Neo League 826

#828: Alex vs Hotaru - For fighters, facing each other in the ring is the truest way to find out what each other are made of. Challenging the current SNF Warrior's Belt holder, Alex gives Hotaru Futaba the chance to prove that she deserves that recognition. Requiring the best of her at every turn, he gets his wish. ( Winner: Hotaru ) - created on 23:41:17 01/30/2009 by Hotaru and last modified on 04:25:38 02/09/2009. Cast: Hotaru and Alex.

#837: Alex vs Hyo - Its highest echelons of academia verses a man who managed to pass shop class! The Student Council Head of Justice High cordially invited the American Titan to a gentlemen's duel in the inner sanctum of the esteemed high school. Alex could not be more honored to accept the challenge. (Winner: Draw) - created on 22:06:49 02/03/2009 by Alex and last modified on 16:37:46 02/15/2009. Cast: Hyo and Alex.

#826: Spider vs Rust - The Spider, a fearsome man of a murky past famed for his ability to overturn an opponent's offense while calculating how to lay on vicious pressure to keep his enemies off balance, keeping them trapped in his web. Howard Rust, a schoolteacher at Pacific High and an up-and-coming fighter who just recently joined the professional fighting circuit at the advancing age of 38, whose toughness makes tetanus fear the thought of catching him. Both fight on the second floor of Gorin Heights past midnight, where the residents are trying to get some sleep. No one is sure why it is thought of as a good idea, but a good, hard fight hardly knows boundaries of location and courtesy. (WINNER: Spider) - created on 08:21:55 02/04/2009 by Rust and last modified on 12:47:11 02/04/2009. Cast: Spider and Rust.

#827: Maki vs Chun-Li - At Dream Amusement Park, Chun-Li faces off against Maki in a fight of speed and strength--all within a big fun moonwalk. But on such weird, bouncy terrain, whose swift speed will prevail..? (Winner: Chun-Li) - created on 18:19:51 02/04/2009 by Chun-Li and last modified on 13:24:55 02/05/2009. Cast: Chun-Li and Maki.

#829: Adon vs Birdie - BIRDIE and ADON fight for what is RIGHT in the middle of the NIGHT for PARTTTYYYYYYYYY. Also a lot of things are destroyed in this BEAVER WORLD PLAYTIME ADVENTURE like ALL OF BEAVERTON. ( Winner: Adon ) - created on 17:47:24 02/06/2009 by Birdie and last modified on 14:38:01 02/12/2009. Cast: Birdie and Adon.

#832: Frei vs Roberto - Roberto and Frei meet in Metro City Square for a Neo League fight. The results? It's easier to explain in this quote: "In... the movies... this looks... so easy..." Frei says with a ragged grin, standing up a little straighter, shaking his head to clear it a bit. "Just wire-fu for... ten minutes then... someone's on the ground. Never show the messy bit where everybody's freakin' tired!" (Winner: Frei) - created on 12:16:16 02/11/2009 by Roberto and last modified on 16:15:08 02/13/2009. Cast: Frei and Roberto.

#830: Mary vs Vyle - Mary fought Vyle for the Neo League! GUESS WHO WON? Hint: the one with the bounce. Fight was on 2/11/2009. We fought at Masters Arena!? ( Winner: Blue Mary ) - created on 20:18:34 02/11/2009 by BlueMary and last modified on 14:39:38 02/12/2009. Cast: BlueMary and Vyle.

#831: Kaida vs Rust - Papua New Guinea. The latest featured Neo League battle is arranged on a rugby league field before a game as a means of further advertisement. The crowds don't seem to care much for this. Twin wooden bokken wielder Kaida Inoue and rusted length of pipe brandisher Howard Rust go head to head out on the green fields, heedless of what sports those live actually want to see. They go on to match blade versus pipe, wood versus metal, the potential of youth versus the monolith of experience. (WINNER: Rust) - created on 16:34:58 02/12/2009 by Rust and last modified on 15:13:01 02/13/2009. Cast: Rust and Kaida.

#834: Adon vs Spider - With the Neo-League heating up, a new fight breaks out. The location? Mount Rushmore. The fighters? Israeli Hitman 'The Spider' and Emperor of Muay Thai, Adon. A short, brutal fight where a certain Emperor makes a complete jackass of himself. <Winner: Adon> - created on 14:44:00 02/13/2009 by Adon and last modified on 14:56:22 02/14/2009. Cast: Spider and Adon.

#833: Ken vs Maki - Masters Stadium -- Ken Masters' home turf! Should be a cakewalk, right? Well, Metro City's own Maki has other ideas! ( Winner: Ken ) - created on 17:11:18 02/13/2009 by Ken and last modified on 12:49:10 02/14/2009. Cast: Ken and Maki.

#835: Rust vs Cherry - It's a Valentine's Day brawl in Southtown! Wouldn't it be funny to set a hot girl up with a middle-aged guy and let them go at it? The Neo League thought so, but rather than a laugh-fest at Rust's expense, the crowd gets a pretty serious, no-holds-barred bout that goes right down to the wire. And at the end, uh... the wire explodes. (Winner: Rust) - created on 15:53:46 02/14/2009 by Cherry and last modified on 13:53:59 02/15/2009. Cast: Rust and Cherry.

