Full Name:Unknown
Faction:NESTS Cartel
Weight:194 lbs.
Blood Type:O
Nationality:Unknown (dark-skinned)
Hometown:North Pole
Eye Color:Grey
Hair Color:White
Date of Birth:October 7
Hobbies:Raising children
Personal Treasures:The NESTS Cartel
Favorite Food:Grapefruit gelatin
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"A piddling vessel such as yourself can hold only so much power."

Born in one of the earliest North Pole research facilities owned by the NESTS Cartel, Zero has been a member of the organization from the day of his inception. With an authority challenged by none except Igniz, he serves as both a major security consultant and an administrator for key research projects. A curiously honorable figure among those who rank highest in the world's shadow politics, Zero is different from Igniz in that he truly cares about NESTS as an organization and always puts its needs before his own. While he bears no true emnity toward those who would foolishly oppose his organization, those who do find his cybernetially augmented combat abilities mercilessly effective, and their opponent smugly apologetic for their inadequacies. Recently Zero has begun to grow wary of Igniz's appropriation of Cartel resources toward seemingly personal ends. Though he often argues against Igniz's increasingly risky strategies behind closed doors, for now he keeps his thoughts from the rest of the organization for the sake of providing a unified leadership front. Only time will tell how long this can continue.

Style:NESTS-style Flowing Fist
Signature Move:Shera Metsusei -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:REFLECT -- DEFLECT

Recent Logs

Just My Twilight Life - Internet At Home! - With her new Laptop, Honoka goes to build a website for her Twilight Star Circus friends. When Honoka finds herself a victim of cyberbullying on the internet, she calls her friend Marz to help teach her some valuable netiquette when exploring the world of cyberspace. Join Honoka, Marz, and Sudo in learning how to seperate the zeros from the heroes in the World Wide Web! (The cover shows Honoka dressed in a schoolgirl uniform. Next to her is a smiling, warm Sudo dressed as a chef. Both are hovered over a smiling Marz in sunglasses, a baggy hoodie, and jorts. Her skateboard is right at her feet. All are looking at a big CRT computer, as it shows an instant messaging program through AOL. 'SpangleBratJerk' is sending a message to them saying 'You are bad and you should feel bad'. On the far corner of the screen, a leering mustached Zero and grinning Yoshiaki are on another computer, looking like they are in delight at their internet messages) (50 Yen) - Log created on 15:58:47 03/09/2020 by Zero, and last modified on 15:10:36 04/07/2020. Cast: Honoka, Zero, and Marz.

Revolt against the Atelier Group - The suggestions planted in Daigo's mind found deep roots : it is time to act. Gathering as much support as he can from his fellow students, Daigo organizes a rebellion to overthrow the current principal of Gedo High, Mister Smith(Zero) as well as kick out the Atelier Group from Gedo High's ground. Daigo fights alongside Makoto to defeat Zero as well as the guards from the Atelier Group. - Log created on 10:11:47 02/07/2015 by Daigo, and last modified on 20:30:38 02/08/2015. Cast: Zero, Daigo, and Makoto Kato.

Shadaloo vs NESTS: Loyalty - During Shadaloo's assault on NESTS' high-tech cargo shipment, a group of NESTS reinforcements are accosted by Shadaloo agents on their way to the assault. While the predators close in on the transport, one of NESTS' elite agents enters the fray to try and bail them out in time to offer the rest of the cartel's forces some much needed back-up. - Log created on 17:36:56 01/17/2015 by Zero, and last modified on 22:44:45 01/23/2015. Cast: Vyle, Zero, and Lynx.

Attending Extra Classes - Urien decides to go to Gedo and 'assess' the principal with his fists. He finally bites off more than he can chew, with terrible results. - Log created on 14:40:23 12/16/2014 by Urien, and last modified on 23:33:52 12/16/2014. Cast: Urien and Zero.

A NESTS of Vipers - In the weeks before NESTS embarked on its campaign of high school hijinx, Igniz called one of the Cartel's top men back home from a remote assignment to introduce him to its new form--and his. This is what happened... - Log created on 14:25:53 12/01/2014 by Zero, and last modified on 21:13:29 12/16/2014. Cast: Zero and Igniz.

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