Artificial Life

(last updated: 12/28/17)

There are a handful of characters in MotM's theme that are artificial lifeforms - in other words, lifeforms that are created by something other than a natural biological life cycle. Some concepts can be borrowed for Original Character ideas, while others are not available for OCs.

Gears - Gears are powerful living constructs created by the blend of science and magic. Like anything magical, they require a portion of energy from The Boundary as an ingredient in their creation. At the core of each Gear, there is a soul. The nature of the soul influences the power, stability, and force of will of the Gear, with bestial souls creating little more than enhanced wild animals. The more powerful Gears are created around either a human soul or a darkstalker soul. While originally designed and fielded by a now shuttered Specials Projects department under the United Nations, the Gears created during that time have gone rogue, no longer answering to humans. It is possible for new ones to be created by unscrupulous rogue labs, however. It is possible to apply for OC Gears.

Murakumo Units - Murakumo Units, also known as Prime Field Devices, were artificial life forms created by science with the express purpose of being able to explore The Boundary. The crafting of Murakumo units required the use of a unique human body belonging to a girl named Saya and the sacrifice of thousands of human souls. The only three Murakumo Units in play come from BlazBlue's cast: Lambda-11, Mu-12 (as Noel's alter ego), and Nu-13. Due to the very specific criteria required for forging Murakumo Units, it is not possible to apply for OC Murakumo units at this time.

Artificial Constructs - There are additional manmade characters throughout our source material, including robots like Fulgore, golems crafted by science such as Gigas or Victor, and entities wrought by magic such as Arakune. These character concepts are a fine basis for Original Characters, but since the particulars of each type of artificial construct may come with special catches in the theme, it is recommended that you discuss your OC idea with a member of staff before sending in the application just to make sure.