Full Name:Heihachi Mishima
Aliases:King of the Iron Fist
Faction:Mishima Zaibatsu
Height:5'10" (179 cm)
Weight:176 lbs (80 kg)
Blood Type:B
Hometown:Saporro, Hokkaido
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Gray
Date of Birth:August 24
Hobbies:Collecting Geta sandals, meditation, bathing, fighting wild animals.
Personal Treasures:The Mishima Financial Group
Favorite Food:Rice
Likes:Kuma, Xiaoyu, World Conquest, Ultimate Power, Himself
Dislikes:Weakness, Meddlers, Explosions, Other Mishimas, Poor People
Best Sport:Ritual Combat
Love Interests:Kazumi Hachijo, R.I.P
OOC Data
Status:Currently Played
Voice Actor:Jamieson Price
Theme Song:Heihachi Mishima Theme


"I am invincible!"

One of the most powerful men to ever walk to earth, Heihachi is the prodigy of the Mishima bloodline, son of the kind-hearted Jinpachi. A ruthless individual who values strength above all else, the impossibly high standards he holds has caused nothing but pain for Kazuya and his adopted son Lee Chaolan. Now in his twilight years, Heihachi has little slowed in personal strength, but has accomplished almost all of the goals he has set out for himself. Although not an antagonist to the world at large, his selfish tendencies serve only to advance himself and the Mishima Zaibatsu he personally built, and there is no obstacle he will not crush underfoot. More recently, Heihachi has taken an interest in the occult and research both, and has been patroning these fields in an effort to grow even more powerful. Heihachi may be old, but his ambition and fighting spirit hasn't at all diminished.

Style:Mishima-Style Fighting Karate
Signature Move:Heaven's Wrath -- PHYSICAL THROW ENERGY
Signature Ability:SMASH -- DAZE


The Tekken Force was created by Heihachi Mishima after the events of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2 when Kazuya Mishima was allegedly killed and thrown into a volcano. It acts as the private army and security force of the Mishima Zaibatsu, and its supreme commander is the concurrent CEO of the Zaibatsu. The ranks of the soldiers take after the names of raptors, from lowest to highest rank being Crow, Falcon, Hawk, and Owl, respectively. Heihachi's code name within the Tekken Force is Tiger.

The following are the five Owl-ranking leaders of the Tekken Force, collectively called the Parliament. Despite the Parliament's title, Heihachi has absolute control of them. Conventional wisdom states that each member of Parliament is either fanatically loyal to Heihachi or is a skilled victim of circumstance, unable to get out from under the Iron Fist.

Nakatomi (Ratio 1.3) - The weakest of the Parliament, Nakatomi is particularly skilled in marksmanship, as well as being a vicious knife-fighter. While he was a career criminal before his enrollment in the Tekken Force, Nakatomi seems to be constantly on the verge of a mental breakdown due to the brutality of his employer and the people he allies himself with.

Takenaka (Ratio 2) - Takenaka is an assassin, employed by Heihachi to eliminate any enemies he sees as an issue. A master of stealth and swordsmanship, Takenaka is a veritable modern day ninja, having hailed from one of the secret ninja clans that dot Japan. He doesn't care to say which. He will risk his life trying to see Heihachi's ambitions come to fruition, and is one of the few men Heihachi seems to trust.

Fujimura (Ratio 3) - Currently the only woman in the Tekken Force as of this moment, Fujimura has developed her own fighting style, which revolves around killing your enemies as efficiently as possible with whatever weapons might be on hand. She appears to lack all emotion, including a shock response, and doesn't respond at all to pain. Heihachi seems to trust her as well, and she appears willing to die for him.

Matsumoto (Ratio 4) - Matsumo was one of Tekken Force's Falcon-ranked officers before losing a fight to Darkstalker Velvet Blue. As punishment for his failure, Heihachi forced Matsumoto to be the first human experiment in the Zaibatsu's experiment to create Darkstalker and human hybrids. The monster that was the result of this is horribly strong, though Heihachi has since beat the poor beast into submission.

