NDP Championships - NDP Season 2 Semifinals: MrJones vs Daniel

Description: Set in the White Arena of the Masters Stadium, the semi-finals pit swinging Daniel Jack against the swaggering Johnny Jones. (Winner: Mr Jones)

This is more like a trip down memory lane for Mister Jones. It occurs to him that in his path to once again claim the title of NDP champion he'll have to face off against those that, through luck or other circumstances, he had already fought before.

Of course, the situation now is completely different, reversed even. Back then Johnny Jones was 'that one guy' that randomly came outta nowhere to make a name of himself, like if he had something to prove. And he did, he wanted to prove that he wasn't a washed up star ready for retirement, that he still had some shine left on him and he fell upon the fighting circuit like the Wrath of a Disco God.

Now, as he casually leans his back on the ropes, basking on the cheers of the crowd, shades reflecting the familiar lights of the stage, Johnny feels that his opponents are now the ones that have something to prove. The way Yuri had screamed at him on his previous match made him feel....weird. He's not accustomed to intimidating people, it's a new and strange feeling and he's not exactly sure that he likes it either. His attitude had always been to attract people, not repel them, but now given his new 'role' it's like everyone avoids him.

It's not a nice feel for the Super Star.

Still unsure how to act the part, Mister Jones waits looking unnaturally silent for such a gaudy fellow. He remembers Daniel, he is in theory his senior on this whole Fighting Circuit scene since he started way before the action star was even heard of, he should be the one asking pointers to Daniel. Though now everyone's acting like he's got this whole thing on the bag. Johnny used to be 'That guy' and now he's 'That one Boss'. He's curious to see how Daniel Jack is going to react to this supposed role reversal.

He snorts, allowing himself to smirk whilst his shades flash.

Knowing Danny it'll just be him breaking the bottle before he tries to glass him like last time.

An Official Ring.

Daniel Jack might be in a disadvantage here, fighting in the ring. Unlike the last venue, Master Stadium was a simple fighting arena. No frills. No extras. No nearby props, no potential weapons. The detective was at a huge disadvantage in his last fight with Mister Jones. A devilishly huge one, in his mind. The detective's technique might be outwardly Todoh-Ryuu. But without a little wild card action in the ring? He was fighting half-empty.

So it may be no surprise when the detective approaches the ring with a steamer trunk in tow.

The loud grinding sound across the wooden floor of the ring. The dilapidated, rotting trunk rattles with every tug. The detective, taking his place in the corner of the ring, swings the massive trunk over, slamming it hard on the ground. One of the sides bursts slightly, a large piece of piping jutting out hard. Dusting off his suit, the detective finally turns around, looking across the way to the disco fool. "Seven, Oh, Oh. Seven wins, zero losses, zero draws. A perfect season, Johnny." The detective growls, pulling at his suit to adjust it. "Heard you stomped Yuri. That's mighty fine, scuzzy." The detective finally drops into the defensive stance of Todoh, horse straddle stance, arms forward, standing before the old black trunk.

"But how about a little Todoh-Ryuu to wash out that foul Kyokugen taste, brother."


Figures that Danny couldn't /just/ settle for a broken bottle. He brings his whole freaking armory with him.

As the crowd cheers when Daniel Jack brings obvious foul play into the arena, Johnny Jones is seen lowering his shades in disbelief and rubbing his temples. The things that they let some fighters get away with nowadays, what happened to good ol' fashioned hand to hand combat? Everyone now is all about swinging lead pipes and throwing bricks at each other. Where's the class? Where's the style? Where is...the groove?

Forgotten to time it seems, it's a good thing that Jones came back when he did, the fighting scene was getting really deplorable.

When it's clear that /no one/ is gonna cry foul at Daniel bringing his props to the fight, Johnny just shakes his head and straightens up, popping his collar in the process. "Don't hate, brudda." Smirks the Funky Fighter when the Todoh Ryuu prodigy announces his perfect record, casually ambling his way up towards him once Danny starts to get serious. It's almost amusing, how he gets all puffed up this time whereas before he was hardly taking Jones seriously.

"Don't mind if I do, I just hope it's the nin-alcoholic version of Todoh-Ryuu version this time." Jonesy lowers his shades to cast Daniel a wink his way and eases into his signature Jeet Kune Do fighting stance. Hands open and most of his weight resting on his back leg as always.

"Let's boogie."

