NDP Championships - NDP Season 2 Quarterfinals: MrJones vs Yuri

Description: In the finals for the Neo Development Project, it's groovy fighter Mr. Jones taking on Kyokugen fighter Yuri Sakazaki. Will the groove be in the heart, or will Kyokugen kick butt? (WINNER: Mr. Jones)

Screw it.

Almost everybody got interviewed by Jezebel, or Lighting Spangles as she's calling herself nowadays, but all Mister Jones got was a bitter taste of a past he wanted to fix. Utterly frustrated by the events of his supposedly old friend cowgirl, Mister Johnny Jones decides to shake off this hesitation and do as he has always done before.

Trust in the Funk and let it guide his path.

Entering the arena, hands on his pockets, Johnny grins at the deafening cheers of the crowd as the announcer heralds the coming of Mister Jones. It was good to have this feeling again, he was getting tired of all these petty ideals that had taken up after his self proclaimed title of justice defender. With all this nonsense about defending the weak and righting wrongs, Johnny had forgotten why he got into the business in the first place.

Fame, justice, riches...all these things were meaningless!

All he cared about was the fighting!

The Kyokugen prodigy is no stranger to Mister Johnny Jones. He had encounter the plucky Karateka girl once or twice in his road of the fighting circuit. He knew that she was powerful enough to satisfy his thirst for dancing and thus eagerly jumped into the ring, spinning on his heel a couple of times ending with a flashy disco pose. Left hand on hip, right up pointing slightly to an angle.


He was ready!

COMBATSYS: MrJones has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
MrJones          0/-------/------=|

Today is a big day for Yuri Sakazaki. She's fought her way through the Neo Development Project and has risen to a rather high ranking. Even she was a bit surprised to learn that she had made the finals. But to her, it's all good since it not only gives her a chance to improve herself, but to also showcase Kyokugen to even more fans and potential students! It's going to be a great fight in Yuri's opinion.

However, Yuri's not just doing this because she wants to be the champion, or to prove Kyokugen is the best. She's doing this in honor of a former teammate of hers during the King of Fighters tournament.

Quon Chen.

Once a fighter with great potential, his life, sadly, ended abruptly in a tragic manner. But Yuri won't let that get her down. She's going to fight in honor of her old teammate, as well as to prove to her other teammate, Howard Rust, that she can do this!

Yuri stands at the edge of the arena, warming up and stretching her body for the fight. As soon as she finishes, she turns and spots Mr. Jones, and almost immediately recognizes him. "You again?" She asks with a playful smirk. "Well, I guess I have no choice!" She approaches and gets into her fighting stance. "Let's do this!"

COMBATSYS: Yuri has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
MrJones          0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0             Yuri

This is it! The Kyokugen crowd who all came to America is now all seated down in one of the shaded lower seats (buying plane tickets was bad enough, plane tickets AND top row seating was just too much). Most of them have been disciplined (read: intimidated and beaten) into proper respectably quiet seating from their dojo training. None of them have any colorful cheering signs or what have you - even if Takuma isn't present to watch his daughter, just about every student fears getting on his bad side for making a bad show of things.
Howard Rust - seated more towards the front of the gathered - politely claps at the obligatory announcements of names and such. There's something of a smile on his face. It really is kind of good to just get out and enjoy seeing something good unfold for onc--
One of the Jones fans in front of him waves around a sign and yells loudly, blocking his view and drowning out his ears with shrill cheer.
Son of a bitch, I should've forked for the box seats, Howard inwardly mumbles as he tries to peak out the other side of the sign to the complaints of another Kyokugen student trying to see as well.

"Me again.."

Johnny Jones flashes a grin.

"Me me me me.." Fortunately for everyone involved, Mister Jones doesn't suddenly multiply into several identical versions of himself, he's probably just making a reference to one of his movies. Dude played a whole lot of roles including villains sometimes, he knows how to act the part if he really wants to be intimidating.

