Full Name:Rosalind von Eisenschloss
Faction:Sacred Order
Weight:142 lbs.
Blood Type:A-
Hometown:Saxony, Germany
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Black
Date of Birth:October 23
Hobbies:Crafts, puzzles, practicing her whip technique
Personal Treasures:Scale model of the old von Eisenschloss castle
Favorite Food:Alexandertorte
Likes:Fixing things, problem solving
Dislikes:Mindlessness, unclear solutions
Best Sport:Jenga
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Lucie Pohl
Theme Song:


"See? Better than new."

A German citizen descended from a defunct noble house with roots in the Teutonic Order, Rosalind has taken on her bloodline's mantle of knighthood in service to the modern institution of the Sacred Order. A gifted armourer, Rosalind designs and maintains modern takes on traditional arms and armour, the most unusual of which is a weapon able to shift forms between whip and sword. She herself wields the serpentine blade in combat with surprising precision, ever seeking to hone the unusual art in battle. Some have observed that the weapon seems almost to have a mind of its own in the knight's hands...

Style:Schlangenschwert (Snake Sword)
Signature Move:Steel Constrictor -- PHYSICAL THROW COUNTER
Signature Ability:MANIPULATE -- SHROUD

Recent Logs

Black Dragon R4 - Ironforge Destiny - Life has been hard for Lukacs. Not only was Szabolc kidnapped, while he was out recovering from a humiliating loss against Lotus, but he had to go and try and channel with his armlet while alone in his tent. Now it is broken, and not even Istvan of the Caretakers can fix it. But an Illyrian Smith by the name of Rosalind can't help but overhead the poor Podiebrad, and offers to fix it. Unfortunately, Istvan does not tolerate being upstaged by outsiders... - Log created on 21:13:34 05/26/2020 by Daniel, and last modified on 23:07:27 06/05/2020. Cast: Rosalind and Bela.

SNF: Big Rock Candy Mountain - Taking place in a train car, it is filled with the most noble of clown archetypes: Hobos! While less comical than their circus counterparts, they make a decent audience for the SNF match. Fumiko, the iaijutsu expert, boards the train, ready to appreciate the natural artwork of Americana. Amongst the hobos, however, is the Sacred Order Acolyte Rosalind. Armed with her own infused weapon, it is a clash of swords and whips as the train travels across the midland USA. - Log created on 11:36:16 06/09/2018 by Fumiko, and last modified on 12:01:34 06/22/2018. Cast: Rosalind and Fumiko.

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