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Game:King of Fighters
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"The s-spectators... They're more focused on the moment of my Bian Lian than the fight..."

For a good girl in China, you have several priorities. Support your family, find a good man, and earn lots of money. For the typical good girl, this means either being a doctor, or a lawyer, or marrying either. For Mian, she has to earn it the hard way. Mian combines Mt. Emei style kung fu with Bian Lian, mixing both the opera and martial arts of Sichuan into perfect harmony. On top of her graceful sweeps and strikes, Mian has the incredible talent to change her masks seemingly with a sweep of her arm. While entertaining to watch, it's not an easy way to earn money without hard work and dedication. For Mian, fighting is a performance, and performance is a business. A stern woman, Mian's bottom line with her art is the money. Strict with her contracts, she works hard to be a good girl, no matter how shy she gets. After all, even when she gets nervous, there is always a mask she can hide behind.

Style:Sichuan Bushinryu
Signature Move:Bienkyu -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:CONTROL -- COMMAND

Recent Logs

[SNF 2018.07] SNF: Player's Unknown - Upon the base of the Great Wall of China, the dancing fighter Mian expects to bring a dignified, cultural demonstration of core Chinese values to a world audience. Which would be the case, except siying777 is on the scene. Bringing in her own personal team of online camera crew, the vlogger is ready for the camera light on -her-. And she is more than eager to start up her livestream of her first public match on the Saturday Night Fights. Will she come to learn and respect the masked fighting style of Mian? Or will she look to gain subscribers by knocking her on her ass every time a donation is sent in by the chat? - Log created on 23:40:31 07/20/2018 by Mian, and last modified on 12:57:28 07/26/2018. Cast: Mian and Siying.

[SNF 2016.12] SNF: Mian vs Makoto In: Gloria In Excelsis Deo - Have you ever wanted to be an anime? Of course you have. And what better way to celebrate being an anime than with Christmas, and through a true anime system. Two figures, chosen by the gods to reshape their world, have become Exalteds. Makoto is a Solar Exalted, who have the potential to be masters of all they put their mind to. Mian is a Lunar Exalted, wily shapeshifters, use guile and trickery. And together, you need to play out the nativity scene of the very first Christmas. Now we can't get you to Israel after that one UN declaration, but we can get you to Jordan! Close enough! You can recreate the nativity scene at Petra. Like Mian, you can be baby jesus. Or Makoto. I dunno, you sort out who wants to be baby jesus. <Winner: Mian> - Log created on 18:56:01 01/03/2017 by Mian, and last modified on 14:32:07 01/09/2017. Cast: Makoto Kato and Mian.

Just My Twilight Life: Beach Side Best Friends - The first live action movie of Just My Twilight Life (WIP) is nearly released! To commemorate this important national event, a preview comic has been released. Honoka, taking a vacation from her circus adventures, decides to come to the beach with her friends Yoshiaki and Catboy Zach Glenn for some beach funtimes at the beach! But what happens when they all get in trouble when they decide to go to the beach, and have to wear their special super swimsuits! (The cover shows Honoka, Nakoruru, Zach Glenn, and Yoshiaki all at the beach. Zach and Yoshiaki are in swim trunks, with Zach cat tongue licking an ice cream cone. Yoshiaki is gasping aloud as his ice cream falls on to the sand. Honoka and Nakoruru are wearing one piece flowery swim suits, and are giggling as the red faced Yoshiaki drops his ice cream.) (50 yen) - Log created on 19:26:59 09/30/2016 by Lee Chaolan, and last modified on 18:05:12 11/21/2016. Cast: Miguel, Lee Chaolan, and Mian.

[Neo League 0087] NL#0088 Mian vs Lotus - In the first public outings of two fighters at the Electric Fountain, one could expect a lot of surprises. The newcomer Lotus, with a vicious temperament and even more vicious style, faces off against the new face Mian, the strange chinese girl with the dancing technique. Who will win in the battle between art and violence? <Winner: Mian> - Log created on 21:45:44 09/12/2016 by Mian, and last modified on 11:32:57 09/14/2016. Cast: Lotus and Mian.

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