Mister Smi--Err.. Jones takes a few casual steps towards the center of the ring, shade covered eyes staring at the young Karateka girl, she has lost none of her zeal it seems. Which is good, Johnny likes him some fighters with zeal.

Bowing first, the Action Star does his traditional Kung Fu salute of Peace over Power. No matter how much he craves fighting, he always remembers to follow the creeds of old school movies. Never let your kickass powers get to your head, for the Funk is not meant to be used for evil. His fist rests on his open palm as he bows low and stands up straight, giving him the time to ease into his signature Jeet Kune Do stance. Most of his weight resting on the back leg, hands open lightly placed right over his chin and mid section.

The cheers of the crowd is deafening still, both Kyokugen and Jeet Kune Do fans doing their best to drown each other out. Yet Jones tunes everything out and focuses on his target, shades flashing with steely determination. It can be the NDP, or a SNF. A street fight or a tournament. A fight for his life or just for fun! It doesn't matter, the Groove of Life demands the beats to continue and it shall be so.

Mister Jones motions Yuri to 'Come get some' with his hand.

She was ready and so was he.

COMBATSYS: MrJones focuses on his next action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
MrJones          0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0             Yuri

Even if she is childish and playful, Yuri still knows how to be respectful. She bows formally as well, albeit with a huge grin. Then she returns to her fighting stance, and a grin starts to form on her face. "You and I are going to take part in a demonstration of the most awesome fighting style in the world: Kyokugen Karate!" She bounces on her heels slightly as she stands in her stance, watching Mr. Jones carefully. She steps towards him but then steps back, as if trying to fake him out a little and confuse him as to her intentions.

Then, without warning, Yuri attempts to step forwards and then drive her fist forwards. At the same time, she's not yelling out a traditional ki yell, but rather, "FOR QUON!" instead.

COMBATSYS: MrJones blocks Yuri's Jab Punch.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
MrJones          0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0             Yuri

For Quon!?


"Come on babe! That's a cheap shot!" How dare Yuri try to pull at Mister Jones' heartstrings like that? Here he was, trying to tune everything out and just concentrate on the fighting and then the girl has to go and bring the death of Quon into this. He's been trying to hold the pain back, he's been trying to not show that he was absolutely mortified that he failed to save yet /another/ person, he was trying to just pretend he had accepted the death of a boy he was supposed to make into a big star some day!

It really...not..Groovy at all!!

"It ain't nice talking 'bout the dead." Johnny Jones mumbles as Yuri goes for the fake out and punch. The Action Star holds his ground, not falling for the feint and catches the fist with his open palm. "Let the poor boy rest already." He continues with a fierce scowl on his normally very cheerful lips, pulling Yuri by the fist so he can send a piston like punch directly for her liver!

For him, it's business as usual and the kiai remains the same as always.


COMBATSYS: Yuri blocks MrJones' Gaudy Punch.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
MrJones          0/-------/-----==|-------\-------\0             Yuri

"I'm fighting for him and his honor! I'm honoring a fallen teammate!" Yuri shouts angrily in response to Mr. Jones's comment. At the same time, one of her hands goes down to protect her liver from being traumatized. "He was a friend of mine, and I'm doing this partially in his honor!" After recovering from the impact, Yuri steps back and shakes out her hand before wagging a finger at Mr. Jones. "You should know better than to say things like that!"

Yuri stands in her fighting stance, almost like she's trying to formulate a plan of action in her head while trying to get her point through Mr. Jones's brain. "Kiyaaaaaaaaai!" Yuri shouts as she spins towards Mr. Jones with a swift spinning kick done in the air, albeit in an arched manner.

