Weight:185 lbs.
Blood Type:
Hometown:Wellesly, Massachusetts
Eye Color:Amber
Hair Color:Honey-Gold
Hobbies:Mock Software Investment
Personal Treasures:Teak and Leather Bound Holy Roman Bible
Favorite Food:Lobster
Best Sport:Soccer
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Jim Morrison
Theme Song:"Bizarre Love Triangle" - Welshly Arms


"History creates the man, but the myth creates itself."

The man known as 'Chet' hails from somewhere on the American East Coast, the product of the suburban good life and a nouveau gilded family with ties to various international political movements of the 1980s important to the Reagan administration. After completing university at a humble state school and serving a brief tenure as an Treasury Department economist, with training from 'The Farm' and a cover as a journalist, Chet was disavowed for a liaison with an Sicilian Mafia courtesan. His female friend found him new employment in the Illuminati as a criminal intelligence specialist, working as a field agent inside criminal movements for the Illuminati. Chet's personal stake is the private service of Lucifer, the sigil of the Holy Spirit (the eye inside the pyramid) labeled as the sigil of Lucifer (the Pentacle or the left-handed two), implying that the mind used for intent has been labeled as the mind used for inspiration. A man of two faces, one a debonair blond man, and the other a grinning trickster.

Style:Snake Palm Style
Signature Move:Gripping Crush Claw -- THROW COUNTER
Signature Ability:BURST -- INFUSE

Recent Logs

NL00120 Semi-Finals: Chet vs Fumiko - Chet continues his run by outlasting Cody in a tough fight that could have gone either way. He avenged one of his few losses this Neo-League season and inches closer to winning it all. In his way stands Fumiko. Fumiko was awarded the victory after careful consideration in a very tough match against Mitsuru and once again finds herself in the semi-finals. It is the first time these two face off and it is sure to be another wild and close battle. (Winner: Fumiko) - Log created on 19:57:41 02/12/2019 by Fumiko, and last modified on 11:05:40 02/18/2019. Cast: Fumiko and Chet.

NL00120 Quarter-Finals: Cody vs. Chet - Chet faces down Cody, for the Neo-League championship, in Cody Travers' preferred arena: the prison yard. Cody has the support of the convicts, but Chet has a little trick he learned in the CIA. (Winner: Chet.) - Log created on 20:13:23 02/04/2019 by Chet, and last modified on 12:59:01 02/05/2019. Cast: Cody and Chet.

NL#0138: Chet vs Mei Lin - Chet duels Mei Lin for Neo-League glory. (Winner: Chet). - Log created on 07:02:39 01/03/2019 by Chet, and last modified on 21:14:26 01/05/2019. Cast: Mei Lin and Chet.

NL#0137: Chet vs Quon - Neo League once again brings together two competitors for a bout to see who will make it to the tournament of 8 at the end of the season. Quon Chen takes on a man known Chet, one of the point leaders in the league in a brutal, back and forth battle. (Winner: Chet) - Log created on 19:45:53 12/02/2018 by Quon, and last modified on 21:15:23 01/05/2019. Cast: Quon and Chet.

NL#0133: Abigail vs Chet - Abigail comes out of the rafters to face Chet, vying for top spot in the Neo-League! What a more perfect place, than Jamaica? - Log created on 00:41:07 11/27/2018 by Chet, and last modified on 17:47:07 11/28/2018. Cast: Abigail and Chet.

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