Full Name:Sayuri Suzuki
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Sayuri Suzuki was an ordinary cardiology nurse working long shifts at Southtown General until a fateful encounter with a mysterious patient left her seemingly carrying the same unknown affliction that they were in treatment for. Realising that the only way to safely (and legally) fulfil the strange new hunger that overtook her was through the fighting circuit, she enrolled in the New Fighting Generation project... but what exactly is this hunger, and what does it mean for the other rookie fighters in the program...?

Signature Move:Venipuncture -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:ANALYSIS -- CLARITY

Recent Logs

[Fightfest 2023] Round 1: Sayuri vs Sarah - In a match fraught with controversy, DJ Supernova steps in to take the place of an unwilling Amber Riley against Nurse Sayuri, building up to a shocking finale. - Log created on 17:20:04 04/15/2023 by Sayuri, and last modified on 21:36:50 04/15/2023. Cast: Sayuri and Sarah.

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