Weight:92 lbs
Blood Type:O
Hometown:Kaka Village
Eye Color:Glowing Red
Hair Color:Blonde
Hobbies:Playing, eating, napping.
Likes:Friends, Food, Naps
Dislikes:Being Hungry, Squiggly, Nap Ruiners
OOC Data
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Grooming is war! And each tangled piece of fur is a battlefield, meow!"

The guardian of the Kaka Clan, a nearly all-female race of constructed Darkstalkers created using DNA from the world's mightiest feline Jubei and artificial humans, Taokaka is an exceptional specimen of a species created entirely for war. Despite these origins, they have only ever lived a peaceful tribal life. However, despite her incredible physical prowess and fantastic speed, she has never been serious about training. Motivated only by the underlying instincts to eat and sleep, she left her clan to collect bounties, primarily that of Ragna the Bloodedge, but rarely remembers to focus on her dubious goal. Pure and loyal, she tends to associate people with personal nicknames, and although not stupid is incredibly forgetful and easy to distract. Curiously, nobody is quite sure what war the Kaka Clan was made for, as they seem to predate Gears by decades and possess evidence of technology required for creating them challenging to duplicate even in modern day...

Style:Secret Kaka Clan Cat-Fu
Signature Move:Cat Spirit Encore! -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RUSH -- BLITZ

Recent Logs

A Game of Cat and Mouse - Moondyne Mouse runs into Taokaka, yes, of the Kaka Clan--as she attempts to raid downtown of it's restaurant delights! After an attempted mind reading of the feline, Moondyne is in for a big surprise... - Log created on 16:47:57 05/12/2020 by Moondyne, and last modified on 19:23:11 05/12/2020. Cast: Moondyne and Taokaka.

[The Black Dragon] Black Dragon R3 - You Can Say It Again! - Taokaka likes food! But the Mall is closed! How can she find food if the mall is closed! But then she meets Zsa Zsa! She has food! Taokaka just has to do something extra special for food! - Log created on 16:00:28 05/11/2020 by Marduk, and last modified on 21:17:38 05/11/2020. Cast: Taokaka and Bela.

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