COMBATSYS: MrJones has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
MrJones          0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Daniel has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Daniel           0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0          MrJones

"We are -not- going to Boogie, Johnny Boy."

The detective keeps his stance steady, analyzing the disco fighter. Hand to hand combat? It was just a tool. Daniel used to bring guns to the ring. Anything that works, would work. Guns, knives, cannons, explosives, bats, swords; whatever works, only what works. The detective shakes his head though, at the Disco-Dancer's words. Advancing towards the man, he finally makes it clear what exactly he wants to pull.

"We're gonna -swing-"

Daniel Jack roars forward with a jutting palm strike of the left. As the crowd watches in silence, he surges again with a handchop of the right. Bringing his left palm back up with a rising uppercut, the man continues his steady, almost graceful advance on the other fighter, each step moving with cautious precision. When finally, the combination is broken by a sharp, almost surprising elbow jab with the left, breaking the uppercut with a stab right for Jones face. Daniel might not have changed too much from before.

But it was obvious he had gotten a lot damn better.

COMBATSYS: MrJones blocks Daniel's Zoot Suit Riot.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Daniel           0/-------/-------|==-----\-------\0          MrJones

"That is so Fifties."

Get with the times Danny Boy! It's obvious that the new in is Disco! Ignoring the irony that is Mister Jones calling something too old fashioned for his tastes, it would appear that the Groove Master has mostly remained the same after their previous encounter. Which is to say of course, he's still got it, baby.

"Shoo!!" Johnny Jones springs into action dashing forward when Daniel comes at him with his signature Todoh palm strikes and chops. The Afro'd man bats the first strike out of the way with an open palm followed by an up side block to block the incoming hand chop to his shoulder. He moves his head back and out of the way from the uppercut, giving him enough room to bring his palm up to stop the elbow sailing for his face. Johnny really wants to dance tonight, he's not circling around like he usually does, the Groove demands that he stays in close and outdances his opponent.

"You're awfully silent this time brudda." Tha' Jones adds casually, taking advantage that he's up so close to partake in some barter. "You ain't getting stage fright are ya?" The Funky Warrior asks as he makes a grab for Daniel's fancy Zoot suit and pulls him close, swinging a rising left knee strike aimed to his thigh and injure his peroneal nerve. "WOOO!!"

COMBATSYS: Daniel blocks MrJones' Arc Fliegan.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Daniel           0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0          MrJones

"Can it, Johnny, I got to get this over with."

Whatever was chewing on Daniel, it was biting down hard. The detective's presence was downright chilling, his personality ice cold. As the last blow comes, he is already getting ready for the flourished grab. Keeping his footing steady, he just SEETHES. "I got a hell ton on my plate right now, and I don't need some smart-ass dancing fool to add to it. Oh, yeah yeah, I know what's next. Smug grin, 'aaaaaw Danny you been having trouble with the Todohs?' God damn talk about shitty." The detective grunts as the knee comes, bringing down his hands to catch the blow. Keeping the nerve strike from hitting clean, he sweeps his arms about, breaking the hold.

And then he comes surging back.

Daniel Jack wasn't losing his footing yet. A palm strike with the left, another hand chop with the right. It looked very much like a repeat of before, with Daniel's intense gaze unbroken. There was a chilling, intense hatred behind those eyes. A bitterness. A loss. But where a lesser man might lose his spirit, Daniel is only fueled further. As the last hand chop breaks out, the detective steps in, attempting to seize Jones by the hip and shoulder. A simple grab, and a simple pivot. Should the shoulder get a grip, he will finish the combination cleanly, trying to hurl the fighter flat on his back.

"And it's a 1930s dealie, you coked up Bee Gee."

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits MrJones with Tequila Sunrise.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Daniel           0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0          MrJones

Fan freaking tastic. Another person with deep emotional problems that tries to take it out on Jones.

That seems to be something of a repeated pattern for Johnny, which is a darn shame too since he's not really suited for this Warrior Therapist jig. The last people he tried to talk out of their desperate stupor only came out worse, Jez got a mental crisis, Yuri swore a death threat on him, Adon flipped out and started attacking people at the Devil's tourny and Quon done and offed himself.

Yeah, he's not even going to /try/ asking what's wrong with Daniel, he'll probably just make it worse.

"Got more important things to do than this hm?" Jonesy chuckles as Daniel surges for another attacked, fueled by hatred and guided by bitterness. At least he's not taking this whole tournament real seriously which speaks volumes of what he may be going through, for some people winning a tourny of this magnitude would be the pinnacle of their lives. Daniel however seems to take it as 'just another fight'.

