Blood Type:B+
Nationality:African American
Hometown:Metro City
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Black
Hobbies:Video games, creative writing
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


For most of her life Kelly Mason has lived in the shadow of her siblings' success, in part for her own safety. Now, she finally takes her first steps into a larger world. After a life-altering encounter involving darkstalkers, Kelly has been gifted with the power to generate and release psionic energy, and she considers it her mission to master these abilities in the service of good! Since she spent most of her life watching her siblings do great (and sometimes terrible) things, she has dreamed of the day she could join them on a bigger stage. Despite the suffering she has endured she welcomes this opportunity with open arms!

Style:Soft-styled Martial Arts with Psionic Powers
Signature Move:Psionic Burst -- ENERGY
Signature Ability:REFLECT -- DEFLECT

Recent Logs

SNF: Soldiers of Fortune - The Shinsekai District was once regarded at the most dangerous part of Osaka. Now? It's a shopaholic's paradise. And just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, with bargains up both the ying and the yang. And what better way to influence the street-side sales than world-famous celebrity Lyraelle. Backing her up is the duo of Lilith and Kelly, double Darkstalkers that will gang on up the charming dominator. As an added bonus, all three will all have to highlight the high quality bargains around the open air market as they fight! - Log created on 20:03:29 05/16/2020 by Lyraelle, and last modified on 05:07:36 05/17/2020. Cast: Lilith, Kelly, and Lyraelle.

SNF: Refined Tastes - Kelly has been a regular face through the SNF season; despite her strange powers and Darkstalker nature, she has seen nearly as many fights on the regular forum as the sister format, the Midnight Channel. As such, she makes for an excellent introduction to new fighters on the scene. The newest fighter? Area, bringing in her father's machinery to the refinery in order to demonstrate the pure power of his technological wizardry. Will it impress Kelly, or will the patent be pending? - Log created on 18:43:31 10/05/2018 by Area, and last modified on 09:40:13 10/06/2018. Cast: Kelly and Area.

Stuck In A Moment - Aranha wakes up in the backstage area after his championship bout with Mike Bison. His sister, Kelly comes into check in on him. Aranha's got to get himself together... - Log created on 20:27:49 10/01/2018 by Aranha, and last modified on 12:34:14 10/05/2018. Cast: Aranha and Kelly.

SNF: Streams Of Consciousness - After recovering from being Marduk's at the Comic Convention, Kelly positions herself in a much more mundane fight, far away from 400 lb psychopaths. And yet, the psychic creature Kelly finds herself thrust into the hottest new online sensation: Siying. Taking place at the scenic Electric Fountain in Brazil, Kelly has already signed away her likeness for monetization at Siying's streaming. But the empath will find a brooding darkness behind Siying's plastic smile, and the Internet Celebrity is more than eager to make Kelly work for Siying's money. - Log created on 02:19:44 09/03/2018 by Kelly, and last modified on 23:49:34 09/10/2018. Cast: Kelly and Siying.

SNF: The Joker's Wild - One of the most important comic book characters is Batman's villain, The Joker. According to our crack team of comic experts, Joker looked like someone was trying to fix Boo Radley from the Harpy Lewis novel "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings." The act drove him permanently psychotic, then Harley Quinn attached to him, wanted a family because she retreated into fantasy as a child. With such a deft and detailed analysis, there was only one man who could handle the deep psychological and sociological implications of The Joker: Craig Marduk. With the wrestler determining the style of Joker he will play (with our experts expecting a take similar to Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum: Serious House on a Serious Earth), he will be facing both Felicia and Kelly, who shall take whatever comic cosplay they feel is appropriate against the nuanced neo-expressionism of Marduk, right at the Sunshine City Comic Con (hosted in the Dragon Arena). - Log created on 18:59:23 06/14/2018 by Marduk, and last modified on 19:28:59 06/18/2018. Cast: Marduk, Felicia, and Kelly.

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