Full Name:Elisabeth Blanctorche
Weight:128 lbs.
Blood Type:A
Eye Color:Navy Blue
Hair Color:Black
Date of Birth:11 November 1989
Hobbies:Wine tasting, Riding and Dressage.
Favorite Food:Wine (Chateau Latour)
Likes:Her mission, Pride, Animals.
Dislikes:People who lack faith, irresponsible people.
Best Sport:Classical Dressage.
Love Interests:Has found all her of her suitors to date, unsuitable.
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Currently Played
Voice Actor:Oshima Kayoko
Theme Song:No Light, No Light - Florence and The Machine


Ancient legacies of mystical warriors and mysterious pasts may seem almost common fare among the far eastern countries. But the martial arts exist across the globe, as do families whose pioneering styles have forged their own legends. Enter Elisabeth, the noble heiress to a European art wholly unique to herself and her ancestors. She shows great wisdom as a mediator and is treated with utmost respect by her people, despite her stern demeanor. Haughty and commanding, she is a born leader, bearing a royal presence and possessing the skill to back this up - in combat wielding a unique form of chi which takes on the aspect of pure light, in addition to the whiplike riding crop which rarely leaves her side. Her family has lain relatively dormant for some decades, and only time can truly reveal to the world what greater purpose they serve - they are known to be allies with the Yata, and share similar motives. Her ties to Ash Crimson are as mysterious as the man himself; it's not certain why, but Elisabeth has considerable interest invested in finding the man.

Style:Combat Arts of Blanc & Koukenjutsu
Signature Move:Etincelles -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:EVADE -- ESCAPE

Recent Logs

The Guided Tour - At the invitation of one of Illyria's Kings, Elisabeth decides to see what the Sacred Order is really all about. - Log created on 19:36:24 02/26/2019 by Elisabeth, and last modified on 00:03:36 02/27/2019. Cast: Elisabeth and Leo Whitefang.

Further Apart - It's been too long since Elisabeth Blanctorche crossed paths with her 'little brother', Ash Crimson, particularly in light of her suspicions that something terrible happened on Zack Island. Worse even than the bevy of bikinis on scandalous view for the entertainment of the common man. So it is that the fallen heiress seeks out her family's wayward ward, and tackles him outside the gates of his school... but neither seems to suit their memory of the other, and what should be a welcome reunion grows cold, and cruel. Is this goodbye, or simply 'au revoir'? - Log created on 20:38:03 10/04/2015 by Elisabeth, and last modified on 01:47:37 10/15/2015. Cast: Ash and Elisabeth.

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