Full Name:Jinju Lee
Height:5' 4" (164 cm)
Weight:104 lbs (47 kg)
Blood Type:B
Nationality:South Korean
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Dark blue
Hobbies:Watching movies, particularly hero shows
Favorite Food:Fried chicken, cold noodles
Likes:Her muffler and gloves, Justice!, heroes, tv dramas, tokusatsu, frogs
Dislikes:Evil!!, villains, jerks, laziness, giving up, beetles
Best Sport:Creating heroic poses
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:

May Lee

"For the sake of all those who cannot, I will fight for love and justice!"

A rising star in the Taekwondo scene, May Lee only recently made her debut in regional tournaments around Korea, seeking to follow in the footsteps of her idols Kim Kaphawn and Jhun Hoon. Recognizing her talent and a strong sense of justice, Kim took the young girl under his wing as a student despite the rather obvious differences in their fighting styles. A typical teenage girl in many ways, May Lee is extremely energetic and upbeat, sporting a pretty casual and easy-going approach to life. Don't let her laid-back attitude fool you though! Whenever evil rears its ugly head in her presence she won't hesitate to jump into the fray to fight for justice! Those with knowledge of such things will notice that May Lee's eccentric tendencies stem from a love of "Tokusatsu" style Japanese hero characters, as her scarf and unique 'Hero Mode' are derived heavily from these influences. Her fascination with these fictional figures of justice goes far beyond a simple hobby, however, as May Lee aspires to become recognized around the world as an actual hero herself some day.

Style:Heroic Taekwondo
Signature Move:Blazing Intercept -- PHYSICAL COUNTER
Signature Ability:MINDSET -- SHIFT

Recent Logs

[P-BBB 2018] P-BBB 2018) Roy G Biv - Natsu vs May Lee - With the recent release of Cross Tag, RWBY has been identified as a potential fighting game to integrate. While we sort out whether or not we will allow certain Astral Finishes on certain characters, it's important to see if it is reasonable to include the theme. Taking place at just your regular high school, Natsu and May Lee must adopt their favorite RWBY persona, and carry out their wildest dreams of RWBY! Don't forget to check your Kawaii stat! - Log created on 17:51:32 11/14/2018 by May Lee, and last modified on 21:45:42 11/30/2018. Cast: May Lee and Natsu.

Shopping for Justice - As Koto pursues a coveted collector's item in Southtown, he encounters another fan whose love of justice (and collectable action figures) may even exceed his own. Will Koto secure his prize, or will May Lee triumph? More importantly, who has the most heroic pose?! - Log created on 20:53:34 11/07/2018 by May Lee, and last modified on 21:06:02 11/08/2018. Cast: May Lee and Koto.

[SNF 2018.10] SNF: The Curse Of The Cat People - May Lee, the HERO OF JUSTICE, confronts Felicia, her opponent in the spooky abandoned catfood factory--where they uh, grinded up stuff for kitty treats? Ominous! - Log created on 19:16:20 10/20/2018 by Felicia, and last modified on 22:03:00 10/21/2018. Cast: May Lee and Felicia.

[SNF 2018.06] SNF: Tokusatsu Sentai - In Japan, every summer brings a new and exciting batch of heroes for all the children to look up to and spend all of their parent's hard earned money on the toys for. In celebration of this year's Cross-Over Super Sentai team-up, May Lee will get to live her life to the fullest upon the center stage as Mighty Yellow of Super Sentai Mightranger! Alexis, will be representing the leader of the upcoming team, Gomi Red from Super Sentai Bureiranger. Will May Lee's justice as Mighty Yellow prevail? Will Alexis show her stuff as Gomi Red? It doesn't matter, because either way the kids are going to love it! - Log created on 18:52:23 06/28/2018 by May Lee, and last modified on 20:13:41 07/01/2018. Cast: May Lee and Alexis.

[SNF 2018.05] SNF: Also There is the Coast Guard - The Coast Guard gets more flack then they really deserve. Even though everyone questions just how they can be considered a branch of the Armed Forces, along comes the Navy and begrudgingly admits 'Yeah.. These guys are actually pretty legit...' Patrolling our coasts, preserving our waters and keeping them safe. What better way to celebrate the Coast Guard then by having the Warrior of Justice defend the tourists of Pearl Harbor from the machinations of the vile Black Lotus? Will May Lee's Justice Prevail? Will Lotus get a free hot dog? The only way to find out is to watch and see! - Log created on 19:15:35 05/30/2018 by May Lee, and last modified on 01:29:00 05/31/2018. Cast: May Lee and Lotus.

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