Nox Nyctores

(last updated: 12/28/17)

The Nox Nyctores are exceptionally powerful Ars Magus. They are capable of creating energy projections and magical phenomenon that vastly exceed the capabilities of normal Ars Magus. Each Nox Nyctores requires significant energy from The Boundary, advanced science, an incredibly difficult magical spell only known to a couple individuals, and the harvesting of thousands of human souls in order to create.

Unlike traditional Ars Magus, Nox Nyctores harbor a form of sentience. The strength and disposition of their will varies from device to device. This will is most evident in the way these dangerous artifacts chose their wielders. Once they have chosen a user, it is impossible for them to be taken and used by anyone else. Should their wielder perish, these artifact weapons will move on to choose a new user. Most recognize Ragna as the Black Beast, and wish to do him harm.

It has been observed that prolonged exposure to a Nox Nyctores may have a destabilizing effect on their wielder's mind. This nudge toward insanity can be overcome with time and the application of significant will power and resolve, but the danger of slipping back toward insanity due to the Nox Nyctores' influence always exists.

Many of the Nox Nyctores already created are capable of shifting between realms and existing in two places at once. Most of them have found their way to individuals in Match of the Millennium, despite the holders not being exposed to many core events. Although they are clearly incredibly powerful if inspected by a trained eye, they lack any historical legacy in MotM's theme which means most characters will not know specifically what they are at first glance.

Due to the extreme circumstances required to create a Nox Nyctores, Original Characters may not apply in with one. It is possible for one to be created as a plot event, but all of the necessary ingredients would have to factor into the narrative (a cauldron, human souls, the infinite gravity spell, etc.)