, it isn't her new Daddy.

Kaida, with her last vestiges of strength, walks towards the single Neo League camera, top of the line in all it's digital masterwork. Only one was needed for this shoot. And now only one was needed to go. She grunts as she hefts the thing, needing to wrap both her arms around it. As she gets it off the ground, she realizes there's nothing in here strong enough to break it on.

Correction, there is one thing hard enough to break it on. Something here that's harder than anything she's ever encountered. "Daddy?" she asks in a calm, slightly sweet, slightly annoyed voice as she approaches Wing.

Good. This will serve a dual purpose. With one last burst of terrible anger she lifts the entire camera above her head and swings it down while shouting.


That hard object? Wing's indomitable forehead.

COMBATSYS: Wing interrupts Huge Random Weapon from Kaida with Wing Dynasty.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Wing             0/-------/----===|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2            Kaida

Shoulders heaving, the storm in Wing's eyes only clears when Kaida calls.
"Yes, darling?"
The rugged and paternal tone she seems to have adopted meshes... oddly, at best, with her girlish voice-- not that the compatibility of style and physical reality has ever been a high priority for the Queen of the Streets.
Once she turns her head, though, that storm returns all at once.
Yet that gaze is not directed at Kaida.
It has been an episode to remember, and it closes with appropriate aplomb: for the last thing that our viewers from home will see is Wing's outraged visage, contorted in an inhuman display of roiling disgust and hatred, plunging toward the lens, bearing down like a relentless demon, to thrust the blur of a thousand fists forward--
The fighters, of course, hear no static-- not that Wing would be able to tell either way, as, now completely beyond hearing, her gatling-gun punches tear through the camera as though it were paper, smashing it to a metallic pulp, continuing on even as she pulverises it to collide with Kaida herself. An accident, really. As long Wing cannot turn her fist off. But she continues to howl with infinite fury, and so does she continue to punch, rolling across the floor with Kaida, leaving dents in the wood from stray flailing blows-- until, finally, after much too long, she is spent, collapsing on top of her adversary with a deep and hollow shudder.
It is a few moments later that, blearily, she raises herself to her hands and knees. "Don't worry," she mumbles dazedly, absent-mindedly reaching down to stroke Kaida's tortured hair, the Empress's gaze unfocused. "Daddy took care of everything."
Freud, eat your heart out.

That camera, it made a terrible shield.
It made a better bludgeon, but a terrible shield.

The machine gun of punches rips it to pieces before Kaida can so much as blink, but the punches, they do not stop. All that's left to hit is the swordfighter herself, and despite being much worse off to start with her battered, beaten, and now domestically abused body takes the assault much better.

Which is to say that she isn't completely torn to shreds.
As it is, though, she's forced to the ground by Wing's unrelenting fury and hit hard enough that there is tangible damage done to the floor below her, though not as much as when the strikes actually hit them directly. When the now scandalously clad Emerald Empress has warn herself out Kaida is left with nothing more to reply with than, "Urrrrgh..." as she's collapsed upon, her arms lifting slightly and then flopping onto Xiaoping's back.

Intentional or accident: You decide.

COMBATSYS: Kaida takes no action.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Wing             0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Kaida can no longer fight.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Wing             0/-------/----===|

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