COMBATSYS: MrJones interrupts Chou Mawashi Geri from Yuri with Slide Double.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
MrJones          0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0             Yuri

'FOR QUON!' Those words carry well through the open air of the Red Arena. Even if Howard's having a hard time seeing much past that guy waving the sign, he is carrying something with him today in some sort of remembrance - some kind of silver wrist bangle thing he doesn't think he's ever seen Quon wear, but nonetheless was gifted it in that package that got sent to the dojo. The thumb of his left hand rolls over it every so often.
It's hard to make out what Jones is saying from here along with Yuri's retorts, given the cheers as the fans drown all but the sharpest and loudest yells out thanks to their own noise. Still, Mr. Rust there thinks he miiiight be able to see the arena between the crack of the sign and the top of the Jones fan's head.
Really should've gotten a boxed seat, he winces. The tiny window of view he has to look at what's going on is quickly disrupted by another burst of enthusiastic movement by the guy in front of him.


You got a lot of nerve trying to lecture Mister Jones!

That scowl grows fiercer when Yuri keeps mentioning that name, his body starting to tremble slightly once Yuri jumped back and kept taunting him like that, even waving her finger in the process like if it was just a game to her. Johnny Jones' funk holds strong, it resists the blows refusing to let it disturb the groove of the fight.

But still..

Man, did he find that disrespectful.

"HE WAS MY FRIEND TOO YOU INCONSIDERATE BRAT!" Holy cow! That's one pissed off Groove Master! Johnny momentarily loses control and rather than weave out of the attack all dance like to make it a big show, he charges in SLAMS himself on Yuri's kick catching her by the ankle.

"HAAAII!!" Stretching the girl's leg out, he bring a massive hammer elbow down directly on her knee to injure the joint, not enough to snap her leg, but certainly to leave her quite a bit sore. He recoils in horror, letting Yuri go and walks back, breathing hard with sweat rolling down the side of his face.


Gotta calm down, gotta stay in control. Remember what the movies told you, Jones.

Control your body, do not let it control you.

At first, Yuri seems to be going down for the count, with a bit of pain showing on her face. However, it should also be noted that when Yuri's insulted, she gets pretty angry. And anger tends to fuel Yuri in her fights, so when she gets up, her face is looking a little red. Maybe she should get her blood pressure checked sometime?

"YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THAT!" Yuri screams angrily. "NOBODY CALLS ME A BRAT AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!" Gritting her teeth and breathing rapidly, Yuri brings one hand behind her and then thrusts it forward, sending forth a blast of chi.

COMBATSYS: MrJones dodges Yuri's Ko'ou Ken.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
MrJones          0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0             Yuri

Jones' retort brings a brief quiet to the crowds closer to the front. The resulting screaming from Yuri's end reaches Howard's ears as the guy in front of him lowers his sign to that sudden, brutal counterattack from the first Neo Dev champion himself onto her leg. Howard knows how Yuri looks when she's angry, and now, she sure looks really angry and he is kind of happy he's not there.
The older man starts to sink in his seat as he wonders if it really was a good idea to be the harbinger of bad news that night - it seems it affected Yuri pretty deeply, to say nothing of Jones himself.

"I said I was sorry! Gawd!"

Jones has to admit he gets a little bit intimidated by Yuri even if she's the younger fighter here. Although, almost to the point of being comical, he's a little perturbed that Yuri seems to be royally pissed off not at getting her leg almost snapped in half and not by getting told that what she was doing was disrespectful. No, these things don't seem to bother the Karateka gal at all. She gets annoyed that Jones called her a kid! Pfft, who cares about near crippling injuries or controversial social faux pas? Getting reminded of your age had priority! Or maybe the reputation of Kyokugen fighters all being insane is well deserved.

Johnny dives for cover as the chi blast comes his way, and rolls out of the way quickly to get into Yuri's oblique angle, Jeet Kune Do stance maintained at all times. Yuri will huff and puff but Jones would much rather keep his Groove any day of the week.

"OoOoOoO!!" Launching himself into a run to close distance, the Groove Master explodes forward with his back leg still tuning out the controversial murmurs of the crowd, all he can see and hear right now is Yuri's face. Which he aims to punch with his Funky Powered Knuckles!