"Oh shi--" His calmness may be what catches Jones off guard as he distracts him with a series of chops which he tries to block and leaves him open for the shoulder hip grab. Jonesy may have been able to out dance Danny in the past, but he always had notorious difficulty dealing with his throws. Jones gets flipped over and tossed unceremoniously landing on his back with a grunt. "Still, way too old fashioned even for me."

Kicking himself back to his feet with his back turned to Daniel, Johnny Jones looks over his should and ensure that his target is still in place. "Oh you'll get through it kid, you know what they say." He spins on his heel aiming to give Danny's back a solid tornado kick right on the spine!

"Staying alive, Staying Alive/o~"

COMBATSYS: Daniel blocks MrJones' Slide Double.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Daniel           0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0          MrJones

"Not to say this isn't important."

"But hell yes."

"Sunshine City is a damned riot zone; and with that tournament in full swing, its gonna need me to keep it real in the field, you dig? And with the heat Zaki is getting, she needs someone 'clean' to keep her out of trouble. I got a damn full agenda, and...." The detective pauses, a thought fleeting a moment; the memories surging back to him.

An opening for Mister Jones.

Daniel Jack surges back into focus as the Groovemaster hops back on his feet. "Get through it? Damn right I'll get through it. I always get through it!" The tornado kick comes, but Daniel was ready for flashy techniques. Jones might have the flash and substance, but where Jones had flash, Daniel had substance. And instead of substance, Daniel has damn grit. The detective's hands seize the leg, carrying the blow from his arms to the ground. The momentum hurts, but the fact he still has his footing speaks volumes for the skill Danny held within.

And Daniel was going to bring that talent out.

Attempting to latch a grip on Johnny, the detective grimaces. Letting gravity start the work, the detective attempts to reverse the kick by seizing the man's leg. Wrenching hard, he tries to crash the dancer down to the floor. Should he get him down, he will simply thrust a heel right into his inner thigh, and wrench the leg hard. Straight, simple.

And downright brutal.

COMBATSYS: MrJones blocks Daniel's Mad Jack Crack.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Daniel           0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0          MrJones

"Oh fo' real? Zaki getting in your nerves too?"

Fate has this...affinity..to try and weave Daniel into Jonesy's life when he might need him the most. Not too long ago he had a severe occurrence at Sunshine City involving a group of delinquent school girls. The scene had greatly aggravated him as interrupted a very important..err...meeting, with a certain capoerista and ever since then he had made it his goal to see what the deal was in Sunshine. Of course he never got around doing anything lasting considering his other responsibilities over here, but as soon as he was finished with the NDP he would go investigate.


If he remembered..

Thankfully, the Gods of Disco see fit to have him fight Daniel in the NDP finals if only to remind him of his quest. His smirk does not falter when Daniel catches his leg in an attempt to twist it to bring him down to the ground. He hops on one leg and holds on to Daniel's shoulders to not fall. "I got a bone to pick with her too." Grins the Groove Master, grasping Danny by his Zoot collar. "How about we partner up after this? I'm sure they'd be no match against our combined forces."

And just to seal the deal he swings a right hook right for Daniel's temple!

That's how people conducted business in the olden days don't you know?


COMBATSYS: MrJones successfully hits Daniel with Funky Impact.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Daniel           0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0          MrJones


Daniel Jack's wrench is stopped cold, the man shifting the momentum back at him. But Daniel Jack was not irate about Zaki in the least. "Come on, scuzzy, you think a dame dressed in lace and leather would cause any problems with me?" As the detective's shoulders are grabbed, the right hook to the temple stuns him rolling. Stumbling back, he goes cross-eyed, finally collapsing back into the truck. Holding himself up on the lid, he pulls himself back up, one eye shut. "Nice offer, Johnny. I might take it on better terms." Shaking his head, he begins to grab the hand of the the lid. "But I got a partner already."

"And her name is Zaki."

The Detective lurches forward, twisting the trunk around. Gripping his other hand on the lid, he begins to pivot. He had a lot of options in the old war chest. But this was Daniel. This wasn't picking and choosing. This was turning the entire battlefield into an upside-down toy box. Releasing the massive truck straight for the dancer, the entire contents begin to scatter. "Huuuuuup!" He belts out!

"Catch it, scuzzy!"

