Height:185 cm or 6'0"
Weight:80 kg or 176 ilb
Blood Type:AB-
Nationality:Great Britian
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Presently reddish-orange; frequently dyed
OOC Data
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"I'm not real. Only you are."

In this world, there are monsters. Those who hide in the shadows, things of rumor and myth. The British-born serial killer Freeman is such a being. Although he has an extensive police record across the globe, it is simply a history of his successful career. Nothing is known of his motives or method. There is no rhyme or reason to his attacks, and he defies all attempts at profiling. The truth is he is a man fascinated by death... finding beauty in another life extinguishing before him. And he loves nothing better then teaching the joy of slaughter to those who believe themselves free of the reaper's shadow. He is also an incredibly talented fighter, using an unnaturally flexible body and an inherent talent with creating slashing chi to great effect. Those who survive an encounter with him almost invariably describe a supernatural quality to the man... that there is something more to the darkness enshrouding the psychopath, setting him apart from an everyday killer. That it might be something beyond him, that he is a puppet dancing on the strings of a force few in the world even know exists.

Style:Ga-ryuu Kakutojutsu
Signature Move:Nightmare -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:CONTROL -- COMMAND

Recent Logs

Night Of the Hunter - Okay you crazy ass mofos. I want to make something clear. Mama's in a safe place, far away from the house that I got her, and let her live in. If any of you crazy ass mofos ever threaten my family again? There is gonna be a town. And you wanna know what's in that town? What's in that town is pounds. I don't care if you are some kind of hannibal lector dude who cuts me up and talks about the lambs or something. I am gonna pound you into the town of pounds. - Log created on 15:01:20 02/27/2017 by Marduk, and last modified on 16:14:34 03/15/2017. Cast: Freeman and Marduk.

[SNF 2017.01] SNF: Tomb with a View - For this weekend's very special 'phobias' episode of Saturday Night Fights, crazed murderer Freeman and decidedly not crazed high school student Haru Sakuraba are locked in a Venetian crypt to duke it out. This already sounds like the setup to a horror film, BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: what was in that syringe? Who is Freeman, really? And just what is the nature of Haru's power? Find the answers to none of these questions, and more, inside! (Winner: Freeman) - Log created on 16:12:06 01/15/2017 by Haru, and last modified on 01:07:49 01/17/2017. Cast: Freeman and Haru.

Holding Out for a Hero - Police are calling for vigilance and assistance from the community in locating a man who allegedly attacked an 18-year-old Southtown University College student yesterday evening. The College student found to have life-threatening injuries is now in a reportedly stable condition. Anyone who may have been in the area or has any information regarding this incident is asked to contact police as soon as possible. [Related Stories]:Source: Man Attacks Park Jogger.Follow us: @3NEWSwatch on Twitter | 3Nfacetime on Facebook (Division of Nippon News Network) - Log created on 19:13:55 11/09/2016 by Hitomi, and last modified on 21:09:41 11/13/2016. Cast: Freeman and Hitomi.

A Light in the Darkness - Do you remember all of the times your parents told you not to stay out too late? That you shouldn't wander alone because there are things that lurk in the darkness waiting for innocent victims to prey upon? Most people think those are stories, tales to frighten beligerent children into obedience. But there are monsters, real monsters, in the world - and they don't care if you believe in them or not. - Log created on 14:58:35 12/31/2014 by Momoko, and last modified on 06:18:02 01/01/2015. Cast: Freeman, Momoko, and Athena.

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