COMBATSYS: Yuri blocks MrJones' Retro Knuckle.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
MrJones          0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0             Yuri

Just saying you're sorry isn't always good enough. Namely in situations like this, since Yuri hates being called a brat. It's one of the worst words to use towards her. Meanwhile, Yuri tenses up and blocks against the incoming knuckle. "You've got the upper hand now, but I'm just getting warmed up." Yuri cracks her knuckles and steps back slightly before resuming her stance.

COMBATSYS: Yuri focuses on her next action.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
MrJones          0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0             Yuri

Mista' Jay bounces when his fist collides against Yuri's guard and slides back to avoid a potential counter attack. Yuri still looks pretty freaking mad and she's likely prone to attack him recklessly. He ducks a little, expecting an attack of some sort, ready to weave out of the way but instead Yuri tries to show off by cracking her knuckles and utter some menacing words to Tha' Jones.

Well, at least he got her to shut up about Quon. That was his main concern here.

While she's busy swearing vengeance upon the Action Star, Johnny takes a few sliding steps forward, just inching his way in first before he sends a sneaky back handed left jab right at Yuri's exposed face. Just popping her in the nose once to keep her honest, that's all.


COMBATSYS: MrJones successfully hits Yuri with Jab Punch.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
MrJones          0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\0             Yuri

Yuri tries to duck down, not wanting to be bopped in the nose, but it fails. She gets hit and steps back, holding her nose while going cross-eyed as she tries to look at it. While she can't entirely see the damage, she finds blood on her fingers (she is wearing red gloves you know) and realizes what she feared is true.

Nevertheless, Yuri uses her gi to wipe away some of the blood before turning to face Mr. Jones again. "You haven't seen the true power of Kyokugen just yet! Take THIS!" Yuri rushes at Mr. Jones, attempting to deliver her own version of the Dragon Punch, custom styled to her own Yuri style!

COMBATSYS: MrJones blocks Yuri's Yuri Chou Upper.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
MrJones          0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0             Yuri

So..it wasn't just to keep her honest! Jones was trying to bloody Yuri's nose a little and it succeed! That's what she gets for messing with Johnny's Groove, don't nobody touches that and gets away with all their blood still inside their body! Now that he's gotten his revenge, Johnny Jones can ease back into the dance and not fight as sadistically which helps really, since by keeping himself in the defensive he is able to see that incoming uppercut and slap it out of the way with his open palm!

"Woo!" Johnny dances circles around Yuri looking for a spot to exploit and finds it in the form of Yuri's visible ribs as she has her arm raised up in the air. He dives in, left arm up to for the overhead block and keep the girl's arm up there where he wants it, following it up by another piston strike to the girl's body where he aims to put pressure on her ribs via fierce punch!


COMBATSYS: Yuri dodges MrJones' Arc Fliegan.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
MrJones          0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0             Yuri

Dance all you want, but Yuri prefers to be the leader. So she steps out of the way of the incoming attack from Mr. Jones and shakes her head, sticking out her tongue in a raspberry. "Sorry, but it looks like you need a new choreographer, buddy!" Yuri says, now shifting from angry to sarcastic. In fact, that evil grin on her face shows just how abruptly she can shift moods.

"Let me show you some steps of my own!" Yuri then adds, before rushing at Mr. Jones and attempting to grab him. If successful, she'll administer a series of slaps to the face, before knocking him away with a huge slap!

COMBATSYS: MrJones dodges Yuri's Hyakuretsu Binta.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
MrJones          0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0             Yuri