#836: Vyle vs Spider - Rumble at Metro Mall! In the steel cage...The Sickness vs. The Spider! Whose venom is more potent?! (Winner: Vyle) - created on 15:55:57 02/14/2009 by Vyle and last modified on 14:24:43 02/15/2009. Cast: Vyle and Spider.

#839: Heavy D! vs M. Bison - Return of the Eagle! After some time away, D! gets back in the ring--and against none other than the Raging Buffalo himself, Mike Bison. Can D! outmatch the monster? (Winner: M.Bison) - created on 19:43:33 02/16/2009 by M.Bison and last modified on 12:05:14 02/18/2009. Cast: HeavyD and M.Bison.

#838: Vyle vs Adon - With Southtown slowly falling to chaos, both Adon and Vyle are very concerned. The Silver Snake wants in on the action, while the Red Jaguar has more lofty goal. As Adon begins his invasion of Southtown with his own private army, he wants to begin his own takeover... of the Neo-League. <Winner: Adon> - created on 21:16:10 02/16/2009 by Adon and last modified on 13:34:37 02/17/2009. Cast: Vyle and Adon.

#840: Yuno vs Mary - There's a saying of don't mix business and pleasure, but really, where's the fun in doing something you do all day? On your own terms, maybe it makes things different enough. In this case, Umbrella vs staff - But which comes out victorious!? - created on 12:42:55 03/06/2009 by Mary and last modified on 19:17:27 03/09/2009. Cast: Mary and Yuno.

#841: Adon vs Heavy D! - Heavy D! seeks to protect Southtown. Adon seeks to beat up people hiding in Southtown. Both are part of the Neo-League. So when they finally cross paths, Adon immediately forces a fight for one reason, and one reason alone: Pride. <Winner: Adon> - created on 21:10:42 03/12/2009 by Adon and last modified on 14:24:54 03/18/2009. Cast: HeavyD and Adon.

#846: May Lee vs Maki - A televised Neo-League fight between a determined and effervescent Maki and a reluctant May Lee. (Winner: May Lee) - created on 21:01:01 03/15/2009 by MayLee and last modified on 12:55:25 04/16/2009. Cast: MayLee and Maki.

#842: Maki vs Chang - In the Land Down Under, the giant Chang Koehan takes on the sweet and petite Maki Genryusai. Will Chang crush Maki, or will Maki end up toppling the giant? ( Winner:Maki ) - created on 18:30:56 03/19/2009 by Maki and last modified on 20:08:32 03/19/2009. Cast: Maki and Chang.

Maki Vs. Chang Mk II - Maki Versus Chang, rematch! Maki puts up a fight, but Chang manages to take her down! ( Winner: Chang ) - created on 12:07:42 03/25/2009 by Chang and last modified on 13:24:42 03/25/2009. Cast: Maki and Chang.

#844: Vyle vs Chang - In lovely Okinawa, a fight between two fish that should have been thrown back. In one corner, the Iron Ball Giant, Chang Koehan, and in the other, "The Sickness" himself, Vyle. The fight is short, and certainly not sweet. Brutality involving plenty of head trauma and Chang showing that while his body isn't a temple, it's just as effective in flattening people as his Iron Ball is. (Winner: Vyle) - created on 15:02:17 03/28/2009 by Vyle and last modified on 12:20:55 04/01/2009. Cast: Vyle and Chang.

#845: Maki vs Vyle - In the city shaped like a boot, two fighters attempt to give each other the boot! - created on 14:54:16 03/29/2009 by Maki and last modified on 12:22:13 04/01/2009. Cast: Vyle and Maki.

#850: Angel vs Naerose - NaeoLeague. Naerose and Angel go head to head, but can this possibly go well for her? And which her could it go badly for? They say even being around Naerose is punishment enough. (Winner: Angel) - created on 14:07:05 04/13/2009 by Naerose and last modified on 21:46:06 04/25/2009. Cast: Naerose and Angel.

#847: Nataya vs Gan - Nataya and Gan clash in Gedo! The Mild Monk holds her own against the Titanic Teen as fierce fists and mystic mists fly. Both fighters do tremendous amounts of damage to one another, but when the dust clears, who is the victor? Read to find out! ( Draw Match ) - created on 21:15:49 04/17/2009 by Nataya and last modified on 21:50:00 04/20/2009. Cast: Gan and Nataya.

#848: Brett vs Naerose - It's Brett Neuer's big Neo League Debut, on the foggy streets of London. His opponent? The strange, Red Witch, Naerose herself! It looks like Mr. Neuer is going to get a rude awakening to world-class fighting in the shadow of Big Ben! (Draw Match) - created on 18:03:31 04/18/2009 by Brett and last modified on 21:50:59 04/20/2009. Cast: Naerose and Brett.

#849: Nataya vs Brett - Hockey. Muay Boran. Both are known for being vicious and brutal. When the mighty practitioners of both clash in the middle of Metro City, it's sure to be a vicious bloodbath for the most rabid of combat fanatics. Fists fly, elbows are thrown and it's hockey sticks versus prayer beads down to the thrilling finale. (Winner: Nataya) - created on 18:48:10 04/19/2009 by Nataya and last modified on 21:52:29 04/20/2009. Cast: Nataya and Brett.

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