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"A mother's work is never done, darling~"

Deep in the taiga of Eastern Europe, Slavic legends talk of a witch that lurk in the depths of the words. Called Baba Yaga or Jezibaba, the witch was rumored to have incredible powers over life, death, and the spirits. Whenever a child went missing, or strange misfortune struck a family, it was all blamed upon the witch, who was rumored to be a cannibalistic monster. The Sami people, a tribe living deep in the north, have a much more personal name for this creature: Eadni, or 'Mother.' To these people, was known to be a protector of the natural world, a guardian to act between the boundaries of life and death. Whether she is a protector of life, or a consumer of children remains lost in legend, but one rumor rises above both stories: that she takes her name of 'Old Mother' quite seriously... and is always looking for good children to adopt, willingly or otherwise.

Style:The Old Ways
Signature Move:When The Bough Breaks -- PHYSICAL THROW ENERGY COUNTER
Signature Ability:PRESENCE -- ECLIPSE

NOL Bounty Data

Eadni AKA: Old Mother
Class: BBounty: $110,000.00
WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Dangerous Darkstalker with confirmed violence against humans and suspected involvement with disappearances.

Recent Logs

Illyria Act 1 - Visions of Finality - Who in the realm today has choice of the easy road or the hard to tread? / and, much concerned for his own estate, would sell his soul to remain in the sun? / Let him depart nor look on our dead / our King asks nothing of any man more than our King has done. (Rudyard Kipling, "The Dead King") - Log created on 12:45:27 03/21/2018 by Elise, and last modified on 13:27:23 03/27/2018. Cast: Elise and Eadni.

Act 3: Mission 11) Which Witch Will - Like Makai, Eadni is far darker one may consider for the servants of Raiden. And yet, she lends her support to the thunder god, respecting the divine forces and using her black magic to bind allies to his cause. She has many preparations in place for the inevitable warriors that will come to her doorstep. But does not expect the strange wanderings of Axl Low, who has come to change the future. - Log created on 18:14:21 11/13/2017 by Axl Low, and last modified on 01:47:37 12/01/2017. Cast: Eadni and Axl Low.

MK Round 4: Kenshi vs Eadni -- Wasp vs Spider - The final rounds will be pre-determined, as my duties as arbiter have, as I've said, drawn mine attentions... elsewhere. Of all, this round you will be battling for stations, of which there are six... The winner of the title of SPIDER will battle WASP." - Log created on 21:49:43 01/10/2017 by Eadni, and last modified on 17:29:34 01/19/2017. Cast: Eadni and Kenshi.

MK Round 4: Alexis vs Eadni - "Amongst those who have come forward, I find ALEXIS the most captivating. To think that she has come so far on such thin trappings. To that end, EADNI has disappointingly not come far at all. However, I find that the tournament has a way of whiling its way to finding the strongest. On the eve of the Grand Trials, perhaps I can offer a convincing boon. Consider this my charity for the one who mounts the station of SPIDER, as arbiter of this great tournament. I will hold your battle at the Kombat Tomb. For the winner, I offer an audience. Should you find the offer I make seductive, perhaps you may yet leave this place with your life." - Log created on 14:42:59 12/07/2016 by Eadni, and last modified on 19:49:57 12/15/2016. Cast: Alexis and Eadni.

MK Round 1: Reptile vs Eadni - Shang Tsung: "REPTILE. Find the old woman who spoke out of turn at the reception. EADNI, I believe. I find those of loose tongue somewhat ill of manners. Perhaps she will find herself more amenable to your brand of conversation." - Log created on 11:58:48 09/12/2016 by Reptile, and last modified on 15:22:38 09/20/2016. Cast: Reptile and Eadni.

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