COMBATSYS: MrJones dodges Daniel's Huge Thrown Object.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Daniel           0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0          MrJones


Now that is quite mind boggling, leave it to Daniel to bust out a surprise like that to him though. As Jonesy sends Daniel to the ground with a hook, he pauses and does a double take, just to be completely certain that he heard that right. It's a moment wasted as Mister Jones fails to continue on his momentum to instead stare blankly at Daniel

"Daayuum." He whistles out. "I ain't even gonna ask how that happened." Now that he's not chasing Danny any more he slides back to gain some distance, particularly now that he sees Danny boy going for his box of toys. The truck goes flying directly for the dancer and he ducks right under it, rolling forward to avoid it and landing right in front of Daniel where he swings a quick back hand jab towards his swollen eye.

He'll have to talk more business later. Right now it's time to dance!


COMBATSYS: MrJones successfully hits Daniel with Jab Punch.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Daniel           0/-------/=======|====---\-------\0          MrJones

"It's call class."

The detective's hurl throws him off-balance, leaving him stumbling. Daniel Jack was mixing things up, trying to going wild. After all, when you are behind? You make bigger and bigger risks. But when Mister Jones launch back with a jabbing punch? That hit lands hard. But really. The same eye again?

That's just cheap.

The Detective stumbles back again, losing that momentum.But the deed was done. The whole of the weapons are scattered across the field. Dipping down low, the detective nearly trips over a loose folded chair. Picking it up, he stares at it... before dropping it. "Naah." He begins, picking up an 18-pack of beer. "Ugh, PBR?" He mulls, dropping the pack. Finally, he finds his tool of trade. The detective lowers down.

And he raises up a golf club

Getting some practice swings out of the way, the Iron 2-Wood driver whistles through the air. "Damn class. You do sports scuzzy?" The detective bites. "Oh, jeeze. You know what? I take that back. That's the worst line. Golf jokes, I mean really. -Really-, I got some standards!" The detective muses, before closing on the disco. Tapping the club on the wooden floor, he finally closes in on the dancer. Whipping the club around, the detective unleashes a long backhand swing, before swinging a slow, low sweeping upward swipe. The assault finally comes to a close with a smashing two-handed overhead strike.

Aiming for an Eagle.

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits MrJones with Large Random Weapon.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Daniel           0/-------/=======|======-\-------\0          MrJones

Tch, Daniel is throwing things at him and he calls Jones cheap?

What do they teach kids at the Todoh dojo?

Actually, he's not going to investigate that further any time soon. He steers clear out of Todoh Ryuu for the same reason he does Kyokugen. Dojo politics really aggravate his Funk.

Jonesy slides back after his hit connects and..unfortunately..seems to start tripping over all the random junk that Daniel brought to the ring. It bothers him in more way than one, he can't move as swiftly as he wants and rather than keep up the pressure, Johnny Jones starts kicking things out of the arena to give himself some more. "Dang it, what the hell is all this crap!?"

Once he looks up, Jones is really starting to regret not bringing his nunchucks. The golf club comes swinging down and he takes it on the shoulder right before Daniel whacks him in the shin with an upwards swing. "Ow! Fudge!" He hops on one foot a couple of times before propelling himself from that exact foot with a fist leading to damage Danie's face again!!

"You better! I'd be frigging disappointed if you play golf!" That's not really a sport in the way he sees it. Too upper class for his tastes.

COMBATSYS: Daniel interrupts Retro Knuckle from MrJones with Jumping Jack Flash.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Daniel           0/-------/=======|=======\=------\1          MrJones


Daniel Jack lets out the belt, the overhead swing coming crushing down. As comes smashing right into the square of Johnny's shin, the club snapping right down along the shaft. The detective lets loose a high-pitched whistle. "Well, hell Johnny. You thought anything less of me?" Daniel was getting less and less into the 'real' heart of the Dojo wars. If anything else, it made for great entertainment for the lower ranking students on both sides. Clutching the broken remains of the club, the detective lets slide, backing up. "At least I got what I wanted, scuzzy."

"To get in the swing of-"

"Dammit I am doing it again."

Daniel Jack grits his teeth as the punch comes roaring in. Focusing, the detective doesn't have time to cross his arms, only to hold himself in the endless gaze of Todoh-Ryuu Kobojutsu. Glaring endlessly into the eyes of Johnny Jones, the detective's form begins to grow indistinct. His frame stiffening, Danny drops the shattered remains of the golf club, and grips the hand of Mister Jones. The detective latches on, and pivots sharply. Turning the blow to but a glancing strike, the detective flips his opponent hard, cratering the Disco Star HARD to the wooden floor, as so many gi-garbed students of Todoh had experienced.


