Full Name:Benezet Desire
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Game:Original Character
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"Strangers always dwell in the mind, and the spirit world is a torch lit by blood."

Benezet Desire was born beneath a black moon to a wet nurse, the child with no father and a mother that died in childbirth. The dark priests of Haiti noticed the energy swirling around him, and absconded with him in the night, taking him away to train as a guardian of the dark things that protected the meek from the machinations of the greedy and indifferent. Raised to control his power, Benezet Desire became a brilliant bokor, specializing at rare rituals, fetishes, talismans, potions, and techniques that he found hidden in the darkest corners of the minds of others. Benezet Desire is capable of giving you whatever your deepest desire is, should you open your mind to him. The cost is feeling the terror of the darker dimensions, Benezet knowing well that the link between Earth, and the Guinee, is merely a matter of the third eye opening. One's entire relationship within the fluid crystal between realms is hidden, Benezet's trick simple: he must merely use his withering touch to send your mind into the dark places and see into them with his sight. Should you be brave enough to let him past your veil, you will see the devils your bloodline has created, and learn to harness them. But beware: the price of such a pact is always blood.

Style:Petro Possession - Violent Dancing
Signature Move:Skeleton Spin -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:RESTORE -- REGENERATE

Recent Logs

Bad Juju - Summoned by a dark voodoo priest, the chaos witch Sorcha finds herself presented with an extremely unusual request. - Log created on 10:59:42 11/16/2018 by Sorcha, and last modified on 21:31:14 11/22/2018. Cast: Sorcha and Benezet.

Herr Witch Doktor - Lilith meets with Benezet in Haiti for ~strange haunted happenings~! - Log created on 17:34:32 06/18/2018 by Lilith, and last modified on 20:33:55 06/18/2018. Cast: Lilith and Benezet.

SNF: Lilith vs. Benezet - Benezet and Lilith meet for a funeral dance at a graveyard, the souls of the early dead at stake. Will they join the invisible spirits, or will they become a diablolique among the loins of the unrested? (Winner: Lilith) - Log created on 13:11:10 04/23/2018 by Benezet, and last modified on 16:36:30 04/23/2018. Cast: Lilith and Benezet.

Illyria Act 1 - The Light Through the Darkness - Benezet Desire travels to Illyria, where he runs across Sacred Order operative Brandon Malone investigating a case of mysterious psychic links to burial mounds. With Brandon's blessing, Benezet taps Guinee and gives Brandon an insight into the sickness that has afflicted those he is studying: something evil is in the burial sites of the Lost Kingdom. - Log created on 19:36:54 03/18/2018 by Benezet, and last modified on 01:10:02 03/25/2018. Cast: Brandon and Benezet.

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