Faction:NESTS Cartel
Height:6'2" (188cm)
Weight:182 lbs
Blood Type:AB
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:White
Date of Birth:October 23rd
Hobbies:Collecting clones of popular celebrities
Personal Treasures:The idea of "family," his career, his own strength
Favorite Food:Sports drinks, delicious buttery crackers
Likes:You. (a lot..)
Dislikes:You. (even more..)
Best Sport:None
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"I'll drag you into the night."

One of the section officers at the highest level of command in the Cartel, Krizalid is one of NESTS' few success stories. He is meant to be the ultimate Kyo Kusanagi clone, created using the most advanced techniques at the cartel's disposal. He is the first in the series created by the project that ultimately resulted in Nameless and K9999, but few know where the base genes for this project really came from. Deadly confident, Krizalid is a powerful fighter, possessing a withering array of abilities augmented by the combat data gathered by the command battlesuit he wears. Fast and vicious, he can manifest three seperate types of energy to attack, including the flames of the Kusanagi, manifesting them at full power without need for a control glove. However, Krizalid's power is also as erratic as his mood. Though he is unfailingly loyal, and genuinely cares for those underneath his command, his own history in NESTS has made him a bitter and ambitious individual, believing himself to be the only true clone of Kyo Kusanagi. This belief drives Krizalid to assure all missions under his control are met with an unnaturally high success rate, doing anything to realize the results he knows he and the Cartel deserves.

Style:NESTS Training + Combat Suit Data
Signature Move:Typhon's Rage "S" -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:ANALYSIS -- CLARITY

Recent Logs

[Golden Angel 2018] Golden Angel: Bathing Suit REQUIREMENT Fulfilled! - In the Golden Angel Gift Shop, KRIZALID takes to the stage in a surprise replacement of Dr. Faust, who wandered through the wrong door, to battle the mysterious SHR1KE. Thankfully, there are absolutely no ulterior motives here and what occurs is merely an epic battle which causes a hilarious amount of property destruction! Of course, you follow Sally Swagger's twitter feed so you know all this already! - Log created on 12:16:26 02/04/2018 by Shr1ke, and last modified on 16:54:13 02/04/2018. Cast: Krizalid, Shr1ke, and Whip.

Regaining Athena's Soul - In the wake of the attack upon Athena at Justice High, Raizo worries about the presence of NESTS in the schools... and the danger of them. However, in leaving the students in the dark, an unanticipated consequence occurs: Sie Kensou learns about the attack, and violating several school rules and federal laws, hunts down the man who did this to Athena. - Log created on 14:55:38 12/31/2014 by Kensou, and last modified on 01:13:21 01/01/2015. Cast: Krizalid and Kensou.

On the Devil's Anvil - A brazen assault with zero fear of retribution is launched into the supposedly protected heart of Justice. Targeted is the Justice High sweetheart, Athena Asamiya as the NESTS Cartel identifies her as a person of interest with the upcoming tournament... - Log created on 00:34:11 12/18/2014 by Athena, and last modified on 18:32:46 12/26/2014. Cast: Athena and Krizalid.

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