Full Name:Robert Richards
Blood Type:O+
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blond
OOC Data
Status:Available for Apps
Voice Actor:Patrick Seitz
Theme Song:


"You think I'm charming? Well, that's a start."

Robert Richards--or "Bob"--had been described as a karate master even as a young boy. His skills were nothing short of extraordinary and he took to his training with a seriousness that belied his age. Not only was he famous for his skill, but also for his exremely handsome appearance and rugged manliness. However, he always had one problem: larger opponents. He was never able to beat anyone larger than he! Realizing this, Bob secluded himself for years of special training. When he returned, to say that his transformation was astonishing is an extreme understatement. His rugged looks were gone and he had gained an enormous amount of weight. Ignoring criticism, Bob continues to focus on his preferred style of speed, power, and unyielding weight, surprising many with his abilities despite his size.

Style:Freestyle Karate
Signature Move:Spinach Upper -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RUSH -- BLITZ

Recent Logs

Black Dragon R4 - Mother's Day Massacre - What was to be a ribald Yo Momma SNF takes a horrifying turn, when the Darkstalker Lotus ambushed the Mayor of Southtown, with the intent of killing her. Bob, one of the fighters in the SNF, moves quickly to save the Mayor, but the punk Crock has his own agenda... - Log created on 11:08:20 05/27/2020 by Crock, and last modified on 23:10:43 06/05/2020. Cast: Bob, Lotus, and Crock.

The Trail of Tokugawa, Finale - It was the end of a story. The poor Tokugawa princess was kidnapped. And then, the brave white knights of Bob and Steve, the regular Mario and Luigi of Southtown, saved her from the clutches of the Syndicate. All they needed to do is deliver Mitsuru to her butler, and collect the reward, and they would be on their merry way. But a crisis of conscience comes at the worst possible time, as the truth behind Mitsuru is revealed. - Log created on 22:13:15 01/15/2020 by Mitsuru, and last modified on 15:43:44 01/26/2020. Cast: Steve, Bob, and Mitsuru.

The Trail of Tokugawa, Part 2 - Steve and Bob have found Mitsuru at a sketchy prison in the heart of Chinatown. The pair splits up, with Steve rioting his way right through the front door. When he encounters the warden, however, it becomes a delicate battle over life and death... for the teenager girl's sake. - Log created on 11:31:58 01/10/2020 by Lee Pai Long, and last modified on 22:11:30 01/15/2020. Cast: Lee Pai Long, Steve, and Bob.

The Trail of Tokugawa, Part 1 - Mitsuru Tokugawa is missing. Fortunately, Robert "Bob" Richards is on the case. The last person to see Mitsuru was Steve Fox, but will he have any answers for Bob? Even if he does, will they come easily? - Log created on 14:32:04 12/26/2019 by Bob, and last modified on 13:36:00 12/30/2019. Cast: Steve and Bob.

Sometime in the Sunshine - NESTS continues its information gathering ways as Agent Upsilon moves his way toward Sunshine City in order to document the physical fighting prowess of noted professional fighter, Robert Richards. Big Bob is tracked down and a fight ensues. But can Bob show NESTS whatfor and beat them back? Will the brazen actions of the egocentric Upsilon draw undue attention on the NESTS Cartel's activities? Only time will tell. - Log created on 11:14:31 08/07/2019 by Upsilon, and last modified on 14:11:00 08/09/2019. Cast: Bob and Upsilon.

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