Ars Magus

(last updated: 12/28/17)

Ars Magus are devices engineered exclusively by the NOL. Many weapons intended for combat are Ars Magus themselves, but small and innocuous items are also common to allow specific energy manipulation. The primary purpose of a Ars Magus is to enable a user to manifest chi projections in combat. The end result is similar to the chi manifestations martial artists can learn to create through training or natural talent.

Other Ars Magus can offer specific non-combat utility powers to a user, though these versions tend to be rare and the powers they are capable of usually so niche that it begs the question of why they were engineered in the first place.

Using an Ars Magus requires training and an academic understanding of how to put them to work followed by a period of attuning with it. The difficulty in attuning will vary by individual. For most, it is a fairly long and arduous process. Others demonstrate the aptitude to attune with Ars Magus with seemingly minimal effort.

If someone with no training or attunement with an Ars Magus attempts to use it, it will quite likely overload with energy and eventually break down or explode. The technology contained within an Ars Magus is impossible to dissect for research purposes without extensive and highly specialized research facilities.

OCs can be apped in with an Ars Magus, but there must be an explanation as to why they have it and know how to use it. As all Ars Magus are created by NOL, any OC with one must have something to do with NOL in their background. Keep in mind that possessing a Ars Magus while not being a part of NOL will make the character a target of the NOL as the organization will want to secure the Ars Magus back within their vaults.