As the Quon disquiet has finally quieted, the exchanges of blows are a lot easier to focus on for the crowds - and they become noisy anew with how well Mr. Jones seems to be controlling the pacing of the fight. After all, he is the previous champion!
It's when Yuri starts to really get her game going that there's bursts of cheer anew from the (smaller) Kyokugen fanbase all gathered here. The actual Kyokugen students remain largely composed out of harshly distilled discipline, but some are beginning to break into a sweat. If Yuri is swept aside so easily, what will it mean for the rest of them? Will their demonstration in Sunshine City go well after all this?
The guy throws the sign up above him again, and Howard decides he's had enough. "H-Hey, hey." He tries to speak up. "Hey, you, could you lower your si--"
"Shut up, man, tryin' to watch--" The young man turns around to watch and see who's addressing him. His eyes widen as the tired face of an aging man bear down upon him.
"Your sign, uh, could you keep it d--"
"Sorry, man, I, I didn't know, I'll--"
"Just, just lower your si--"
"Don't hurt me," the Jones fan starts to cower, "I didn't know that was you, jus--"
"Look, just," Howard raises a hand as if to emphasize calm, "keep the sign down so I ca--"
"I had two brothers go into that war, man, I know... it's cool, man, it's--"
"It's okay. All right, enough. Enough. It's... okay." Mr. Rust grumbled as he tilts his head a bit to the side again to try and watch the goings on.
And so, the man starts waving the sign around again. (Sigh!)


Johnny likes to think himself a hero of the children as well, but Yuri's immaturity was getting to him. As Yuri evaded his attack haughtily calling him on his technique, Mister Jones tries his best to not fall for her game when she rushes at him trying to /slap/ him of all things.

He sighs and puts his hands on his pockets, sliding out of the way backwards with a moonwalk to evade the..well..very girly, very immature attacks.

The Disco Fighter keeps on moonwalking and adjusts his stance only after he has cleared away from Yuri. Although rather than continue attacking her or taunting or anything that could be considered useful, the Groove Master slides his sleeve and looks at his watch with some annoyance. This fight is taking too long.

Well, at least people on the sidelines seem to be having fun.

COMBATSYS: MrJones gains composure.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
MrJones          0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0             Yuri

Yuri curses to herself as she finds she gets nothing but air after her attempt to grab Mr. Jones and slap some sense into him. But that doesn't mean Yuri's done yet. In fact, Yuri's just warming up if you ask her. There's no stopping her once she gets into a fight. In fact, as she looks up and looks at the various spectators, she smiles as she remembers there are many people who could become new students of Kyokugen!

"What's the matter? Aren't you going to attack?" Yuri asks teasingly. "If you're not going to, then I'll be glad to!" Yuri jumps upwards into the air, and then sends forth a fireball at Mr. Jones.

COMBATSYS: MrJones blocks Yuri's Rai'ou Ken.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
MrJones          0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0             Yuri

"It's coming, don't worry."

Mister Jones, who half thinks he should check on his cellphone messages while Yuri is busy taunting him, decides against it to look up and stare daggers at the irritating Kyokugen prodigy. Sighing a little he thinks that the best way to get through this is by punching Yuri silly and fortunately for him...he's pretty decent at doing that.

"ATAAAA!!" A burst of anger explodes inside of him when Yuri shoots another chi blast his way and he reacts the way he does when anyone throws something at him. He punches right through it and continues the trajectory of his attack to slam his fist right into Yuri's face again!

The backwards moonwalking gesture and watch stare on Jones' part is met with some laughter. They're making sport of a challenger! It might be a hilarious sight for those who love a little showboating, but to others it is an incredibly disrespectful gesture to his opponent.
"You sass 'em man! You sass 'em!" Says the Jones fan with the obnoxious sign.
Howard, on the other hand, former KoF teammate and someone who trains alongside Yuri just about every day, sees a man who is completely failing to respect the efforts of a young girl who - while immature - is nothing but sincere about wanting to uphold her family's martial arts honor given her singular focus. It's actually kind of heartbreaking to watch Mr. Jones make complete sport of her given all she went through to get where she is today in terms of strength and ability.
As Mr. Jones punches his way through the Rai'ou Ken, Howard actually finds it in himself to stand up, hand down on the seat in front of him, and lean forward to try his damned hardest to be heard above all the commotion of the battlefield.
"C'mon Yuri!" He calls. "You got this far! You got this far, you ca--"
"HELL YEAH!" The Jones fan thrusts his sign up in cheer and accidentally smacks Howard in the face with it.
Another awkward exchange of apologies and attempts to communicate inside a highly noisy arena is sure to follow moments later.

