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"Do you know the professor? He is a great man.."

His first words were "I am strong.." The result of Professor Von Gerdenheim's research into reviving the dead cells of other humans, Victor came to be when a lightning bolt struck the Professor's lab, taking the Professor's life at the same time it gave him life. However, misunderstanding the professor's unresponsiveness to be disapproval, the monstrous construct set out on a journey into the world to prove himself the strongest, and worthy of praise. Gruff but ultimately personabie for an abomination, Victor is greatly concerned with matters of strength, and tends to think of things in terms of electric current, the force that brought him to life. As it naturally follows, Victor has an almost unbreakable constitution, remaining functioning by route of generating his own electricity deep within his body, staving off the degradation that his monstrous form would normally suffer. Normally Victor uses his brute strength to defeat his opponents, but also is capable of electrifying his body at will, allowing him to subject enemies to the same voltage that brought him to life.

Style:Frankenstein Electric Brawling
Signature Move:Giga Hammer -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:IMBUED-CHI -- NOVA

Recent Logs

HonkHonk - Geese Howard and Victor Ortega have a talk after the latter's battle against the ninja Tundra. It goes about as well as you would expect. - Log created on 17:15:43 05/01/2021 by Geese, and last modified on 03:05:40 05/02/2021. Cast: Geese, Victor, and Victor Ortega.

[The Black Dragon] Black Dragon R3 - The Riddle of Strength - As Kongou searches for someone against whom he can test his strength, a storm brews over the Southtown Village. Perhaps in another time and place, this lightning would signal the arrive of a great hero, but the chaos sewn by the Black Dragon draws yet another monster into Kongou's path... - Log created on 22:41:57 05/05/2020 by Victor, and last modified on 23:51:11 05/06/2020. Cast: Victor and Kongou.

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