Truly, what hurts Jones the most is the pun. Even if it was just the attempt to do one.

Just as people rely on Chi, or Psycho power to fuel their strikes. Johnny Jones runs in a very particular source of power, untapped by most normal men and women. It is neither the flair nor the strength of the Disco fighter that makes the opponent that he is. It is the Funk. And anything that disturbs it hampers Jones' prowess considerably, be it just things randomly laying about or puns that unnerve him, without his Funk..Jones is nothing. And when Daniel makes that ridiculous golf joke.

Jones' fist becomes hollow.

"Yes..." The relatively light weighted fighter gets flung up again and slammed back into the ground. "Yes you are!" Grumbles the man once he hits the ground, injuring his spine. Jonesy is down, with his funk faltering heavily and only through sheer force of will does he manage to drive his groove back and keep his energy from leaving him.

He has been in a similar position before. Down on the ground with Daniel holding on to his hand. It's not a well thought out plan that guide his next movement, but instead just instinct. He does not think, he just acts.

Just as he did before when they first met, Johnny grabs hold of Daniel's hand and flips back curling his legs around the detective's arm. Once he wraps them around, he uses his entire body weight to bring Daniel down on the ground where he has better leverage and gives a SHARP twist, to dislocate his shoulder.

COMBATSYS: MrJones successfully hits Daniel with Groove Master.
- Power hit! -

[                          \\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Daniel           1/---====/=======|-------\-------\0          MrJones

Daniel Jack was building for the end game. The final blow. But there was a disappointing fact of the fight. He made a pun, indirectly. He set the plate, and now he was reaping the steaks. The steaks were going to suck too. As the energy hurl is finished, Jones surges back. Gripping the detective, the man is suddenly seized...

And then, with a sharp twist, the shoulder is wrenched.

"GRAAAGH!" The detective belts. Hitting the ground, Daniel grunts in pain. And then, the still functioning palm of the detective slaps hard on the wooden ground. "Okay! That... that does it!" Was the groan. Daniel Jack knew the rules of the NDP all too well. First man out? Was the loser. But Daniel was up. He wasn't out yet. If he could... if he slipped out a DKO? That might make the match contested. A contested match? That would make victory a matter of charm.

And Daniel had enough of that,

Winding back his undislocated arm back, it builds into a pillar of energy. "Fantastic..." Fiery chi coursing over him, the detective begins to surge up. "TODOH...." Building into a surge, Daniel unleashes a final, crushing punch, aiming right for his jaw.


Before collapsing to the wooden boards.

COMBATSYS: Daniel can no longer fight.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
MrJones          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: MrJones blocks Daniel's Fantastic Todoh Punch.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
MrJones          0/-------/------=|

Moral of the story?

Don't evah mess with a cat's groove.

He'll bust you up.

To Daniel's credit he does manage to push Mister Jones past his limits. Just as he had done every time they fight, Jonesy holds back trying to outmaneuver the berseking detective, only to be pushed into a corner at the very end and have to unleash all his power in order to get out of it. He pulls out all stops, actually gets angry surprisingly enough, and snaps the poor boy's arm like a twig.

It'd just be the second time Jones does that to Daniel anyway, at this point is how they greet each other.

Although he's not quite sure he snapped the same arm as last time. Hm..

Danny boy isn't so ready to hit the ground like before however, he's honestly pissed, and can you blame him? Jones expected it this time, the detective wasn't going to plead for a doctor and go down whimpering, there were too many things at stake now, even if he had other things on his mind.

Jones goes back to his feet quick as a flash, sees the incoming chi powered fist flying right at his face and brings his shoulder up to block it with his bicep. The impact sends his skidding across the ring and slams into the side of the arena.

That hurt like a sunnuvagun..though interestingly it wasn't quite as painful as Yuri's chi blast. Of course, he's not saying that to Danny's face, it might injure his Todoh-Ryuu pride after all. And in retrospect, he wouldn't be able to hear him anyway.

Because in the end, Jones is still standing on his own two feet, albeit weakly, while Daniel seems spent.

"Phew." Another close one thinks Johnny giving a quick bow to the fallen Daniel and then waving to the crowd.

"NDP finals! Here I come!"

The Funk is strong in this one.

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