Higashi (Ratio 5) - Higashi has been with the Zaibatsu for a long time, first as its fixer, and now as one of the members of Parliament. Higashi is a massive brute of a man, able to withstand serious amounts of damage. He utilizes a ka-bar combat knife and a high-powered handgun in battle, as well as explosives or whatever else he can get his hands on.


Heihachi's player will always try to be inclusive in all of his schemes on-grid, and for as long as he plays Heihachi, will almost always have some kind of plot in mind for players to thwart. I won't be using the Tiny Plot system for this, as I'd like to use that instead for King of the Iron Fist tournaments. The minions listed above are intended to be antagonists to lower ratio characters, and to completely thwart one of Heihachi's schemes, all the minions must be defeated (Heihachi himself does not need to be beaten, but it will help set back future projects). Most of the time, to even battle a member of Parliament, you'll have to get through their underlings first, which will be Swarm type minions in the 3-5 ratio range, depending on the Parliament member you're trying to get to.

Note that in other players' tinyplots, thwarting Heihachi depends more on what the plotrunner has in mind if he's involved.

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Recent Logs

Black Dragon R3 - False Friends - With Steve severely wounded, Mitsuru drags him through Southtown, and finally finds help in the form of a Tekken Force checkpoint. Not only do they give Mitsuru and Steve the medical attention they need, but they offer to send Steve to a special hospital... and for Mitsuru to meet Heihachi Mishima, a well respected Grandpa figure to her and her family. Unfortunately, Heihachi has his own plans in mind for the Tokugawa family... as well as the return of his experiment. - Log created on 09:41:24 05/19/2020 by Mitsuru, and last modified on 22:10:08 05/23/2020. Cast: Steve, Heihachi, and Mitsuru.

Black Dragon R3 - War Profiteering - For many, the past week has been a horrific nightmare of panic, death, and tragedy. For Heihachi, however, it has been a wealth of fresh opportunities! While his subordinates go about the task of scouring the city for dark stalker subjects to capture for his own devious experiments, the CEO uses his own time to try and expand his influence. Courting favor with the new kid on the block, Heihachi arranges a meeting with one of the noble scions of the Duodecim in order to offer them boons in the hopes of currying favor that he might exploit at a later date. - Log created on 20:10:39 05/18/2020 by Katarina, and last modified on 21:04:13 05/19/2020. Cast: Heihachi and Katarina.

Black Dragon R3 - Wicked Souls - While the efforts of the tag-team duo of monster hunters have put a small dent in the population of dangerous beasts, it is but a pebble chipped away from the foot of a mountain. Undeterred by the size of their task, they continue their travels along the outskirts in search of civilians left behind that might be rescued. However, instead of coming across more rampaging dark stalkers, they find themselves accosted by one of Earth's most wicked creatures - humans. - Log created on 14:56:02 05/02/2020 by Ayame, and last modified on 13:26:26 05/18/2020. Cast: Ayame, Heihachi, and Riki.

Black Dragon R2 - Lions And Tigers And Werewolves - Southtown was supposed to be a land of opportunity for a young up-and-coming fighter like Clarity. A place for her to mingle with the best of the best and strut her stuff with others like herself, earning fame and glory and all the benefits that come with it. Now she finds herself trapped in a verifiable nightmare as fairytale monsters rampage through the streets killing everyone they can see. While she's not in any position to take on the hordes all by herself, she can certainly put down a stray or two that have wandered off from the main pack! Every little bit helps, right? - Log created on 18:31:09 04/08/2020 by Clarity, and last modified on 15:46:45 04/14/2020. Cast: Heihachi and Clarity.

Black Dragon R2 - I Want To Speak To Your Manager - Someone has unleashed an army of dark stalkers on Southtown - someone who isn't Jedah. Even more frustrating, whoever had the nerve to command these creatures had sent them to strike directly at Duke; or more precisely, at his territory. With a trinket of great value stolen from under his nose, the crime lord has sent his underlings to track it down. Meanwhile, he's going to find out who is behind this affront to his authority by asking a lot of hard questions - starting with one of the few people in town who has the strength to oppose him. - Log created on 13:56:14 04/08/2020 by Duke, and last modified on 21:56:32 04/09/2020. Cast: Duke and Heihachi.

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