COMBATSYS: Yuri blocks MrJones' Aggressive Strike.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
MrJones          0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0             Yuri

Yuri brings her guard up to protect her face and while she does avoid another bloody nose, it does still hurt her forearms. The more she does this, the harder it hurts. But she refuses to give up, no matter how difficult it seems. "You don't know how it feels to lose a former teammate! You don't!" She breathes deeply, trying to get back into this.

COMBATSYS: Yuri gains composure.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
MrJones          0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0             Yuri

Again with talking about Quon.

Mister Jones would say he's getting irritated, but that would just be putting it nicely. Is that all Quon was to Yuri? A measly teammate? The scowl on Mister Jones' lips returns as his punch collides with Yuri's guard again, but rather than bouncing back this time he follows his attack with vicious fury, utterly ignoring the scuffle that seems to be going on the front row.

"Alright." Jones is angry, but he can think clearly despite his slowly building Disco Rage. "Let's dedicate this fight for Quon then."

"It's what he would want, anyway."

Johnny Jones attacks with his right fist this time, just as Yuri takes a breather, he sends a piston strike at her neck to injure her windpipe and cut that air she's breathing from ever reaching her lungs!


COMBATSYS: Yuri dodges MrJones' Gaudy Punch.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
MrJones          0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0             Yuri

Yuri gains enough air to regain her focus, and then she drops into a crouch to avoid the incoming attack by Mr. Jones. Meaning that she has plenty of air within her body to revive her fighting spirit. And that's not all either. In fact, she's going to attempt to sweep Mr. Jones off his feet with a foot sweep!

COMBATSYS: MrJones interrupts Light Kick from Yuri with Slide Double.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
MrJones          0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1             Yuri

As Yuri ducks low to avoid the punch to her neck, she makes the mistake of staying in Mister Jones' 'killzone' so to speak. She may have avoided the series of attacks, but she's still within range, and when she tries to go for the sweeping kick to his ankles, Johnny Jones doesn't need to put a lot of effort to deal with it.

Yuri goes low and Jones' leg goes up.


Promptly kicking her right in the chest before she can sweep him sending her sprawling down on the ring.

Yuri curses to herself as she finds she gets nothing but air after her attempt to grab Mr. Jones and slap some sense into him. But that doesn't mean Yuri's done yet. In fact, Yuri's just warming up if you ask her. There's no stopping her once she gets into a fight. In fact, as she looks up and looks at the various spectators, she smiles as she remembers there are many people who could become new students of Kyokugen!

"What's the matter? Aren't you going to attack?" Yuri asks teasingly. "If you're not going to, then I'll be glad to!" Yuri jumps upwards into the air, and then sends forth a fireball at Mr. Jones.

Yuri is humiliated... and hurt. She's splayed on the ground, grunting as she tries to get up, her body giving out on her as she tries to get back up. Breathing heavily, Yuri groans as she gets back up onto her feet and dusts herself off. Then she slaps her hands against her face, trying to keep herself from passing out. After a few slaps, she shakes her head and stares at Mr. Jones with a defiant glare.

"I've been playing nicely with you," Yuri says with a scowl. "But ever since I mentioned Quon, you blew your top at me, and you insulted me! Even if you beat me, I can assure you now that I will make you regret labelling me a 'brat!' If we have to settle this again another time, then I'll be there!" Yuri begins to close her eyes, focusing her chi into her hands and preparing to emphasise her point.

And then it happens...

"HAOH SHO KO KEN!" Yuri cries out as a large fireball comes flying from her hands, which are raised apart from each other, and goes flying at Mr. Jones. Talk about major emphasis!

