Full Name:Clark Steel
Faction:Ikari Warriors
Height:187cm (Clark is a bad enough dude to use metric.)
Blood Type:Oatmeal (A+)
Eye Color:You'll never know.
Hair Color:Blond
Date of Birth:May 7
Hobbies:Collecting guns
Personal Treasures:Sunglasses
Favorite Food:Oatmeal
Best Sport:Wrestling
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:



A proud, disciplined soldier: these are the words that best describe Clark. He is normally quiet, but really quite amiable, which means friends just have to accept that he isn't quite as "animated" as some of the other popular fighters. Field commander of the Ikari mercenary team, Clark has been on several missions alongside his best friend Ralf, and the most famous of these was when the two of them managed to rescue the President of the United States from terrorists that had kidnapped him. Like a true soldier, he defers to his commanding officer, Heidern. His fighting style is a variant on conventional wrestling and grappling, and he's capable of lifting people much bulkier than himself -- no small feat considering his strict workout regimen. Among Clark's most prized possessions are his personal collection of firearms; one sure-fire way to get a smile out of the stoic merc is to suggest an impromptu visit to the shooting range.

Style:Argentina Wrestling
Signature Move:Super Argentine Backbreaker -- PHYSICAL THROW
Signature Ability:ANALYSIS -- CLARITY

NOL Bounty Data

Clark Steel AKA: Tough & Cool
Class: CBounty: $45,000.00
WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Rogue terrorist with direct ties to Heidern.

Recent Logs

[KOF 2017] The Crimson Circle - Aokigahara, the "Suicide Forest," was one of many regions irradiated as a result of the attack on Mt. Fuji. The bonds between Earth and the mystical leylines are more vulnerable here than they have been in a long time - and certain powers have sought to take advantage of the weakness. All the more reason for a certain monster hunter to start snooping around... - Log created on 18:56:24 10/16/2017 by Jedah, and last modified on 10:20:29 10/18/2017. Cast: Clark, Faolan, Jedah, I-No, and Brother Grimm.

[KOF 2017] Act 2: Mission 21) Guerrilla War - In the outskirts of the Dark Forest, the Ikari Warriors do not have to deal with the storming ninja wars. Focusing on the Command Gear, Faolan and Clark mobilize to not only out maneuver the United Nations and NESTS, but infiltrate the Hidden Village to safely eliminate the Tekken Forces within. At least, that is the plan. But all plans are undone when a red-hatted witch with a panache for heavy metal arrives. Hamburgers are not what satiate this witch, and the Ikari Warriors are in her way. Like all the others, she is after the same target. But her motives are known only to her alone. And time repeats itself again, and again. - Log created on 19:44:50 10/14/2017 by Faolan, and last modified on 11:04:17 10/20/2017. Cast: Clark, Faolan, and I-No.

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