(last updated: 12/28/17)

Artifacts of incredible power have always been a part of MotM's theme. These are timeless weapons or devices forged in myth and legend that have been passed down through history. Some artifacts are gifts from the Elder Gods themselves, while others were forged using techniques that have been lost to time.

Artifacts are nearly always in the possession of powerful bloodline families and each one of them is capable of phenomenal power. Possessing an artifact can make an individual or their family a target as each artifact tends to be the key to powerful rituals, seals strong enough to put away gods, or weapons capable of destroying matter, barriers, or souls that are otherwise thought indestructible.

Examples of known artifacts in MotM's theme include the 3 Sacred Artifacts for sealing Orochi, the Sealed Armament Izayoi, and the 3 Scrolls of Immortality.

OCs cannot app in with artifact items, though it is possible for any character in the game to acquire artifacts over the course of RP.

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