Full Name:Ninon Beart
Faction:Seijyun High
Height:5'2" (157cm)
Weight:99 lbs (45kg)
Blood Type:AB
Hometown:Salem, Massachusetts
Eye Color:Lavender
Hair Color:Platinum Blonde/Silver
Date of Birth:November 14
Hobbies:Summoning the devil, placing curses
Likes:A doll from her grandmother, her blundering elder sister
Dislikes:Her preaching elder sister
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Isn't it hard to live... being so weak?"

A dark and serious young woman, Ninon Beart is the younger sister of Mignon Beart, a fact which she is quite keen to display her annoyance about on a regular basis. Taking after their late grandmother much more closely in terms of her skills and dedication to learning, Ninon has a much greater control over her magical powers than her sister, due in no small part to her willingness to go to great extremes in order to obtain that knowledge. Like Mignon, Ninon makes no efforts to hide what she is, proudly proclaiming her witch-blood heritage to any who seek her out. She enjoys the fear and suspicion that this label brings, quite pleased to see the reactions of those who learn that she cavorts with demons and lays down curses at her whim. Ninon despises weakness and those who embrace it, either through laziness or cowardice, tormenting anyone foolish enough to display this trait in her presence. In particular, she takes great pleasure in proving herself to be the superior to her bumbling older sister in every way, whether it be in academics, athletics, or witchcraft.

Style:'Black Magic' and Chinese Boxing
Signature Move:Demiurge Thunderbolt -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:EVADE -- ESCAPE

Recent Logs

[Unholy Genesis] [UG:Round 3] WHERE THE LINES OVERLAP - A witch on a beach! What brings her there? Trinkets! Or perhaps her interest in the dark arts! Whatever interest that Ninon may have, it's interrupted by something that doesn't interest her at all! Zappa! While perhaps normally outmatched, the witch and her new found power stand toe to toe with Zappa! Can this witch survive whatever Zappa is!? - Log created on 20:24:16 04/24/2015 by Zappa, and last modified on 22:21:03 04/27/2015. Cast: Ninon and Zappa.

[Unholy Genesis] [UG:Round 2] WHAT'S IN THE BOX - RIVER OF BLOOD - As a witch and practitioner of black magic, NINON BEART was naturally intrigued by a trip to the demon world. One passing source confirmed to her that an unusual crate that has fallen out of an open convoy headed to the River of Blood. Word has it that the convoy was led by a curious entourage, accompanied by a horde of spider-like darkstalkers humming contentedly to themselves. And the convoy looked to be toting tons of creepy alchemical equipment, leyden jars and whatnot. There's three problems with that crate. The first: it's moving. It's large enough for a human to be inside, just barely. The second: the crate is sealed, and any attempt to open the box results in a rather large explosion of chi. The third: Both NINON and NAEROSE want to find out what's in the box, but it needs to be opened - and thus /moved/ - before the convoy finds out what's happening. The fourth thing isn't really a problem. MIGNON's in the box, and attempting to open the box shocks her too. - Log created on 16:59:01 04/19/2015 by Mignon, and last modified on 20:54:56 04/20/2015. Cast: Naerose, Ninon, and Mignon.

Mignon Loves Ninon So Much! - Mignon had a bad time in the sewers! But then Mignon came back to her dorms, where Ninon was waiting! Ninon missed Mignon so much. So Mignon pays her back by having Ninon do so many nice things for Mignon! Mignon is the best sister ever! - Log created on 01:46:41 12/14/2014 by Mignon, and last modified on 21:15:48 12/14/2014. Cast: Ninon and Mignon.

Art Project - For their art project, several Gedo High students are given some crummy old cameras and told to go out to find examples of the beauty of nature. A few of them take creative liberties with their interpretation of 'natural' and 'beauty'. It ends as well as can be expected. - Log created on 12:45:51 12/10/2014 by Ninon, and last modified on 19:28:21 12/10/2014. Cast: Ninon, Daigo, Rocket, and Nightwolf.

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