COMBATSYS: Yuri successfully hits MrJones with Haoh Sho Ko Ken.
-**- LUNATIC HIT!! -**-

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
MrJones          1/------=/=======|=======\==-----\1             Yuri

Back over in the stands, there's another surge of cheer as Tha' Jones pushes through one of Yuri's many kicks with the same bone-crushing, overpowering force of the Funk guiding his rhytmic Disco beatdown. Nobody can - or should - call foul on his solid, powerful offense. He /is/ the previous season's champion, and if this showing says anything, it's that he could well be primed to make it as the two-time champion indeed!
Everyone loves a good comeback story of an actor of a flagging movie career being able to pick himself up and prove himself a superstar in the ring, and in this respect, Mr. Jones does not disappoint. He's had a perfect seven win streak this season and he could be looking at a perfect finish.
All the more reason for that guy in front of Rust to still be cheering madly enough to not be able to hear or understand the older man's pleas for him to lower the sign away so he can more clearly watch what's going on, but he can tell based on that cheer alone that it's not looking good for Yuri.
Howard decides to try and raise his voice again to call out to her, but his voice just doesn't break through the crowds. In the end, no matter the well wishes of those who still hope for Yuri to pull through, it is going to rest upon her to stand and show off Kyokugen might!


Johnny Jones can handle up close fighting fairly well, but as it showed on his fight against Ken's prodigious student, Shun, he can't seem to do as well with chi projectiles. Despite putting the hurt on Yuri, she proves that the Kyokugen might holds strong by getting up and shoot an insanely large blast of power Tha' Jones' way.

He puts his arms up in a cross, thinking that this one might be just too big to simply punch through and boy was he right. The Haoh Sho Ko Ken engulfs his form threatening to burn him into a funky pile of dust as it blasts right through him, past the ring and into the protective barrier behind them that covers the crowd.

Johnny Jones is still standing there, even though he's considerably...shall we say...darker. "Dang." He coughs out smoke, licking his fingers to grasp at his hair and put out the small flame that was forming on his afro hair. No need to go to the styler when you got your hair burned almost every fight!

He shrugs his shoulders though. "Eh." Yuri wants to consider him a rival? That's uh...cool, he thinks. He ain't one that holds grudges and maybe Yuri could use this as an opportunity to grow, the least he can hope is that if she start tailing him about some of his Funky Groove might rub off on her.

He might not have been able to save, Eiserne, or Adon, or Jezebel or..Quon..

But maybe he could save Yuri from herself?


Johnny Jones charges forward, undaunted, leaping at Yuri with a his left leg extended aiming to guillotine kick her right in the neck and crush her windpipe for real this time!

COMBATSYS: MrJones successfully hits Yuri with Groove Master.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
MrJones          0/-------/-------|=======\=======\1             Yuri

As Yuri regains her position from that attack, she's a little too winded to realize that her ability to move has been hampered by the damage she's taken. She also is losing her ability to see clearly, which, combined with that, means that attempting to get Mr. Jones to miss her is easier said than done. A lot easier said than done. Namely because Mr. Jones catches her and her windpipe gets crushed, which removes the air from her lungs once again, and causes her to gag.

Yuri also twists her neck a little and hits her head against Mr. Jones's foot, dazing her a little too much. She's struggling to stay on her feet, gritting her teeth almost like she's trying to resist the inevitable. Only a tiny drop of fuel remains. If she uses it improperly, she'll pass out. The best thing to do here would be to either try to catch her breath or just let gravity do its job and draw her onto the ground. But Yuri isn't going to lose that easily.

Taking a few obviously pained deep breaths, Yuri tries to focus on Mr. Jones and her hands begin to glow with chi once again. "You got me... but I'm still not going to let... you win that easily!" Yuri's glow begins to increase more and more, her eyes narrowed but still struggling to stay focused on Mr. Jones. It gets bigger and bigger... and then...

"DENJIN HAOH SHO KO KEN!" Yuri screams out as she brings forth her hands and then sends forth several large fireballs aimed directly at Mr. Jones at a very fast rate of speed. Unfortunately, as soon as the last fireball is sent, Yuri falls over flat on her face.

COMBATSYS: Yuri can no longer fight.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
MrJones          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: MrJones blocks Yuri's Denjin Haoh Sho Ko Ken.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
MrJones          0/-------/------=|

Told ya Johnny Jones could totally play the villain.

It's quite a sight to see, the perseverant young girl doing her very best against a skilled and arrogant Kung Fu guy. It had been a grueling fight, though it was obvious that Johnny was always one step ahead from the Kyokugen prodigy saved for the second to last desperate fireball.

Jones' kick connects solidly, Yuri falls holding her neck and everything seems to go in slow motion..

Until the two hit the floor, Jones feet first and Yuri barely hanging on.

His shades flash at Yuri swears revenge at him for taking her out of the finals. It seems just like yesterday that he had returned to the fighting world as a goofball and a jokester, someone that was considered a joke and was pretty much fodder to more competent fighters. He wouldn't last too long they said, he would fail at this just as he had failed in his movies.

And now..he has half a stadium cheering for him and a young upstart promising that they will one day catch up to him even if it's the last thing they do.

Fate seems to be...whimsical...

Jones stretches a hand out to meet the incoming fireblast, he is ready this time, he won't let it engulf him. It collides against his calloused, hard worked hands, and stops it from blasting through his body as the other did, digging his back heel on the ground until at last it flickers out of existence.

A sigh, Yuri falls and she's not getting back up, half the crowd is silent while the rest, a relatively small percentage apparently, cheer. Those ever present shades flash as they stare to the immobile body of Yuri. He should feel bad, he thinks, he should try and apologize, he wonders, but he can't and he doesn't.

Because all he feels is respect.

"I'll be waiting." Mister Jones smirks but does not bow, Yuri wants to think him a bully and a jerk, he can play the part, he's an actor after all, it's what he does. Mister Johnny Jones swiftly turns around and exits the arena walking slowly, one hand on his pocket while the other is raised up high in the air claiming victory, soaking in the cheers and the boos. All while smirking, thinking he had made a strange rival today.

After all, it's true what they say in the business.

No such thing as bad publicity.

COMBATSYS: MrJones takes no action.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
MrJones          0/-------/------=|

The crowd closest to the front cowers as the remainder of the Haoh Sho Ko Ken's force rattles the protective barrier. Even the Jones fan in front of Howard ducks and covers his head. The war veteran, too, even seems notably shocked at the sheer force of it, even if inwardly he might have to say that, yeah, Yuri came on strong all right.
That the Jones guy in front of him keeps ducked over out of fear lets him see - in excruciating detail - the follow-up rising kick that would claim the fight, and Yuri's last gasp as she tosses yet another great wave of chi - the extremely famous Kyokugen super-fireball - and the resulting sight of Yuri falling onto her face.
The referees are already doing the count, as Howard leans in closer while the Jones fan still cowers from that giant fireball hitting the protective screen. When she's not getting back up after the haze of that last blast of energy fades in its splash around Jones, it becomes clear to him and the rest of the crowd as to who the victor is.
...It is especially to the cowering Jones fan who suddenly becomes so jubilant that he thrusts his sign up with such force that he knocks Howard right back into his seat in an unmatched display of extreme strength and force through sheer enthusiasm. (What the hell do they feed that guy with the sign? /What is it made of?/ Could this fan actually be an amazing fighter whose extreme team spirit compels him to great heights?)
The other Kyokugen students look to one another worryingly, as though strategizing as to how to best break the news (if they're going to at all) to Takuma himself as they call the match in favor of the current reigning champion.
Mr. Jones' name is called in victory and to the cheers of many others, as Howard thinks to pull himself up with a creak of an elbow and the rubbing of his side. He hit his own seat pretty hard.
"C'mon," he signals to some of the other Kyokugen students. He suspects Yuri is going to need a fair bit of pep talk after another instance of what could be another in a line of great disappointments. They're likely to miss Zach's and Munin's own matches in the process, unfortunately. He gives the odd silver bangle Quon left for him another look and nods once before he goes through the process of trying to pass through the other people seated next to him on the way out of the spectator seats.

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